What is Spirit Magic?

Where do I begin to talk about something so meaningful in my life? 

Spirit Magic changed everything, supporting me to transform the deepest trauma, heal my PTSD and create a life that I love living every day. 

Spirit Magic is a unique and powerful way of healing yourself or others by drawing on the power, potential, creativity and vision of the spirit world  – from the beings of light, angels, guides, nature devas, star beings, and very potent multi dimensional healing beings.

Are you still with me or are you tuning out right now because I have mentioned that healing can come from beyond the human realms?!  If so, please take a breath and stay with me because the most powerful healing that I have ever experienced comes from beyond the human realm. 

There is a vast range of beautiful, unconditionally loving, compassionate, extremely talented and wise beings of light that long to be of service to help humans and nature on the planet evolve. Spirit Magic is a way of tapping into these free resources that are available for everyone, and organizing these beings into very powerful, specialized and uniquely constructed Teams that serve you in the different areas of your life. 

My Team and I have spent many years building these connections and constructing teams, so now they are extremely high speed, very efficient and effective and take none of your life force in the way that they serve you.

Spirit Magic is a combination of two kinds of healing woven into one beautiful process. Spiritual healing & Energy healing.

Spiritual healing is healing that calls on spirit – in the practice of Spirit Magic we have access to their much vaster vision of our lives and our client’s lives, what may be going on, what is the true blockage, problem or edge that the person is stuck on, and what is needed to transform it and create liberation

These spirit teams are able to bring a vast array of individual and collective talent to every problem and opportunity that they are invited into. They are full of experts and specialists in healing, in the body, in energy, in well-being, in relationships and in whatever specialist focus you might bring to the team. For example, supporting your family, building a business, your finances, relationship challenges, etc. They are astonishing and incredible healers!

Energy healing is working at the level of the energetic nature of human beings and in fact all life, to generate change, healing and transformation. At a fundamental level, we are all energy, everything is energy before it is formed and retains this energetic level even in its material form. This is a fundamental premise of quantum physics and the foundational wisdom of many indigenous cultures around the world. 

When you bring healing and change to the energetic level of who you are as a being, that change flows into physical form, into psychological and emotional experience. It adjusts the structures of our belief systems and frees us to move on. Energy Healing can look as simple as clearing an energetic blockage in a system allowing energy and life force to flow more easily and promote health at all levels. It can look like unlocking the frozen and trapped energies of trauma from the body so that energetic health and well-being can return. It can look like bringing healing to the soul level, and soul retrieval and reintegration of lost parts of self back into someone’s body. 

Energetic healing can be enacted in this lifetime and can also be effectively used to mend issues from past lives, resolving historical blockages that then liberate us in this life.

What is even more amazing is in one Spirit Magic session you can do one, or many, or all of these elements of Spirit Magic healing to create a very potent outcome. The use of all the levels is generated by weaving the power and healing potentials of Spirit Magic together into one focus of your life, or of someone else’s life.

Anyone is able to learn how to do Spirit Magic. You don’t have to identify as being particularly clairvoyant. Many of my students begin this program with very little or no ability to connect to spirit yet by the end of the program they are proficient in creating powerful and profound healing on themselves and others in direct communion with their Teams. 

Here are some of the most important things to know about Spirit Magic:

  • FUN! Working with spirit is fun, your spirit teams are fun and they have a sense of humor. It is impossible to put into words how much joy is shared with spirit and our hearts and souls when we do this work and collaborate in this way. We are freed from our limiting concepts of who we are, and connect with spirits who are happy to share their delight with us.
  • Spirit Magic is transformative and will change your life – one of the things that never fails to astonish me is the radical transformation of my students from who they are at the beginning to who they become in the end. You clear so many layers of burden, pain, trauma, ancestral and past life weight, that you cannot help but feel freer, light and available to life itself!
  • Astonishment: Most students experience astonishment on many levels in this program. First of all the kind and extent of healing that is possible when they work with spirit. Their ability to generate change and heal others to such depth and complexity that they did not know was possible. Astonishment at the love and generosity of spirit and at their own expanding human gifts to heal. And astonishment at how loving and generous this community is when we gather to do this work. 

  • A gift that keeps on giving: Spirit Magic helps you to have reliable and consistent access to the healing power of spirit and their infinite resources. It also gives you a vast range of tools and ways of applying their support to your life and other people’s lives. The best thing about this is that access to this incredible and generous unconditional support from spirit is free. Once you learn these tools and build these teams you have access to an incredible source of healing to play with and cultivate for the rest of your life. It is unlimited. 

The next Spirit Magic cohort begins in Mid-April 2024. I am excitedly counting down the weeks to be with the next cohort of students. 

You can read more about the Spirit Magic Training here.

In February and March 2024, we will be taking you on a Spirit Magic adventure, offering introductory classes and ways of experiencing some of the joy and delight of working with spirit, and celebrating the infinite power that is available for us to all heal with. For advanced notice of this Spirit Magic introductory festival, please join our waitlist and start tapping into the excitement building around this elevated level of the program. 

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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