My work is a collaborative partnership with you to generate the deepest empowerment, greatest wellbeing, highest possibility, and true awakening in your life, and enable you to share this with others.

My purpose is to be in service to the awakening of consciousness in the individual and in the global community, and to serve the evolution of consciousness on this beautiful planet Earth.

In the sacred journey of supporting someone in their awakening I often weave through many different areas of their life, unfolding the way consciousness is expanding in the body, psyche, and energetic system.

Awakening can bring up much past history for completion and simultaneously elevate awareness, sensitivity and unearth our deepest gifts.

My deepest commitment is to embodied awakening, where we bring the pure and high frequency of who you are into and through every cell in your body. This is true freedom – an awakening grounded fully in the body and radiant from within you into the world, to all you focus upon and to all you meet.

On our journey together we may touch on many areas, perhaps including on one or many of the following areas:

Commitment to your own evolutionary awakening

  • When seeking a deeper commitment to your sacred path, spiritual calling, and inner journey
  • When you sense you’re being called to awaken
  • When you sense you’re being called to grow and expand in alignment with humanity’s evolution, on the leading edge
  • When you desire to function from a deeper level of authenticity than ever before
  • When you feel lost, alone, confused, overwhelmed, and submerged with your inner process, yet feel there is a deeper meaning and calling within it
  • When you seek to follow a more meaningful life path, and build a bridge between your inner spiritual life and your outer worldy life

This work suits those who may be completely uncertain about their inner life, calling or purpose, but have a deep desire to know it more, to fluidly cross that inner threshold and know themselves, and those who have both a deep curiosity and commitment to their own journey and process.

Transformation of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pain

  • physical pain, injury, systemic diseases, acute and chronic illnesses
  • relationship pain and conflict
  • work and career challenges
  • trauma, physical, mental or emotional
  • emotional pain, grief and loss
  • anxiety and depression
  • emotional and psychological blocks
  • painful memories and emotional imprints from traumatic experiences
  • inner child issues
  • self-esteem and confidence issues
  • self-limiting beliefs and sabotage programs
  • energetic blocks, aura disturbances, and chakra imbalances

Making life transitions

  • when your life feels out of balance, unfulfilled, or unsatisfying
  • when you feel stuck
  • when seeking significant change in your life, relationships or career
  • when you know you need to change, but don’t know how
  • when you recognise your responsibility for creating situations in your life, but can’t see how you are generating them

Managing your sensitivity

Sensitivity is a refined, acute, subtle awareness of yourself, and the physical energetic world around you. Your sensitivity can be a source of great joy, pleasure and guidance. However, if not properly understood and cared for, it can result in extreme overwhelm and pain, and difficulty functioning in day-to-day life.

This work can:

  • Enable you to recognise, honour and accept your unique sensitivity
  • Empower you to live a successfully sensitive life
  • Help you to understand how sensitivity functions in your life
  • Teach you how to care for yourself and your sensitivity, so you can live your best life possible
  • Encourage healthy boundaries to diminish the impact of other’s emotions and invasive energy
  • Heal trauma, shame and victim patterns around being sensitive
  • Help you to cultivate a love and appreciation of yourself as a sensitive person, and value your sensitivity as an important part of your life path

Spiritual emergency

Mentoring, healing and support through the challenges of the awakening process.

When moving onto the path of awakening, the challenge can be so intense as to create a state of extreme imbalance within your system.

It may be a mild experience involving conflict between the inner calling and the external limitations of your life, confusion, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Alternately, it may be intense, overwhelming and extreme, a state of emergency in which you may feel entirely lost, bleak, directionless and hopeless, as you enter a “dark night of the soul”, with a range of unexplainable physical and psychic symptoms.

Support and guidance when experiencing unexplained psychic / intuitive phenomena as a result of activated sensitivity to energy and the spiritual levels.

When unfamiliar to this new way of experiencing the world, these experiences may be unsettling, frightening, or make you fear you’re going mad.

Stability and balance within the kundalini process

A kundalini crisis is a sudden or gradual change in the amount or movement of energy in the body. It is rarely smooth, and can cause severe psychosomatic disturbances in the whole system (mind, body and spirit). It can generate a variety of unexplained symptoms, which can often be confusing, frightening, and feel out of control.

Kundalini imbalance can cause heat, insomnia, emotional suffering, fatigue, and extreme fragility and may other symptoms. Together we will map what is happening in all levels of your mind, body and energetic systems to return you to balance and support your awakening to progress.

My Professional Experience

Over more than thirty years, I have been studying mindfulness and mind-body healing modalities, somatic trauma therapies, healing arts and traditional psychotherapy and counselling modalities. Throughout this journey, I have built a strong inner foundation of quiet mindfulness and awareness, and exploration of my own inner process. I bring this foundation and heart-centred approach to the healing space I hold with you.

I have been in professional practice since 1999, supporting clients one-on-one and through distant healing, and running workshops for personal expansion and nurturing healing groups.

I have a Masters degree in Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon USA. This masters program focused on individual client work, facilitation and conflict facilitation and brought together a process work approach to body symptoms, relationships, inner work, trauma, group work, and group process.

