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Your Woo is Your Way

“It’s time to trust my Woo!” This week in my practice, a wonderful client who is learning to dive into

What is Spirit Magic?

Where do I begin to talk about something so meaningful in my life?  Spirit Magic changed everything, supporting me to

Rachel – The Manifesting Queen

Whether we are thinking about Victoria or Titania, and whether we are examining their gravitas or their ultra-femme creating power,

What makes Spirit Magic Unique?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Spirit Magic™️ is truly unique. No other program on the planet is like this

4 Life Lessons from 2021 & Tips for Growth Amidst Struggle

Twelve months ago, I dreamed I would be where I am today. Equal to my aspirational, dreamy spirit…was my doubt, kept alive through continual (and painful) roadblocks. Not only did I grow in trust, but I succeeded (surprisingly!) in bringing my dreams to life. As we turn toward 2022, here are 4 lessons and tips from this year that I’m going to take with me into the next. I invite you to dream and reflect with me.

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