The Sacred Art of Not Belonging (Part 2)

The journey from not enough to not belonging is beautiful.

For much of my life as a highly sensitive person, I looked outside myself for something to be connected to. In my attempt to belong, I came from a place of “not enough” without realizing that’s what I was doing. And it was painful.

I continually tried to speak my true voice to a world that didn’t want to hear it. I thought it was more important to connect to others than to be connected to myself. I had to learn to do it the other way around.  What needed to happen, and finally did happen, was that I went deeper into myself, and learned how to be myself and radiate that.

Doing this, I discovered that not-belonging was a beautiful place. When I chose to not belong externally and belong to myself (it is a choice, after all!) I felt instant freedom and healing and found a lightness in my heart.

I felt complete. I felt enough.

That is the energy that guides me in my life now at all times and helps me make changes.  That’s the energy I refer back to for direction. When I do this, I feel safe because I know I’ll make the best decisions possible.

If you are willing to feel the spirit and energy of not belonging more fiercely, you’ll find more freedom and courage to keep going. Belonging to yourself is an art that takes time to cultivate, but it’s worth every drop of your investment.

Because then you find the people you truly can belong to.

…The people who connect to a more refined level of consciousness in being and knowing.

…The people who allow you to dwell and speak and shine from deeper and more potent places.

…The people who are willing to listen and to hear your known voice.

Today, I create a space where people like this gather, and where sensitivity and feelings of not-belonging are welcome. Most people have never experienced that. It is medicine to enter this space.

Are you ready to not belong to the world? Are you ready to belong to yourself?

If you are curious about “belonging” in the midst of a Kundalini awakening, a process that often strips you of friends, family support and community, then join me in my Kickass Kundalini course, early bird ends on November 24. 

Find your awakening tribe. Enjoy sacred community where you are encouraged to belong to yourself, to your awakening and unique path and simultaneously also get to be in safe, respectful community of those also on the wild, transformational path.


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