What makes Spirit Magic Unique?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Spirit Magic™️ is truly unique.

No other program on the planet is like this one. I know this because when I was searching, I could not find the compact yet powerful program of training and tools, skills and depths, or awareness and awakening that I needed all in one place. So, as Toni Morrison says about writing books, “Write the book you wish you could read”.

That’s exactly what I did. I created the program I wished had existed!

This program was not birthed on a whim. It was birthed out of the fire of my own awakening and trauma transformation. I have dedicated myself to developing these tools in my own work as a solo practitioner and healer since 1999. There was such a surplus of demand for it through my clients and their recommendations that I realised I needed to make offerings to larger groups. So in 2019, I began the Spirit Magic Program that snowballed into an avalanche of interest and swiftly flipped into the need for a wholly accredited course by 2021.

And this is where you can come in — the welcome mat at the front of the temple has already been blessed by many feet. Not only do you get to participate in this unique paradigm but you also join the Spirit Magic community. 

So what makes Spirit Magic so unique and life-changing?

#1 Your Own Curated Spirit Magic Spirit Teams

Over the 11 months of the program, you get to build powerful, aligned, Spirit Teams that are curated to the deepest needs of your life. Whether they are for personal healing, supporting Kundalini awakening, assisting in your career and manifestation, helping to nurture your family life or fall pregnant, or teams that help you cope with very difficult life processes such as ageing, ill or dying parents – you can tailor them to specific projects in your life, creative ventures or businesses that you are involved in. In addition, you receive high-powered, specialist Medical Teams, Healing Teams and Protection Teams! 

What is unique is not only the multi-dimensional nature of the Spirit Teams but the fact that they take none of your life force, which allows them to be on 24/7 – rather than Spirit Teams that come on and offline – and this adds to their capacity to serve you. 

#2 My Spirit Team, who developed this work, guides you, too!

My own Spirit Team works with everybody to help craft Spirit Teams that are perfectly curated, with just the right beings to serve them and have outcomes that are ideal. They are your Spirit Team architects.

#3 A Unique and Powerful set of Healing Tools you can use for Life!

What also makes this program unique is the vast array of very practical tools that you receive that you can use in your everyday life to heal and support yourself, your family and children and if you so choose, your clients, or groups that you facilitate.

All these tools support you to collaborate with your Spirit Team in order to free yourself from decades and sometimes lifetimes of suffering, burden, and personal history that you are most likely carrying whether or not you are aware of it. 

My students are consistently surprised by how much freer and lighter and more joyous they feel after doing spirit magic processes. 

Tools you will learn include a unique Trauma Reversal process, which every human on the planet needs, to help release and reverse trauma out of your system – both in the moment as it is happening and in historical trauma that we carry.

This is a secret power tool that you learn.

The life we live is complex and challenging and is not going to change, and having such a tool in your pocket can be a lifesaver for you and others. 

You also learn tools to support relationships, for anxiety and panic, for ancestral and past life healing, for energetic and emotional release, psychic and energetic protection and so much more. 

#4 You Learn to Collaborate with your Healing Teams and Connect in your own Aligned Way! 

You learn to co-create, heal and collaborate with your spirit teams with all the tools, and my students are constantly delighted and surprised by the ease that they can accomplish extremely powerful healing that would typically take multiple training sessions and investment in other modalities.

This is because we draw on the wisdom and gifts that manifest in the generosity of beings of power being in the light.

#5 You can Heal Yourself – for Free! 

Having these Spirit Teams and tools mean you have a free source of healing for the rest of your life that nobody can take away from you. They allow you to be self-reliant and independent.

#6 It is Built on Psychological Roots and Integrity!

Woven through this program is a deep psychological awareness and training (I am a therapist). There is live coaching and support for your own personal healing and awakening. There are group sessions, individual sessions, work in small groups and deep inner work exercises. 

The overall outcome of the program both for myself and my students is personal power.

By this, I mean that being in the orbit of these highly conscious spirit teams naturally activates your own power and brings it forward. They liberate power from what has blocked or shut it down, so you can be grounded in it and take it into your everyday life. 

It Emerged Authentically from the Depths of my own Suffering and need for Ingenuity!

What also makes this program unique is that it is not a flash in the pan. It did not appear to me in a few months.

I have been working with spirit since 1998— almost a quarter of a century. I have engaged with spirit in very disciplined and also creative ways, not only because it is my calling, but because I ultimately had no choice. I went through a very wild and difficult awakening process complicated by early childhood complex post-traumatic stress (PTS) and abuse. These experiences left me unable to work anything other than part-time, and I could not afford practitioner support during those years. I had to turn to the support that was freely available to me and there for me constantly. They, my spirit supporters and angels, told me that this was the work I was here to do in the world and that I had to do this work on myself first and take that seriously.

I have never stopped doing this work on myself and now have been teaching it to others for the last five years. 

All these tools were forged in the fire of my own awakening and healing journey. I honed and refined them to perfection, allowing them to be the most useful tools they can be and also in their most efficient forms.

I am not into wasting energy – life is too precious!

#7 It is Thoroughly Road Tested and Proven to Succeed and Provide Transformation!

I have decades of experience using these tools in my own practice and have seen the results before my own eyes, repeatedly, and have seen the impact on clients: heartbreaks that vanish in one session, lives changed, and the thing that has troubled them has fallen away, new insights and awareness that has blossomed in them from the miracle jobs to the partners or children they have been able to manifest. 

#8 All of this is Available to You! 

The course is designed to run over such a significant period of time because each student goes through a profound transformation process and comes out the other side with a compendium of knowledge akin to a degree in the depth and richness of learning. 

There are infinite beings of light waiting to be called into service of your deepest dreaming, your profound healing and your own precious and deepening awakening. 

You, too, can join us in Spirit Magic!

Your precious and powerful teams are waiting.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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