You can work with your Spirit Team to heal trauma

Current developments in psychology and therapy have trended towards a more in depth investigation of traumatic experiences. Trauma is now widely recognised as a far more complex human condition in terms of the myriad of ways that we can be affected by our environment, upbringing and social experiences. Interestingly enough, the healing methods that are emerging from a deeper understanding of how trauma works within our bodies have moved towards far more simple and gentle processes than traditional therapy entailed. 

Trauma is the result of an energetic block within our systems that we cannot move to a successful release and therefore gets stored somewhere in our mind/body structure. What we all need as a result of this is to regulate and realign our entire makeup, getting emotions, physical effects, and thoughts to all meet up in the safety of the present. The combination of these things could be considered the holistic health of our human spirit. 

In the work that I teach and practice, in addition to my psychological knowledge and frameworks, I center the presence of Spirit as an important ‘tool’ to bring into the healing work around Trauma. 

Most people could not imagine how Spirit Teams can help you transform trauma. It seems impossible but I want you to know that it is real. I, myself, am a testimony of how Spirit Teams (your angels, guides, spirit healers and spirit doctors and beings of light) can assist in the healing release and processing of trauma.

I have spoken about my trauma journey many times, it is important to know that I was diagnosed with acute early-childhood PTSD and was told by a physician that I would never recover. At that time I could only work part-time because my PTSD was so severe.

I could not afford expensive therapy and treatment.

What I discovered that I had was an amazing relationship with my Spirit Team.

They were an infinite and freely accessible resource, and I turned to them for answers and a solution. I turned to them to create tools that I could use every day for free to heal my trauma, and eventually come to teach others to heal their own.

Today I have not had a PTS response for a very long time. I rarely experience anxiety or depression, and when I do, I know what to do. I live with joy and am centered in peace. Those acute and devastating events from 18 years ago seem now to be almost impossible.

I am a living testament to what collaboration with spirit teams can manifest.

So, how can Spirit assist us in our work with Trauma?

The central tool in Spirit Magic, that you can learn to apply for yourself and then for others is called Trauma Reversal.

This tool utilizes ancient Chinese medicine Qi Gong principles, reversing trauma backwards out of the organs and systems affected. These organs carry the energy, the emotions, the stories, the vibrations and experiences of trauma and its impact. I discovered and adapted this tool when I was privately studying Chinese Medicine and was fascinated by its understanding of psychological and spiritual pain and how it affects the body. I took this idea of reversing trauma and created a tool with my Spirit Team for reversing my own copious trauma out of my body.

I was stunned by how effective it was so I expanded to healing my clients and saw it work profound magic there, too.

Instead of working directly with traditional Qi Gong tools, we use and build upon the ancient philosophy by curating advanced Spirit Teams to gently and thoroughly reverse the trauma out of us. 

As trauma releases layer by layer, stage by stage out of a person’s body, the person becomes calmer, breathes more easily, and becomes lighter. The traumatic event gradually seems further and further away, and ultimately exists more in the past.

Our bodies not only store the memory of trauma but also the vibration of the event, the energy and emotion associated with the event, and if the trauma involved another person we may also be holding in our system the energetic projections and abuse of the perpetrator.

Trauma Reversal is able to release all of these things.

This is why it is powerful and beneficial.

Psychological processing of trauma is impactful and important, but it does not always shift the energetics and residues from your body. Your mind may find peace, but your body does not.

My students who are existing therapists, somatic practitioners, massage therapists and psychiatrists all speak about how amazing it is to heal the energy and weight of trauma from the body. They have known through traditional medical training how to help the mind and nervous system to process trauma but till now have not had a tool that works to such depths. 

Trauma Reversal works on multiple levels of our experience, allowing you to psychologically process the reversal as it also goes through the energies and layers of your body.

Whenever I have demonstrated this in classes I have taught, it has blown people away.

They cannot believe that someone can go from an intense trauma state, a state that is shaking them around, to a state of peace and resolution in 30-50 minutes. What is more, anyone in my program can learn this tool. 

Graduates have gone on to transform their own trauma history just by working with their Spirit Team. During the program we watch people change radically. Faces change. Auras change. People become lighter, freer, happier, more empowered and significantly more creative. The trauma that was obstructing them becomes resolved, allowing the person that they really are to shine through. Watching this transformation is one of the most precious things about Spirit Magic.  

For me, there is a profound, and deep satisfaction in teaching someone an effective trauma tool that they can use on themselves and others in their lifetime. If you only master this one tool in Spirit Magic it will be life-changing.

