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About Myree Morsi,
her transformative coaching practice,
life-changing courses & more


About Myree Morsi,
her transformative coaching practice,
life-changing courses & more

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Yes, and then some.

For over 30 years, Myree has studied mindfulness and mind-body healing modalities, somatic trauma therapies, healing arts and traditional psychotherapy and counselling modalities.

Myree graduated with a Master’s in Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work) and has been in professional practice since 1999. She maintains her license with the Australian Counselling Association. 

Her degree focuses on individual client work, facilitation and conflict facilitation and brought together a process work approach to body symptoms, relationships, inner work, trauma, group work and group process.

Process-Oriented Psychology brings together some of Myree’s favourite wisdom traditions: Jung, quantum physics, indigenous wisdom, psychology, shamanism, and ecology. It explores the both meeting point between all of them and the deeper truths they speak of. Process Work accesses the deepest dreaming, truth, need and process beneath anything occurring in your life and to then unfold the inherent solution abiding there.

Myree also holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts (theatre, philosophy, drama & media), is a graduate of the Mythic Way training program through the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy, and is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Myree studied many different healing modalities including Reiki I&II, Metabasis, sound healing, crystal healing, Australian Bush Flower Essence healing, chakra therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and women’s empowerment studies. She has worked and learned privately with immensely talented and wise women, shamans and crones of our world.

Australian Counselling Association Licensed Counsellor #9910
Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors license #9910
Australian Holistic Healers Approved Trainer member #656

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Myree is known for her unique approach that is both tangible and mystical, blending 3 diverse fields of expertise: innate spiritual gifts; leadership and self-development; and professional training as a mental health counselor, therapist, conflict resolution specialist and trauma healer.

Since early childhood, Myree has seen the world through clairvoyance activated by her natural Shamanic connection with nature. She sees another’s aura and the movement of pain energies through their systems, so she can break down complex situations with immediate precision and collaborate with clients for deeply personalised transformation. 

She loves to use her gifts generously and is able to use them equally well in person and over a video call.

Myree is also a leading Kundalini expert who has mastered the awakening process for the modern world. She guided her own spontaneous Kundalini awakening to completion in 2009 and has been symptom-free ever since. Now, Myree supports people in intense, difficult or painful awakenings so they can stabilise their Kundalini while maintaining their pressurized everyday lives.

In short, Myree is an expert healer, therapist and coach through these life experiences:

⟡ Trauma


⟡ Spiritual emergencies

⟡ Life transitions

⟡ Kundalini, Shakti or consciousness awakening

⟡ Navigating new spiritual gifts as they come online

⟡ Awakening activated from plant medicine or psychedelics

⟡ Transformation of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual pain

⟡ Owning and managing your uniqueness as an empath or highly sensitive person (HSP)

⟡ Uncovering and activating your soul-aligned path and your sacred leadership skills to flourish on your path

Yes, her private practice is a cornerstone of her offerings to the world.

She works with clients online, usually via Skype. After 20+ years of coaching and healing folks around the world through computer screens, she knows this healing, activating and profoundly life-changing work is just as effective as in-person sessions.

In therapy and healing work, the relationship between practitioner and client supports the depth and effectiveness of all healing. Therefore, Myree fosters and nurtures a safe, compassionate, warm and sacred relationship and space in sessions. This space is felt regardless of her and your location.

In this safe space, Myree’s clients are able to experience healing, insight, transformation, and relief from pain and suffering and the acquisition of new life skills.

Here are a few examples:

⟡ Myree has worked with people exclusively on the phone as they found their way through and out of serious life crises, depression, deep anxiety, suicidal periods, and recovery from abuse and trauma. 

⟡ She has counselled and coached people via Skype through Kundalini crises and spiritual emergencies and successfully back into life — into deeper, more stable awakening, and into safeness and personal empowerment.

⟡ She has supported people through illness, career transition, life changes, and relationship breakdowns. She has even supported people through their dying process — all through video and phone sessions.

