Raising a Star Baby – How Conscious Sensitives are Changing Parenting

Leaning into sensitivity most often takes students from classifying themselves as ‘oversensitive’ in a negative way to realising they are a powerhouse of spiritual talent.

Each graduate from the Sacred Sensitivity course has a unique success story and in Karen’s case, she has the fortunate added circumstance of being a mother to a bright, starry, indigo child. So not only is she learning to thrive within her own abilities but she is giving this little world leader a head start in understanding everything that being sensitive means within our society. This is a heartwarming example of how we are raising the vibration of humanity by activating each sensitive soul and giving them earlier chances to be at home with their abilities and therefore positively influence everything they touch. 

Karen’s story starts as many of ours do. By feeling like the odd one out, she is being affected to a much greater extent by things others take for granted, like the bright lights and loud noises of a party or public space. She keenly felt the need for deeper connections at a time when most people are experimenting with surface-level group dynamics in school and social settings.

As an adult, attempting to navigate the corporate world–a place she describes as ‘harsh and fast’–made it necessary to play an inauthentic role. Mainlining what she felt was her masculine side and leaving her feminine and intuitive to take a backseat. This forced her to make the uncomfortable choice to, “shut off a part of myself to be able to interact”, and guarding her sensitivity and activating the protective mechanisms that most sensitives bring into play when confronted with these types of challenges. 

But Karen’s authentic self was also strong and active through her practice of reiki and massage work. As people in her office environment got closer to her and she let this shine, they became fascinated with this numinous element of her lifestyle. She let her sensitivity show in ways and to people that felt safe. 

A big shift came for Karen as she transitioned to a work-from-home role. Given that energetic space, that pauses from the immediate assessments, judgments and acceptable standards of corporate space, she was able to look back on her time in the office and identify the many ways in which she was already using her gifts, not only to cope but as a contribution to her work style. 

Karen says that using the knowledge gained in Sacred Sensitivity to reframe her sensitivity as an asset and positive gift has been life-changing. Not only as a level of awakening within herself but also because she now feels connected to a larger community of sensitives and the course has armed her with tools and processes to thrive in the world as a Sensitive.

A big part of what she identifies as one of the changes is standing up for the sensitive part of herself and knowing what she needs to function optimally in situations that feed and drain her. That she values honouring these needs above pushing herself or making herself small to let others feel comfortable. Integrating this deep and sacred knowing into every element of her life –  from her food choices to her parenting. 

This leads to Karen’s precious, starry baby, Asher. She describes being aware of his special presence as something that started in the womb. Karen noticed straight away that he seemed to lack what she calls “a layer of robustness or padding”. Instead of becoming daunted by this requirement, and aided by what she had learnt in Sacred Sensitivity, she recognised this as a sign of a gifted little guy getting to know the world through the lens of a sensitive. By making sure his sensitivity is something that serves him, she allows herself to be more attuned to his needs.

Karen wisely said, “I really want to create the best possible environment I can for him so that maybe he can be a sensitive person but be himself in that sensitivity, be comfortable and able to just express himself. That whatever his needs might be, they can be met or he can feel safe in asking.”

Going on to describe a teaching method that is, “like creating an environment and raising him in a way that he can feel good and positive about being sensitive and that it is very welcome and normalized”. She wants to try and instill the value in him that even if what he needs is different from others, it doesn’t mean he’s the odd one out. 

I think we are all having a little fist pump, ‘Go Karen!’ moment at reading that. 

Karen is fostering his sensitivity as a positive strength so that as he grows into himself, he can discover the gifts, talents, wisdom, and knowings that live inside his sensitivity. So he gets to go straight to the gift box. He doesn’t have to wait until he’s an adult. He gets to embrace it and have the gifts of his sensitivity recognized, encouraged, validated and valued from childhood.

She has the beautiful thought that if he has “the freedom to do that at a young age, I feel like he’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of what I was in having to sort out. So if he has that ability in life, I can only imagine the opportunities that might present themselves to him or be created by him at such a young age that he might have a really full life from very, very early on”. 

One of the ways Karen can see Asher’s sensitivity and starry talents start to blossom is when, “he will take whatever time he needs to contemplate and assess a person, a situation, something that he’s learning. And he might take longer than another child that might be next to him. But once he’s ready to go with it, he just goes and it’s like he’s collected up all the information and then all of a sudden you just see it all come out in that one moment”.

This is something that probably sounds familiar to all of us about the spiritually gifted ones that we are fortunate to have in our lives, yes?

Karen knows that her own journey touches her son’s just as we all inspire and become lessons for others along the road to opening up to their awakenings. In this case, it’s probably the most immediate and profound relationship a starry baby can have.

I wanted to bring this story to everyone because so many of us have struggled with parents that weren’t ready, that couldn’t see us and unfortunately created adverse environments in which we floundered and hid. The heartwarming and massive difference here is that Karen is working on herself to help her son. Her stance on acceptance is something that could be an essential chapter in any parenting book but struck me as particularly necessary for those lucky enough to be blessed with a sensitive child.

Her final words on how this ties in with her experience on the Sacred Sensitivity course were, The class definitely takes people on that journey of realisation, to identify their gifts and then accept that in themselves and see the benefits of sensitivity. Because a lot of the time, as a sensitive person, you grow up not honouring and not liking those parts because they make you stand out and be different and not able to join in with everybody. So honouring them, recognizing them, accepting them, and owning them for me—that really is the biggest part”. 

You, too, can have your own success story as a sensitive. Find out how your sensitivity becomes your superpower in our free masterclass this weekend. We also hope to see you in Sacred Sensitivity soon!

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