Free Resources to Nurture and Inspire Your Awakening

I am deeply dedicated to your awakening unfolding in the most beautiful, creative, safe and functional way possible as you wake up in the midst modern life. I appreciate what that process asks of you. Enjoy these gifts of guidance, wisdom, community and possibility to evolve your awakening journey in new and unexpected ways. From my heart to yours.

Kundalini Whispering

Having a calm, confident and clear connection to your kundalini and a creative way to communicate with Her can be the key to a smoother a and more successful awakening journey. Access this high frequency master class and craft your own healing relationship with Kundalini. The class is packed with tips, guidance, inner work and guided meditations for you to connect to your Kundalini in a more personal, insightful and direct way. Receive guidance from your Kundalini .

Access the Kundalini Whispering Master Class

Connect to Your Spirit Team

We all have infinite support from the realms of spirit – our spirit guides, angels and other healing beings of light – that constantly offer us loving wisdom, guidance, protection and healing on our awakening journey. Such support can aid you in soothing and understanding your kundalini process, releasing the past, clearing blockages, opening up to higher frequencies and many other crucial tasks as we surrender to our spiritual path. They can shine gentle light on the best way forward,  offer comfort, direction, confirmation and a beautiful form of friendship. Access this joyous master class with Myree and directly commune and communicate with your angels and spirit guides. Receive their blessings and support for your awakening. 

Join the Soul Medicine Master Class