Rachel – The Manifesting Queen

Whether we are thinking about Victoria or Titania, and whether we are examining their gravitas or their ultra-femme creating power, Queens always remind us of victory, of what is possible regardless of what is probable. Rachel unearthed all these qualities within herself during the course to come out with the well-earned moniker of  – The Manifesting Queen.

Rachel is a true expression of both the healing power of Spirit Magic and the ability to manifest in your life when you liberate yourself and have the tools to do so.

Rachel is a Spirit Magic success story extraordinaire and a manifesting queen of proven applicable efficacy.

I first met her in the Healers Challenge in 2021. At the time, she had experienced significant abuses of power and harassment in multiple workplaces. She was in a recovery process from these events. She was traumatized, anxious and was struggling to rebuild her sense of self. It was what you would imagine would be the steps required after such difficult events.

Rachel is a fighter though and a very, very determined person. When given an opportunity to heal herself, and it was aligned, she is someone who goes for it. 

Rachel joined Spirit Magic and then used the very first two tools that she received – emotional healing and energy clearing, plus the first two Teams that she set up to completely remodel her life and do significant healing all on her own. The metanoia of a ruler steadfastly dedicated to the health of their own inner landscape, the shaping of their own beliefs in order to move more fully into their role of service. 

In her workplace, she had experienced mistreatment and had never been able to break the $100K wage ceiling despite doing all the things you were supposed to do to succeed. 

She took the Spirit Magic gifts to dedicate herself to emotional and spiritual healing so she could manifest change in her life.

Rachel cleared the enormous weight of emotional suffering that she had carried her whole life from her family, plus her own pain. She released layers of energy that never belonged to her. In doing so she made herself more magnetic, more in alignment with her goals and intentions, and more available for what she wanted in life.

A dedicated study, as she progressed through the work she began to use the advanced tools from Spirit Magic more deeply in her life.

She used Trauma Reversal to work on decades of trauma that she had seen many practitioners to get relief from.

Rachel was able to clear very heavy ancestral processes as well as bring healing and resolution to her ancestors, so not only was she finding peace and healing, but they were, too. 

Within a short amount of time, during the summer vacation when most employers take time off, she was headhunted for an elevated role in an excellent company. The salary demolished the $100K ceiling and her confidence had developed so much that in accepting the role she requested a $20k raise on their offer, and received it!
She had not been able to do this before in her life.

Now she works in a company she respects, where she is deeply valued and safe.

She went on to have a perfect wedding surrounded by the beauty of New Zealand, and has manifested a healthy pregnancy, a baby due in 2 months’ time. In addition, a Queen must also have a kingdom so she turned her manifesting energy towards a piece of land that she had stood on with her partner over Christmas. They had discussed the dream of wanting to live there but it didn’t seem to be a reality as the development was new and sold out.

Rachel expressed her interest and dreams to spirit anyway and it surprisingly came up for sale in March.

It is now theirs. She was truly in flow.

Today Rachel is calm, confident, powerful, radiant and she laughs a lot!

She laughs with joy at herself, at the beauty of life. The most incredible thing is that she has manifested this change, healing and abundance, with the tools, with the Teams and on her own.

One of the core reasons I created Spirit Magic was to empower people to transform their own lives, to heal themselves, and with that new clarity manifest the new in their lives.

Rachel’s story shows how, when we change who we are within, we alter our external circumstances. Spirit Magic is a powerful tool that assisted her to come into alignment with what she truly desired, so she could show up for it and it could show up for her.

She shifted into the narrative where she was leader, ruler and sacred mother, empress and queen, highlighting what she is and modeling what she can be. She came into alignment, the hero strong and resplendent on her own throne. 

If you would love to heal and activate your own flow states and manifesting powers join us in Spirit Magic, it begins next week. Watch our live dreaming journey through Spirit Magic to learn more. 

Listen to more of Rachel’s incredible healing and manifesting journey below. 👇🏼

Through the healings generated in Spirit Magic students have met life partners, found new career paths, fallen pregnant despite difficulties. They have been able to heal their children, especially sensitive and starry children. Purchase dream homes. Resolved seemingly insolvable intergenerational traumas, liberated past lives, and set themselves free to live more of the lives they want to live, from the most meaningful to the wildly creative and abundant.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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