I am passionate about Process Work because it brings together some of my favourite wisdom traditions – Jung, quantum physics, indigenous wisdom, psychology, shamanism, and ecology – and explores the both meeting point between all of them and the deeper truths they speak of. Process work has an ability to access the deepest dreaming, truth, need and process beneath anything occurring in your life and to then unfold the inherent solution abiding there.

It is an empowering and liberating way of facilitating people and thus aligns beautifully with the most central values of my healing work.

I also have a Diploma of Professional Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts (theatre, philosophy, drama & media), and am a graduate of the Mythic Way training program through the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy (which had a powerful, somatic trauma-therapy focus).

I am also a certified level one Kundalini Yoga teacher and completed my training at RA MA institute of Applied Yogic Sciences in Los Angeles, USA.

I have studied many different healing modalities including Rieki I&II, Metabasis, sound healing, crystal healing, Australian Bush Flower Essence healing, chakra therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, women’s empowerment studies, well as working and learning privately with immensely talented wise women, shamans and crones of our world.

I allow my curiosity and passion for supporting awakening to lead me to continuously expand my skills and awareness. I seek always to walk my talk in the best possible way.

Healing Gifts

I’ve always experienced a Shamanic connection to nature, to my own inner life, and to other people.
This enables me to see and sense the subtle signs and processes happening in and around me, and in the inner life of others. I can sense messages from the natural world which support and nourish my process in myself and with others.

Since early childhood I’ve had a particular kind of clairvoyance which enables me to see your aura.
I see your emotional body in a colourful and dynamic way, somewhat similar way to seeing a shifting weather map of your local area. I can see this, regardless of whether we are working in person or over the phone, and even if you are on the other side of the world.

As you are speaking, I am able to see how your story, your pain and your inspiration, are showing up in your energy system, organs and tissues. This enables me to make both intuitive and cognitive understandings of the holistic relationships between the mind-body-spirit levels of your self. It basically helps me to see the things happening at a deeper level, in that moment, and in your life in general.

This can reveal how you are generating the circumstances around you, which may be hidden to you at that moment. It allows me to see the impact of the past experiences and trauma, and can indicate possible solutions. It also guides us as to where to begin, as we collaboratively explore what is going on.

This gift also allows me to break down complex situations to see the various influences and factors impacting you. These can vary from difficult ancestral patterns and energies, lingering past life issues, unfinished relationship ties, childhood experiences, and unresolved trauma.

We work together, unravelling and following your process, and the messages of your body energetics, to understand and generate healing, insight and transformation. This process allows you to determine your best options in situations and become empowered in creating your life path.

I also seek to help you expand and improve access to your own essential knowings, gifts and inner guidance system.

In the healing process, I work with a team of guides and spirit doctors who provide support, guidance and insight throughout the session, and I will work quite openly with them while supporting you.


I grew up in a complex and interesting family blend of Irish Catholic maternal lineage and devoutly Muslim Egyptian paternal lineage. This combination has inspired a deeply contemplative and spiritual relationship with life and enquiry into ‘how things work’. Furthermore, living in the crossroads of these two ancient traditions has been an important formative contributor to who I am, and a great teacher of the value of embracing difference, while seeking understanding and connection.

I feel a strong calling to continue with life in the crossroads of faith, spirituality and ethnic difference as humanity evolves and expands into a more global community.

My path has always been grounded in contemplation and reflection.

From the age of 18, I began Transcendental Meditation and yoga, and explored mindfulness and eastern spiritual practices. I have studied many inner meditation practices, learning the subtle differences, focuses and aims of Buddhist, Hindu, Vedantic and contemplative styles. It has been a joy to learn from many traditions and beautiful teachers along my way, bringing me to a place of openness, joy and interest in a life lived from a centre of stillness and love.

I’ve been inspired by Ramana, Amma, Gangaji, Carl Jung, Arnold Mindell, Sri Aurobindo, Integral Theory, Earth, nature and trees. I’m also inspired by friends and colleagues who are willing to be deeply authentic, who live and walk the edges of their life with curiosity, and who are intrepid explorers of the subtle worlds.

I initially saw Myree in my early twenties, when my own emotional distress became too difficult to bear alone. Myree has journeyed with me for over ten years now, initially propping me up with her own compassion and care when I could not, then later teaching me to nurture and grow my own awareness, compassion and capacity for emotional regulation.

Myree’s therapeutic practice and skills are at the cutting edge of today’s psychological theory and practice. I know this, because her work with me was so transformative I myself was inspired to pursue psychology and am now a qualified psychotherapist. Today’s research and literature around infant development, trauma therapy, and neuroscience’s newly discovered plasticity of the brain are all confirming the intuitive way that Myree has worked over the last fifteen years that you need to engage with the body, emotions, mind and the client’s existential meaning for true transformation to occur.

I could not recommend a practitioner more highly than I recommend Myree Morsi, and I have worked collegially with hundreds of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and counsellors over the years. The person she is, and the skills she has, have profoundly affected and shaped my life, just as they are assisting the lives of those whom I now see, through me. Thank you Myree.

Bree W, Melbourne, Australia

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