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Myree is honoured to have been given the privilege to share her message and healing energy through the kindred spirits who host the podcasts and websites listed here.

Buddha at the Gas Pump
Myree shares her awakening story: how she realised and activated her psychic gifts as a small child and again in her 20s, how she brought her surprising and difficult Kundalini awakening to completion, and much, much more.

Positive Head with Brandon Beachum
Soul-Share with Spirit Team Conduit, Myree Morsi

Brandon and Myree discuss Kundalini awakenings, what it means to be a healer and how to connect with your Spirit Team (which we all have!).

Thrive Global + Medium
How to Survive and Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

“Know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you for being sensitive. As you reclaim your sensitivity as a power and begin to lean into it, you can inspire and support other beautiful sensitives to lean into their own gifts and power, too.”


Empower Your Reality with Dr. Vic Manzo
Awaken Fully

Myree shares her personal journey and they segue into talking about trauma, healing, how traumas hold within the body, the awakening process, the soul’s purpose and so much more.

The Beautiful Side of Grief with Helen Morris
Even Therapists Need Help

Are you going through a tough time right now? Myree Morsi has been guiding people through grief for over 20 years and helps you understand how you can find your way out of this darkness, too, so you can make sense of everything and move forward with confidence.

Susan Nethercote Studio Insider
Creativity and Spirituality

In this interview with Susan’s teacher and guide, Myree, you are taken behind closed doors to reveal the evolution of Susan’s spiritual practice in relationship to her art and business and how it’s helped her heal past traumas.

How to Trust in Your Creative Force

As artists, we are constantly being called upon to trust — whether it be in our own art process or finding our way in our art business. But how do you continue to trust in the unfolding of your art journey in the face of difficult times and the many disappointments that can come along the way on this crazy path of being an artist? This is just one of the juicy questions Susan asks this very wise woman, Myree.

Client Breakthrough Summit with Georgette Star
Kundalini Awakening

Myree was asked to guide the 100s of summit attendees into the knowledge of what a Kundalini awakening is and share tips to support folks on their awakening journey.

myree morsi interview self-love show podcast jenni anne logo

The Self-Love Show with Jenni Anne
The Path to Awakening Your Kundalini Energy

Jenni and Myree talk about what Kundalini energy actually is, how to awaken your Kundalini energy (in a safe and respectful way) and the practices to prepare for your Kundalini awakening. If you’ve ever been curious about Kundalini, this is the episode for you!

Thought Catalog
Doubt is Your Intuition’s Secret Best Friend

“It may seem simply incongruous that doubt and intuition can be the best of buddies. Yes, I mean besties. BFFs. Allies. Your inner Magic 8 Ball…”

A Love Letter for Sensitive Souls

Dearest Beloved, Let us uncover the collective shadow of human insensitivity you live beneath…”

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