How my Spirit Team Support me when I am Fragile

I have been taken to states of fragility in numerous ways by many powerful forces. By the processing of trauma and traumatic events themselves. By deep grief and loss. Through the depths and power of awakening and kundalini, and by the task of my own destiny to be a transformational teacher. And it’s a constant expectation that I grow!

Without a doubt, I know the grist of such places, and traversing them has made me who I am. It has given me confidence, self-love and creative healing power. But I have no doubt, have absolutely no doubt, I have not made this transformation alone in all these years

I have been accompanied into these dark nights of the soul by my Spirit Magic Team. 

This Team of a multitude of beings of light of many kinds – angels, guides, healers, spirit doctors, shamans, visionaries and wise folk – have collectively been my friends and allies, my healers and confidants, my comforters and liberators during every transformational process and the fragile journey that I have had.

I would love to share some tips with you about how a Spirit Team and your own innate, unseen supports can help you by walking you through how my own Spirit Team have helped me scoot (or not sink so far) through what sometimes would have been almost impossible, fiery processes.

Here are some ways my Spirit Teams have supported me in Fragile places and dark nights of the soul: 

#1 Providing Comfort and Guidance.  

My Spirit Team being there beside me gives me confidence even when my system is wildly coming apart in order to renew. Their presence is strengthening and I actively converse with them about what is happening. They are often the first ones to signal to me that renewal and a fragile process are underway when I myself might simply be complaining of feeling “tired” and not being able to do what “I” wish!

When I am complaining about fatigue or a body symptom they inform me that it is much more than that and that now is the time for surrender.

#2 Track and Confirm 

The Spirit Teams that I have built (and you can too) are experts in transformation, the central force of my work. They are trackers of transformational processes, upgrades in my system, and other people. I rely on them to track ahead of me, like hunters, like trackers and shamans, mapping the way/s forward, and coming back to me with the information that they have gathered. Tracking then helps me support myself and what I need.

This helps me plan how to take care of myself in such processes and to manage as well as possible, generating the best outcome for me out the other side. 

I also use their vision to guide me on exactly what is going on in my process as much as it is possible to determine. I find this feedback very helpful, and often soothing. It certainly helps me at times I need to not feel that I am going crazy – in the midst of the non-conforming nature of a Fragile process. 

The Spirit Teams confirm my fragile symptoms as simply that, and not something more serious. They confirm that this is a transformational process and that there is light on the other side, which is not always apparent in the midst of things. This I trust and surrender to especially when my brain becomes foggy. 

#3 Support In the Deconstruction Phase

My Spirit Teams’ primary support in this phase is to help me to clear and heal what is leaving, energetically, emotionally, historically and on all levels. Being there in the pain of the deconstruction phase, when the old is going I call them in to gently and wisely help with the release of the outmoded, to help dissolve things more easily, to bring healing energy to my system inside the process.

My Spirit Team can usually see this deconstruction phase so much better than I can, and they also see the longer-term process of what releasing this will bring me in terms of benefits. 

In the midst of upheavals of departures, they help me to track what can be an uncomfortable deconstruction process. They comfort me in the confusion and the mush especially when it is prickly and sticky and definitely not fun. 

My Spirit Team will continually reassure me that what is happening is meaningful. They keep me on track and help me avoid making poor decisions that will aggravate the Fragile process, jeopardize it or extenuate the length of it.

#4 Protection

They are my warrior protectors. Over the years of our relationship, I have built a super-powered protection Spirit Team (and I love teaching this to others!).  When I am vulnerable and have little energy or when my shields are temporarily down my Spirit Team is there for me. The vulnerable raw state needs powerful protection. They provide this protection and guide me on anything I need to do at that time. This is not a time to experience outside interference when the system is in an important and fragile state.

#5 Reconstruction and Realignment Phase

My Spirit Team works tirelessly in this phase of bringing things back together at the right timing, the bringing in of new structures. New maps and organization. Rebuilding my system in alignment with what I am becoming, carefully integrating all the new consciousness, into wholeness. 

This anchors the power generated through the Fragile process. 

#6 Integration and Return to the World

My Spirit Team is alongside me once again in supporting me to understand what I have become and while I return to the world, my life, my work- albeit a new creature emerging tenderly from the chrysalis.

They help to identify the gifts of what we have been through and to encourage me to appreciate myself in the integration of what we have learned. 

Hallelujah! This is when it is worth it to have been in a fragile process. This is the moment you can have the meta-position of gratitude for fragility and all its gifts. Yahoo!

I hope this helps you to map how Spirit Teams support can be the gentle wings beneath profound change. 

You, too, can call on allies from the unseen realms to support you every step of your own awakening journey and all the way through processes of fragility and transformation and much more. You do not need to be alone or lost in the dark. You can call on your existing and new guides, your angels, your beings of light, to be there to assist you in all the ways I have described. 

Spirit Magic is designed to support all awakening processes because I designed it from within my own experience. If you are inspired to have your own sophisticated Spirit Teams, you can join me in my upcoming Spirit Magic program. 

Read about the fragile series in 3 parts here, here and here.

You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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  • Myree whomever photographes you is amazing.
    My favorite photo in this series is the one with water, like your under the water, water is over you, it is so beautiful, peaceful, I’m not sure how this was accomplished but its beautiful.
    I enjoyed reading this piece, it’s speaking to me.
    I am so glad we meet at Jessica’s yoga studio.
    Thank you for sharing your process, your healing and your helpers along your journey.

    • Hi MaryLou,

      I am so glad this article is speaking to you, it is super wonderful to connect here and I too am glad we meet in Kentucky!!!!

      Many of the header images on my website are of me but the one underwater I only wish was of me, it is beautiful! She looks so resplendent and relaxed suspended under the water. I am going to dream into being there too!

      Sending big love!

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