Soul Path Institute’s first cohort of Global Spirit Magic Graduates

We graduated!

The incredibly dedicated and first global, online cohort of twenty-eight Spirit Magic students graduated in October. While they are my third group overall to complete this program, this very first global cohort really was the spice of life, bringing diversity and fresh perspectives. 

As one of the graduates said to me today. “I feel so deeply happy, confident and grounded in all that is well in my life!” 

As part of their graduation, we showed off what I call the “Spirit Magic facelift”. This sacred work, coupled with having the power of such evolved Spirit Teams literally wipes years of weight, pain and suffering of their faces, hearts, bodies and souls – it allows students to glow as a true manifestation of their most vibrant self. 

They created sacred altars to celebrate their learning and personal evolution. This was a tribute to thank all the members of their amazing Evolutionary Healing Teams and their own growth.

We brought honour through ceremony and ritual by making beautifully crafted masks of their ultimate Spirit Magician facilitator self. The light, joy and power that shines through these masks is profound.

As a group, we all shared deeply and ate yummy food!

And then, as my students no longer but more fully evolved into their healer-selves they dreamed their way out into the world to fulfill their deepest callings, confident and ready for the next steps.

I am beyond proud of them. Enjoy the photos!


You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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