Your Woo is Your Way

“It’s time to trust my Woo!”

This week in my practice, a wonderful client who is learning to dive into the bounty of her soulful gifts made this statement quite proudly at the very beginning of a session. She recognized that her Woo was her Way and that even though she was scared and had not grown up in an environment where it felt safe to unfold her Woo, her Woo was calling her. It was time. 

When I use the term “Woo” I am referring to the powers that reside within us, within our mystical, spiritual, creative core. These powers are often so central to who we are, yet commonly marginalized, suppressed or pushed aside because they don’t conform or fit inside the box of modern scientific rationalism and consensus reality.

Woo is there when we receive knowing, insight and a feeling about something we know to be inextricably true, yet we cannot necessarily prove it, except in experimenting with following it.  

Woo is present when we are able to perceive patterns, and make connections to the underlying causes of suffering or situations. It is the force that gives us confidence in recognizing these patterns and knowing what to do with them. 

Woo is also inherent in our dreaming nature. It is an unquestioned aspect of our consciousness, needing us only to acknowledge it, meet it, relate to it, in order to be able to function through and with its presence. 

Woo wants to be known. 

How Woo calls us

We hear from Woo, when we can no longer tolerate the pain of suppressing our otherworldly nature. It appears in dreams, in day time flirts and events that remind us of our deepest creative and mystical selves. 

Woo might simply appear in the form of a synchronicity that re-directs our day, or a healing event that seemingly makes no sense but relieves us of a symptom. 

When I meet people on the edge of this call to Woo, they have usually been bracing against it for years if not lifetimes. It is very painful to be against such a loving, creative and generous part of ourselves. It is not uncommon that when Woo really calls, a person is in tears. Tears of pain, of joy, of relief, and the most important tears of all: those that are the tears of being unable to resist it any longer. 

How then to trust our Woo

When Woo calls it is singing us into a relationship with it. It wants to be known. It wants us to dream with it. It wants us to allow it to unfurl and show us the way, and to give it a seat at the table of our lives. 

It wants to matter.

Listen to it. Feel it. Lean into it. Let it show you the way to trust it.

Follow its signals and see what happens. 

Coming into a Relationship with our Woo is an experiment that often requires quieting the critical mind and the internalized judge, giving ourselves enough space to get clear in what your Woo is.

Asking: What is its deepest source? What are you called to create with it? 

As with welcoming any new process, we are changed by this trusting relationship. Our identities will shift. We will be different, perhaps unrecognizable by some people in our lives, and yet more recognized by others. 

Trusting any of our less-lived powers is a journey of transformation and becoming. It is to be expected that we might not instantly embrace what arrives, yet we are fundamentally unable to turn away from it any longer.

Once Woo is trusted and welcomed we experience wholeness, satisfaction and a sense of meaningfulness because Woo connects our everyday life with the deeper current of consciousness that runs beneath it all the time. 

What does life become with Woo fully lived?

Life becomes interesting! Life becomes easier, not because problems or challenges go away, but because Woo brings a deeper perspective, and a sustainability that might not have been there before. Woo is both a deep skillset and also a kind of resilience. 

At its deepest Woo keeps you in contact with the awareness of the source of all life and reminds you again and again that there is a love, a healing and spaciousness that you can bring to life when you are in touch with that level of existence. 

Spirit Magic is the perfect container for your Woo, and its powers.

Whilst we learn about healing with spirit and building teams, and becoming healers, this program is constantly encouraging you and showing you the way into a relationship with your spiritual, mystical and creative powers, inspiring you to bring them into your everyday life. Spirit Magic is an empowerment program for Woo seekers and Woo holders who long to reunite with the powers and layers of love that they know have been waiting for them. 

In the Spirit Magic program, you are taught to track the signals of your Woo nature and how to unfold them. You will learn how to follow their meaning, experiment in safe and creative ways, and most of all step-by-step and day-by-day you are both demonstrated with, and led into how to deeply trust the depths, grace, healing and power of your own sacred nature.

This is why when students leave this program, not only are they healers but they also become lighthouses–unique and stunning lighthouses that shine their magic back out into the world again. Believe me when I say that the world is hungry for your magic!

This relationship with Woo is also why students transform personally and heal so many of their challenges and wounds in this program – more than I have seen in any other program. It is why they light up because they are engaging profoundly with their own greatest agent of change and liberation, their Woo, and then using it with the infinite power of spirit to heal all that has been broken or harmed.

If your Woo is calling, if you suspect it might be your way, or if you are scared of it but also curious, it could be time to join me in my upcoming Spirit Magic masterclass and Q&A where you can come on a dreaming journey into the transformative worlds of Spirit Magic.

How has woo become your way, or how is it calling you? Please share in the comments below, I am joyous to learn more of your own journey.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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