A resounding yes. 

Phone and video/audio sessions can be as effective and powerful as in-person sessions in counselling, healing, coaching and awakening support.​

Myree has proven this for over 20 years, and she maintains a firm commitment to offering this to all of her clients.

Although “telehealth,” or mental health services offered through phone and video calls, became the primary form of counselling in 2020, it has been offered around the world since the early 2000s. 

Myree has successfully offered video and phone sessions for clients across Australia and internationally, for healing, counselling and coaching since 1999.

Plus, video and phone sessions add freedom to coaching and therapy!

While Myree provides the same high-quality support and beautiful healing as found in her in-person sessions, there are additional benefits of being able to experience telehealth from the comfort of your own home or office:

⟡ You do not need to travel to or live near Myree. 

⟡ Virtual sessions save time and offer a level of flexibility. 

⟡ Having a session at home allows you private space and time to rest and integrate the session directly afterward.

⟡ Many people feel more comfortable sharing deeply personal experiences within these sessions since they feel less confronting.

Myree lives in the serene countryside near Adelaide, Australia. She has also lived in Portland, Oregon, US and Sedona, Arizona, US, and will return to travelling the world once it becomes more possible.

Myree works with folks from all walks of life, everywhere. Clients live in Australia, the US, India, Norway, Netherlands, South Africa…you name it! She arranges her masterclasses, online courses and private coaching to be as accessible as possible across time zones. 

To explore her private coaching time zone availability, tap the button below to request an info packet.

Yes! Myree is honoured to walk the path of the Teacher more and more. Indeed, she is a natural at it. When you learn from her live, you will quickly sense her passion and skill for helping diverse learners reach their “Aha!” and life-changing moments.

Live class examples:

⟡ Monthly donation-based masterclasses

⟡ Group coaching calls built into the foundation of all online courses

⟡ Weekend retreats for the Spirit Magic course (currently only offered in Australia)

⟡ Guest teacher appearances in online and in-person summits, retreats and masterminds

 As of 2021, Myree certified 2 of her courses with the AHHCA (Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association):

Sacred & Safe Leadership — Trauma-Informed Mastermind™

Spirit Magic

Graduate from 1 course and become a Certified Spiritual and Energetic Healer. Graduate from both courses and receive your diploma!

logo accredited holistic counselling course

Through articles, podcasts and virtual summits, you can enjoy deep dives into Myree’s life, guidance and inspiration, all delivered in her warm, soothing voice.

This bias is very prevalent in Australian culture. The tough pioneering ethic of our collective origins had no time for sensitivity when facing survival in the harsh, unfamiliar and somewhat hostile environment of colonial Australia. 

This bias blends well with the colonial English view of the feeling-inner-self as an unwanted aspect of our human experience, thus needing to be repressed and contained. The outward expressions of emotion, feeling and inner life were perceived as unhealthy, hysterical and shameful.

This view still colours our cultural lenses. It can drive undercurrents of intimidation and the silencing of those more sensitive people and their voices in our communities.

Ironically, this situation is vastly different from the very sensitive, intuitive and connected relationship Aboriginal people had with the harsh Australian continent, which allowed them to thrive and live in balance for millennia. They held (and continues to uphold) a high value for their sensitive and dreaming nature, and that nature allowed them to weave a unified life with the earth.

The Aboriginal’s valuing of sensitivity offers us many intuitive keys and suggestions for possible healing pathways to reconnect to our sensitive, subtle, dreaming selves. Indigenous cultures and shamanic ways of living from around the world all point us to pathways of returning to balance. It is why I am dedicated to honouring them and their practices in every bit of my work and offerings.

Dear one, you do not have to go it alone.

With Myree, you will love your awakening, activate your gifts and live a soul-aligned life!

Dear one, you do not have to go it alone.

With Myree, you will love your awakening, activate your gifts and live a soul-aligned life!

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