Fragile, Part 3: When the Earth comes in

Fragile takes me to the earth.

There is no lofty flying on the high realms of energy. There is no wild expansiveness in the usual way – though expansiveness remains available.

All escape routes are closed. All my ways of dancing with life are in slow motion.

Fragile asks us to pause.

To put our feet on the ground.

To feel gravity’s force.

To notice what cannot happen, and in noticing what cannot happen, lean into what can.

The earth does not go away.

We lean into her. We become her. 

The earth can be soothing and powerful medicine in times of fragility.

I made a simple, soothing guided meditation for you below to use in times of feeling fragile. You can use it when you are totally washed out, have nothing to offer anyone, when you are crumbling inside and new life is barely birthing. Or when you are in the early stages and resisting intensely, or emerging out the other side. 

I use this often for myself as a reset on my relationship with what is happening within my “fragile” process. I am not perfect in the land of fragile by far, lol. In fact, using this meditation today led me to make some major decisions and reorganize 2023 plans I thought were rock solid, to make space for new dreaming and potential that is so slender and timid, yet is pestering me and contributing to being fragile, to allow it to birth sometime in the future (not now!). There will also now be things I am not doing anymore because, as always, fragility and grounding teach us about the balance of holding space and letting go. 

Be fragile, be mush, be wobbly, be however you are to do this meditation. 

Find a piece of paper and a pencil/pen.

Write down a question or a thought you have about the state of fragile in the moment.

Put it aside.

And let me know what you discover in the comments below. I am beside you in your fragile journey, too. On the earth beside you. 

Introduction – A Meditation for when you’re fragile

A Meditation for when you’re fragile & receiving from the Earth

Please share your discoveries or tips from the Earth below. May she be medicine for your own fragile times and awakening journey. 


Here are some comments: 

“I am keen to echo the positive feedback you received on your first post about fragility. It also resonated ALOT with me when I read it. I feel the process is one of ‘crumbling’, allowing a ‘fragile’ structure to fall apart. And the more fragile it is on some days, the better because the crumbling is easier :)” 

“Thx Myree a lovely reminder as I come out of my own state of fragile xoxox”


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  • This took me to a place of deep revelation, and the images that were conjured up in the meditation described my emotional state. I found my earth spot, and with that peace, comfort and stability. It was a beautiful experience. Thank you Myree.

    • Hi Marlene,

      Oh I loved reading this, and that the meditation took you to such rich and restorative, healing places, and tenderness.And of course, abiding wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing.

      Big love!

  • Dear Myree,
    I am definitely in The State of Fragility and so thankful for your words and your meditations. As my days have been “choppy” (vacation, travel, re-entering some sort of home normality) , I am reviewing each and finding comfort.

    In my feelings of numbness, overwhelm, and helplessness your words about fragility have calmed me. I now realize that this is a season in my life and as hard as it is to “be here”, I can feel glimmers of hope that a new season will come. It is up to me to care for myself in new and kinder ways to be able to get to that new season.

    The more alone time I have, the better I feel.
    Much love is sent to you.

    August 26, 2022

    • Dearest Terri,

      Thank you for this tender sharing, I am moved in my heart by your reflections and your contemplation that this too is a season to be with, to be present to and attend to, a quieter season….. I am so happy to be beside you in this season of big change.

      Big love,
      Myree x

  • I always feel fragile around the winter solstice and the days getting shorter and darker. I go to my spirit animal team. Like bear and elk in winter. Comfort ing me and reminding it is only a season, not a lifetime. And all seasons have their gifts.

    • This is so beautiful, I love that you have such beautiful spirit animal allies in times of big sacred power and transition on the planet. Well done!

      Sending big love,
      Myree x

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