Warmly Introducing My Spirit Healing Posse

As a spiritual healer, I work with Spirit beings of light that have different forms and origins.

And one of the most frequent questions I am asked is who are the spirit beings that I work with. Who is it that brings his or her tender hands and skillful vision to each session or class?

So, I thought it was high time that I introduced you to some of the amazing beings that I have the honor of playing and co-creating with. I adore them.

They are funny and unconditionally loving, soothing and wise.

I am going to introduce them in the order that they appeared in my life so you can have a sense of how a spiritual healer’s spirit team evolves, or at least how mine has over two decades. And it continues to grow.

My Spirit Guides first called out my name and woke me out of a deep sleep when I lived in an ashram in Melbourne at 25. Of course, they had always been around but this night they yelled out as group to warn of something that was about to happen and to protect me (and I will get to what they were protecting me from on another occasion).  I will never forget the sound of their collective voice; it stunned me into awareness.

I have seven spirit guides who range from around the globe, a French nun (of course), a Canadian steam train driver, a woman who worked in Asian rice paddy fields, a bullfighter, and several others. For many years, well before I knew their identities, I would feel deeply and joyously attracted to both steam trains and wonder what it would be like to stand in a rice paddy field with my feet deep in soothing, cooling mud. And then the mystery of such yearnings was solved.

The Arch Angels appeared in my life unexpectedly, at first hovering above me when I was lying on the couch on a scorching Queensland day and talking on the phone. I seriously was so unaware I said to my partner on the other end of the line, “There is a man with wings hovering above me” to which he replied, “Myree, that’s an angel.” Duh!

They came into my life in 1998 offering a powerful vision in which I was here to do big work and that first I needed to do big healing work on myself. Arch Angel Gabriel became my fierce and relentless mentor guiding me on an intensive healing process. And then it was time to share how they had worked with me with others. Thus, began my healing practice.

The Chi Gung Masters arrived in 2004 when I started understanding and working with Chinese medical chi gung as a way of relieving trauma held in the body. This work stunned me in its efficacy and this was the first team I actively called forth. This team I often leave to care for a client with trauma or send to support someone who reaches out in anguish. They are some of the big guns in my healing entourage.

The Lords, Angels and Masters of Karma are a team I connected with through the work of Diane Stein, and they unravel karmas and past life contracts, and effectively dissolve the sufferings of ancestral and past life origins.

And there are teams that work with brain balancing, especially effective after trauma, Shamanic masters who support soul retrieval and I also work with a professional MAP team, a process created by Machelle Small Wright.

More recently my Star Being Team, has stepped up more fully and centrally. They have a wildly funny sense of humor and are powerful at so many capacities including infusing higher consciousness, transmuting difficult energies and bringing in new and innovative perspectives. They are important to the new work that is emerging.

And just on the weekend some Anasazi Elders showed up when I was on their land playing with wolves, and offered to be of support.

And so, my healing team continues to grow and be curated. They all dance and weave healing together in amazing, surprising and seamless ways, balancing what they offer to exactly what a person needs. It is like delightfully playing with an orchestra of light beings.

I bow in humble gratitude to all they offer to humanity and to me.

And you can have your own spirit team too.

I would like to leave you with the knowledge that it is possible to create your own spirit team, to call in support and work with beings of the light, to heal, grow, create and follow your dream and stay true to why you are here in your life. There are some key intentions that are important to follow in this work to call in the right teams and ensure they are of the light.

Stay tuned for offerings on how to craft your own spiritual posse and healing support.

Until then I have asked them to infuse this post with their love, healing and wisdom so you receive their grace just by being here today.

With blessings to your awakening, and your deepest calling.

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

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  • The only ‘GROUP’ of Helpers from beyond that I have been introduced to via Automatic Writing/Channeling were simply stated to me as “The Light Council”. They stated they were a “collective of beings assisting in the ascension process”.. When Channeled I could hear several of them together and get inner visions similar to that of Greek Mythology, whereby an assembled group of Gods are seated in a half circle.. This interaction mostly occurred during my early phases of Kundalini Activation.. One day they informed me that they would be playing a lesser role in my development and would be leaving me! I recall wondering if I had in some way “angered the Gods”? I never considered a time would come that they would not be with me! But they went on to explain that it was time for me to go within as part of my “Enlightenment”. Upon their departure I felt very alone.. Instead of communicating with other worldy Beings, the years that have followed have pretty much been about simply understanding Inner Dialoguing, Self Love, less seeking and more accepting, etc.. Just basically integrating new perceptions (understanding).. Without the Kundalini being active, which honestly can be quite distracting, I am able to EASE into things rather than feel FORCED, and that is a good thing! As I SIMPLIFY myself, life becomes less complex.. I am no longer obsessing with reaching some HEIGHTENED STATE or IDEALIZED SELF, which was quite exhausting back during the K-Active days.. Just BEING MORE and seeking less! Gary

    • Oh yes, they can complete their journey with us and move on, this has happened with me too. I love the state you are in now, just being and seeking less! Yes! Awakening in fact becomes a very ordinary state indeed. Blessings!Joy! Myree

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