If you would love to learn this tool, to have independence in your own healing journey, to support your own well-being and liberate personal history, join me in Spirit Magic and learn this Trauma Reversal. It is just one of many incredible, life-changing tools you will build in your  Spirit Magic healing toolkit.

Learn more by joining me in a live dreaming journey masterclass where I walk you through the Spirit Magic program here.

Curious what trained health professionals have to say about Trauma Reversal?

Enjoy these stories from my graduate students:


As a therapist, I have learned different approaches and techniques to work with trauma, both conventional training (EMDR, prolonged exposure) and less-conventional training (Somatic trauma therapy, spiritual psychology). However, learning the Trauma Reversal tool has changed my life. I am stunned by the profound effects that are also gentle and subtle. Trauma and shock reside deep in the tissues of the body. This tool helps to resolve and dissolve both the physical impact, energetic impact as well as any psychological structures that are attached to the trauma. In my experience, this works for trauma that people consider psychological (abuse) as well as somatic (serious physical injury). I worked with this tool on myself and felt a deep release when I went through the process. The beauty of it is that the system’s innate intelligence knows what to do, and the Spirit Team’s magic follows the wisdom of the body, mind and soul. With clients, I have noticed that it is a tool that stands on its own, but it can also be interwoven with other conventional techniques, because of the fluidity and refinement, this tool strongly supports the process and adapts to what is needed. Clients experience this tool as very safe and they are not overwhelmed, which may more easily happen with other techniques. I am very grateful that I have this tool in my repertoire now, and that my beautiful Team works on layers that regular therapy, in my opinion, does not easily get to. 

— Evd W, MD, PhD, Consultant (child and adolescent) psychiatry and trauma therapist

My life has always oriented around the body for both my work and my personal exploration of healing. Using the Trauma Reversal tool has been such a blessing as it weaves into all the subtle layers, bringing deep relief by shifting at a super-fast rate and therefore remaining unattached to the content leaving. The body gracefully hands it over and the systems are supported to realign to a new level of functioning. I have witnessed my own liberation allowing me more safety in my body, and with clients, it’s allowed me to bring immediate relief to shock so that we can then invite the body back to self-regulating. Most of all, it enables reconnection with trust in one’s unique human form to empower self-healing. 

— Sandi- Bodyworker of 15 years


Trauma Reversal was the tool I didn’t know I needed in my life but has been the Spirit Magic tool that I have used the most in the last year and with a very timely arrival in my personal healing journey. Through my previous work with skilled trauma therapists, using recognized treatment modalities including EMDR, somatic experiencing, and polyvagal theory exercises, I had made significant progress in my personal recovery from complex trauma. However, it was the Trauma Reversal tool that really helped me find healing on a soul level with a number of my previous challenging life experiences (including big topics like the trauma of not being seen). I have had several profound and incredibly touching self-facilitated experiences using this tool that resulted in very meaningful shifts, in a way that was safe and easeful. The structure and framework of this tool provided great safety and I found great comfort in the presence of spirit (my angels, guides, and ancestors) who witnessed, held space, as they accompanied me through deeper and deeper layers of my healing in a way that I had never experienced before. I am enjoying more freedom, balance, and empowerment in my system than ever before, and am grateful for this tool that makes my personal and professional trauma healing toolkit feel complete. 

— Jess, doctor & therapist


The Trauma Reversal tool alleviates much suffering in a gentle way. The magic and beauty of this tool is that I have a Spirit Team to help me hold space and track what is happening in a client’s system while my Team does the clearing, healing and releasing in an effortless and non-invasive way. My previous trauma training left me feeling like I had to work very hard to titrate and heal someone’s trauma and was more focused on the emotional response and sensations than tracking what was happening energetically through the body and energy system. With this tool and my Team, I can be more present and effective with trauma and it’s so beautiful to witness a client being freed

On a personal level, prior to learning this tool, I would experience impactful things and wait to bring it into therapy. Now I can use Trauma Reversal as soon as possible to start healing myself and return to a state of peace and equilibrium. I’m confident to use it on bigger traumas because my Spirit Team can hold me. I wish everyone knew this tool because I know so many people still impacted by their trauma experiences who won’t seek help because they are worried about reliving the experience.  This tool is very much about staying in the present and clearing the energies and impacts from the past stored in the system. It’s so empowering.

— Kym Wilson, Holistic counsellor and healer




You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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