Psychic Attacks Part 1: What They Are & How Spirit Teams Protect Us

Psychic attacks can be severely jarring, knocking us completely out of whack and incapable of continuing on with our day or life. If you’re sensitive, you notice these attacks easily. But everyone is vulnerable to them.

Here, in part 1 of this immense topic, we cover what psychic attacks are and how Spirit Teams can give us psychic protection and healing 24/7.



Someone might project their pain onto you consciously or unconsciously, then leave you in the rubble from the impact, and you have to climb out carrying their baggage on your own back.

Psychic attacks can also happen just by proximity. You could be in an environment where one or more people are oozing their pains out of their systems, and since you’re nearby, your system becomes the sponge. Or, the same thing can happen from energy sent through time and space.


It is both the capacity to be unaffected by environments and people and to be resilient once affected.

It arms you with a forcefield so you don’t attract or absorb negative energies. And it equips you with the skills to clear anything picked up quickly and effectively so you can restore your inner balance and continue on with your life in an optimal state.


Sensitives, HSPs, empaths, healers, practitioners and folks going through Kundalini awakening all need psychic protection.

But really, everyone needs it.

It’s just that the people listed above are much more sensitive to noticing if they have been impacted by a psychic attack or picked up difficult, heavy, aggressive energies.

We are in increasingly complex, ambivalent and challenging times when we’re all vulnerable to being assaulted by energy and emotion (e.g., social media, the news, the Internet and how these mediums affect our families and communities).

Being able to be resilient and have solid psychic protection allows you to stay centred, harmonious and empowered while meeting with and responding to the challenges that you traverse in this life.


Psychic attacks feel like a horrible, ugly sensation in your body and system, usually sprung on by a conflict with someone. You feel like that moment of friction left you dripping in awful energy, emotion or projections that don’t belong to you.

Some psychic attacks can feel lightweight, like you’ve just picked up a small gray cloud of energy and you can clear it quickly and easily.

Other psychic attacks can knock you flat. You can feel low, depressed, anxious or terrified because of it and the way it’s functioning in your system, the way it’s cutting you off from your source or flow. You can even feel physically unwell and exhausted.

Essentially, after a psychic attack hits, you don’t feel like yourself; you’re not functioning at your best — and it isn’t because of something going on in your own system.

By now, you’re likely recalling a time when you came into the line of fire of a psychic attack. You might still feel the overwhelm or burden from it. Like something heavy is still stuck to you or even attacking you.

One instance comes to mind for me, as an example of how psychic attacks can blindside us, and of how effective Spirit Team protection is.

I was shaken by a psychic attack at a yoga teacher training (of all places!). A guest teacher, clearly irritated before her class began, attacked me with rage when I tried to ask a simple question. Her destructive energy surging onto me shook my aura. 

I immediately called on my Spirit Team, and my aura held. I was able to clear it from my system quickly (which included letting out a few tears out of the shock of it), and then stand confidently in my conflict facilitation skills as I approached her after class and held her accountable for her own energy. She then openly admitted to her unfair actions and took ownership of it. 

The whole event still hurt, but without my protective Spirit Team, I would have been totally wiped out and likely unable to continue the training.

My Spirit Teams have also cleaned up difficult energetic interactions that may have made being a healer and therapist fatiguing or cloudy. Instead, I am protected from compassion fatigue and can remain sharply in tune with how to best serve my clients.

My teams make me incredibly resilient and robust, able to take powerful work into the world.


Your specifically designed Spirit Teams, specialists in psychic protection, can help you in the following 5 ways.

1. They build fields around you that hold out and deflect psychic attacks.

These teams become the frontline of your energetic defense system. They shore up your aura with clever psychic and energetic protection that amplifies what you naturally have.

So, you end up with a much stronger psychic protection and auric field than you would otherwise.

2. They clear energy, pain, trauma and dark energies that have been thrown at you by circumstances or you’ve absorbed from environments or conflicts.

They help clear energetic impacts at all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, psychological and multi-dimensional.

Your team literally clears it all out of your system.

Once they’ve cleared and cleaned up your whole system, they stabilise and harmonise it, healing any impacts from the attack and clearing any trauma from the experience.

They return you back to centre and you’re able to continue on with your life.

3. They unhook and disentangle any enmeshments with other people that keep you unable to liberate yourself from receiving those people’s energies and consciousness.

4. They support you in the moment or in advance of having interactions with difficult people and situations.

If you know you have to walk into a space with the possibility of psychic attacks, you can ask your team to strengthen their protection before you’re anywhere near the attacker or environment.

5. They track all of the sophisticated ways that we’re interfered with energetically by non-human sources.

It’s like having a constant 360-degree radar capable of detecting anything seen and unseen, so you don’t have to stay vigilant (read: worried or fearful).

These are only a few ways Spirit Teams help us defend against and restore from psychic attacks. The Spirit Teams that do this kind of work are incredibly powerful.

And we can all connect with these amazing beings (this is exactly what you learn in Spirit Magic).

I have used my psychic protection tools with my Spirit Teams for 21 years now. And I’ve been constantly refining them. A few years ago, I began teaching others how to build their own Spirit Teams and master the exact same psychic protection tools.


In Spirit Magic, we build two specific psychic protection Spirit Teams that work for you 24 hours a day, powering up the protection process that helps you take care of yourself.

They are like your personal ninja team, your own psychic protection squad.

Spirit Magic students continue to tell me that these teams are life-changing.

These teams have freed up my students to be creative, to write music, to go to work in a sense of peace, to initiate change, to leave relationships, to feel safe out in the world, to feel safe and secure with awakening, Kundalini and being a highly sensitive person and empath.

Stay tuned for psychic protection tips you can try on your own in part 2 next week.

What else do you yearn to know about psychic protection and psychic attacks? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below — I read every one.

Big love from me and my Spirit Teams to you and yours,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert

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  • If only I had known that earlier!!
    I immediately knew what you write about. Had SO many of these attacks and already thought I couldn’t do my job. It still happens, sometimes. And in these moments I don’t want to live like that anymore. It is SO TOUCHING that there is remedy. I have been longing for that and always thought I have to go through. But maybe now, there is a way out. Can’t tell you how lifechanging this feels.

    • I am so excited for you dearest Katharina, and this was inspiring and supportive. You will receive so many tools for this and caring for your precious wellbeing and sensitivity in Spirit Magic. Big love! Yay!

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