Gigi’s Success Story – How to Fly Higher and Dive Deeper

From the first time I met Gigi in a Yoga class 22 years ago, her essence emanated with the vibe of a healer.

That warmth and strength comes from a being who thinks altruistically in a world obsessed with self. She is the kind of person whom it is easy and almost automatic to open up to immediately because her call to heal is such an intrinsic part of her nature. So while that was ever present, this is a story about the importance of timing and surrender, that healers can move deeper into the expression of spirit through their gifts.

Even though Gigi was presented with the initiate’s challenges of fear, edges and interference, I saw her take a breath and execute a graceful swan dive into the unknown, stirring up the mud of her unconscious to return with nourishment for those in her care and an embodiment of light for us all.

Even though I had known her for such a long time it was only last year that Gigi felt a strong call to join the program without knowing why – trusting that directional nudge, that it was the right thing to do.

She had so much going on in her life, her elderly mother was unwell and needed complex, ongoing support so she had chosen to move states to live close to her. 

Gigi already ran her own trauma therapy business, and she was leaving her beloved home and her life behind to build this new one. From many perspectives, it didn’t seem an ideal time for her to go on a big learning journey but if there is one thing a healer knows, it is to listen to your intuition. Especially when it seems to be asking you to fly into the storm. 

Gigi had also had a serious accident the year prior to joining the program, breaking her wrist and going on a long and almost incapacitating recovery journey. 

So even though she had a lot to manage, Gigi thrived in this program. She performed deep healing on herself and her personal history, which uncovered huge gratitude to be learning the tools and skills of Spirit Magic as they were perfect for the challenges she was facing.

To her delight, Gigi found that Spirit Magic tools were perfect for difficult times, traumatic events, for the pressures of being a carer in complex medical situations. This is what makes examining Gigi’s story so valuable as it outlines some of the ways healers already in practice can benefit and find immediate support from their Spirit Teams.

Gigi’s shifts started when she had a second accident and broke the same barely healed wrist! She found herself in a trauma state in the Emergency ward of her local hospital in a great deal of pain. She became anxious and panicked because the last time she had broken her wrist the healing had not gone well and her recovery had been long and difficult.

Panicked and stressed, sitting in the fatiguing energy of the hospital, Gigi remembered her Trauma Reversal tools and was able to action them. Within seconds she began to feel calm, peaceful and at ease.

Her access to these tools continued through the remainder of her treatment and, with the support of her Sprit Teams, her wrist is healing successfully, faster and with more ease and confidence. 

She continued to use the Spirit Magic Teams to care for and support her mother who, during a long stay in hospital, also had an accident resulting in a serious wound and time spent in respite care. When there were times that her mother looked touch and go, Gigi called on her Spirit Team to offer assistance.

After a short while she witnessed her mother return to her strength and passion for life, while also dealing with the challenges of giving up her independent life and moving now into long-term care.

The power flowed into her trauma therapy practice of Somatic Experiencing. Gigi now uses her Teams to help to hold space and to work with the field. She calls on them to support the client and to facilitate them to have their most deep and profound healing experience.

As Gigi graduates from the Spirit Magic program, she intends to use the tools she now has, and interweave them with her work with clients in trauma therapy. She will use them to deal with many of the more energetic and complex issues that even the most powerful trauma therapy cannot quite fully clear. It will be an amazing combination for her to have in her work, helping to elevate it to the next level. There is a building excitement for her identity as a healer with graduation on the horizon to have expanded so much with these tools, like a swift swallow remembering they can also be an enduring albatross or a keen tracking hawk.

Gigi’s story is really one of embracing the chaos and surrendering to her strength. She was going through so much change, her life in tumult, needing to find good care for her mother, renting out her house and dealing with storm damage to the property which left a multiplicity of legal issues. 

This last situation was seriously blocked and something that she had attempted to solve with all her determination and intelligence but exterior circumstances seemed stacked against her. Then inspiration struck – she could set up a Spirit Magic legal Team to support her through these challenges; some of which had been stuck in their process for 8 months or more.

Within five days almost all of the legal issues she faced were close to completion. This a seriously amazing example of removing obstacles!

What makes Gigi and her Spirit Teams so powerful was that she had had enough of being uncertain in all those long drawn out legal processes, this allowed the Team to have a deep and full range to support her and they went for it. She was able to get solutions and resolutions that she had been waiting for all year.

This is a powerful example of how your Spirit Teams can support you in dramatic worldly circumstances that you face on your own. And how you are never alone!

There are no words for the relief experienced, and how remarkable it felt to have the levels of support she found that required very little of her engagement, energy and resources. She set up a Team, gave them clear instructions and they went for it.

Now she gives this legal Team other projects to work on such as finding the perfect tenants for her home.

To anyone reading this or who had the experience of looking in from the outside these solutions seem astonishing. But anyone, absolutely anyone, with sincerity, openness and willingness can generate Spirit Magic changes. 

Gigi manifested brilliant support, change and transformation in her life, she also grew into the most incredible and attuned facilitator of the tools who are able to track complex and multi-dimensional processes, bringing forward advanced insights about what may be underpinning and part of a clients’ process and guide them to powerful, life-changing resolutions. 

I have known Gigi for more than 20 years yet I have never seen her blossom in the ways I have seen her flourish inside Spirit Magic. There is a lightness and freedom that has emerged in her life, a flight into thermals, a deep dive into a river or nimble navigation through a dense forest that would leave others lost. It is a delight to watch her playfulness and curiosity about what her Teams can support her to manifest and accomplish in her life. I know this is just the beginning of a lifelong adventure. Gigi has had very solid evidence in many areas of her life about how collaborating with spirit can bring at times seemingly miraculous, powerful and enduring support and change. 

If you would love to learn tools to deal with challenges life brings, or heal and activate your own flow states and manifesting powers join us in Spirit Magic.

Listen to more of Gigi’s incredible journey below. 👇🏼

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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