A Question on Spirit Teams – Part 1 of the Spirit Magic Community Request Blog Series

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher is connecting all my students together and seeing the common threads and strong connections that develop in groups and between individuals. Our recently concluded Kundalini community request blog series has inspired me to start responding to people who reached out to me with Spirit Magic questions.

This week, we start with Rachel who asked —

Why do we have a spirit team? Why are they there for us? What is their existence?
Are they also there for animals, because we are animals, too? 

Great questions Rachel!

We all have spirit support from the time that we are born. When the soul incarnates on this planet, it is assigned a set of angels and a set of guides that choose to be loyal and devoted to you, to be your allies, and supports you through the challenges of your life as it unfolds. To bring you healing and resources.

These angels have often been called your “guardian” angels and you can have many more beyond those ones. Additionally, you can have spirit guides assigned to support you with unique things in your life – the tasks you came to master, and your deepest callings. 

You can also bring with you your spirit guides and spirit allies from other lifetimes. Some of us have guides and angels, and very powerful beings of light, that we have worked with in other lifetimes who continue to travel with us. They give us long-term and enduring support. Your originals, those that arrive at birth,  are always amazing and important and can be brought in to support any area of your life. 

While we have all of this spirit support from birth, we can add to that during our life – we can call in new support, new light beings, and more angels can show up. They can arrive at specific learnings and junctures in our life, or arrive in times of crisis. 

These supportive beings do not always function as a team. Initially, I call them your ‘posse’. The teams that I refer to in my work are a group of specific and dedicated beings of light, organized around a specific purpose, functioning in a highly focused, high-speed way. They function with a level of custom-designed clarity and collaboration that makes them very powerful and effective, especially in healing. This is a Spirit Magic spirit team.

Fundamentally, though, whatever kind of spirit support you have –  they are never not there.

Why does a team come together?

We intentionally bring them together. We call them in. We send out a request for the kind of support that we need with the very powerful intention to only call in beings of light. 

What I do in Spirit Magic is get these teams to work together in highly functioning, collaborative, powerful ways. With the Spirit Magic relationship with your team, their power is honed, vital, instant and distilled in such a way that their impact is immediate.


Are they there for animals?

Yes, spirit teams, guides and angels, and other beings of light are certainly there in support of animals. In fact, all aspects of nature have their own teams, guides, and devas that support the well-being of the earth. I have an entire team composed of these beings, that I call my ‘animal team’ and they specifically support me in my work with nature, with animals, with the earth. This team is very funny! They are direct, straightforward, exuberant.

If I need a straightforward answer about anything in life, not just myself, I can count on them for a direct and clear answer. Nature is happy to say it as it is. When I build Spirit Magic animal teams for my students, the room and the field is filled with such joy, light and laughter, because of the freedom and lightheartedness, the loving, fun qualities of the Devas of nature, the animals, and their guides and angels. 

Just writing this brings a smile to my face, remembering the energy and delight that comes with Spirit Magic animal and nature teams! 

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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  • I believe that a relative who passed on was acting as one of my spirit guides very recently. Somehow we connected via Tarot (to my later discovery and surprise) while I was working through my Kundalini awaking. Even though she was here to help, I didn’t appreciate her methods which were very deceptive. Why would that be allowed in the spiritual realm?I value truth above all.

    • Hi Tracey,

      The first thing I will say is that everything is ‘allowed’ everywhere. People who are extremely spiritually gifted can lack integrity, these things are gained through intent, they do not come hand in hand.
      Secondly, there’s a message and great learning in the way things happen to us spiritually at any given stage. This circumstance, the way you are experiencing it, the way you are perceiving and interpreting it is directly related to your development. You saw through what was happening, well done! You took a stand for yourself!
      Perhaps you need ancestral healing along your line, perhaps you need to reassess your ongoing boundaries and strengthen your aura, perhaps your less than peaceful interaction holds all the wisdom you currently are ready for to help you along your path.
      Boundaries and clarifying intention are super important for any interaction with the spirit world, not all in that realm act wisely or well.

      Sending big love,
      Myree x

  • Myree,
    When & where did you first learn about Spirit Guides and Angels?
    In my Christian education, I of course heard about the Angels at Jesus’ birth – but only very few others…..snd please keep in mind I am NOT a biblical scholar!
    I would like to read a definitive article or book about Angels & how we on Earth first learned to “use” them.
    Could you suggest some?

    • Hi Terri,

      I feel like this is one of these questions that is best asked directly to your angels. You can read the history of a movement about the experiences of a group or individual but what becomes most important as we move into this work, is our own truth.
      Looking for something definitive about spirituality could be a juxtaposition of terms. I suggest being flexible to versions and enjoy finding common threads and what resonates for you.
      My own experiences began as a child, there is more information about this in an interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP5XISbpKSc

      I suggest that you read and participate with the book, ‘Divine Guidance’, by Doreen Virtue.

      And kudos to you for wanting to explore and educate yourself. Once you start on this kind of investigation one thing will lead to another. I’m excited for your journey.

      Celebrating you!

      Big love,
      Myree x

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