Video: What is it Like to Have a Spirit Team?

Connecting with Spirit holds so many more opportunities for healing, expansion and joy than many of us realise. 

That little burst of curiosity you sense within you, the voice or feeling that nudged you to click to this page…

That’s your Spirit Team sending you a message. Yes, you have a posse of guides, angels and forms of Spirit who are always with you. 

Imagine being able to talk with them as easily as a phone call and as intimately as the ESP you feel in a glance from your best friend. 

Imagine an entire counsel of awakened beings providing you advice and inspiration as you run a meeting at work, navigate a difficult conversation with a loved one, raise your child, or make a life-changing decision. 

Imagine receiving transformational healing in any moment you desire. Imagine facilitating such healing for someone else.

Imagine never again feeling alone or unloved.

I don’t just believe it, I know everyone can connect with their very own Spirit Teams — and co-create multidimensional magic! 

Here is a short video I made to describe what it’s like to have Spirit Teams and how you can intimately connect with them through my 10-month online course, Spirit Magic.

(+ Graduates become certified Spiritual and Energetic Healers!)


Spirit Magic begins October 28, 2021

Video Transcription

Hi, it’s Myree Morsi here, expert spiritual and energetic healer, creator of Spirit Magic and therapist.

One of the questions I’m asked so often is: What is it like to have your own Spirit Magic Spirit Team?

And I want to share with you some of the ideas and experiences of what that’s like.

First of all, it’s fun and playful.

When you work with Spirit in this way, they find the most joyous, uplifting, positive and life-affirming ways to nourish you and support you, to give you guidance, tips and insights, as well as the most delicious, loving healing.

I find myself chatting to my Spirit Team all the way through the day, asking them to support me in different tasks and creations that I’m exploring, when I’m working with my clients, when I’m supporting other people.

And I’m always asking them to support me in my own continuous healing journey and the evolution of awakening.

So, it’s like having a gang of friends around that’s always got your back, that’s looking after you, that’s seeking to help you in every single moment of your life.

So, I never feel alone again and neither do any of the Spirit Magicians, who learn to collaborate and play with Spirit in this way.

That’s one of the things that they would say most universally, “I’m not alone anymore.”

Some of the things that you’re going to learn in Spirit Magic are very powerful tools that you can use to heal yourself and to heal others.

We start in the first two modules of the program with building a number of very specifically designed Spirit Magic Spirit Teams that are cultivated and created to serve very specific purposes that you decide upon in your life.

And then we begin to support you to hone your different ways of communicating with Spirit, whether you hear them, sense them, feel them, intuit them, have a gut instinct.

We use all of these different channels, and we find the ones that are easiest for you to use, to receive support, healing and guidance.

You do not need to be an amazing clairaudient or to be clairvoyant and have visions to do this kind of training. It’s designed to support every human on this planet.

And then in the second part of the program, the core part in the middle, you’re going to learn some very powerful healing tools.

The core of that is trauma reversal, where you learn to heal and free up the energy, emotion and contraction of traumatic processes in your body.

A large amount of the trauma that’s in our body is energy that’s seeking to get back into motion. And one of the ways Spirit is really great at helping us is to help move that trauma energy out, which makes it much easier for us to psychologically process then what remains.

You’ll get to play with and learn powerful soul retrieval tools and also ancestral healing, as well.

So, you get these very powerful core tools that you can bring to bear on anything that’s going on in your own life, in the moment or from your personal history. And you also begin to learn to use these tools with others.

Then, in the last semester of the program, you gain another set of tools, the core ones being how to do a mass soul healing, how to heal more than one soul at once, how to do past life healing and many other tools and techniques for a whole variety of different needs in your life.

We’ve got more than 20 different major tools in this program and then a plethora of minor tools.

And then, as you develop in this program, your skills and gifts and abilities, you can then begin to weave all of these different tools together, a little bit like Tetris, to build a specific healing process for yourself or an individual.

The other really great thing about playing with Spirit in this way is you’re going to have fun.

Because when you play with Spirit, you are enveloped in a high-vibration, joyous and loving space, and bathed in love, bathed in nourishment, bathed in unconditional support.

So we’re playing in this high-frequency atmosphere every time we come together and meet.

Teaching Spirit Magic is one of the biggest draws of my life and certainly my destiny on this planet. And I cannot wait to share all of these tools, to connect you up to your own amazing Spirit Teams, and especially the evolutionary Spirit Team that we build in Semester Two that has all of the huge power tools to support you in your life.

You deserve to be able to heal yourself in any moment, to uplift yourself and to get support for any project, any task, any need in your life.

To bathe in the blessings and the support of true Spirit Magic.

So, I look forward to joining you and bathing and high-vibing in all the playful delight, love and healing of Spirit Magic.


Click on the link below to discover more about Spirit Magic. Doors open on October 28, 2021.


And let me know in the comments below: What would you be or do if you were intimately connected with a Spirit Team?

With passion for your gorgeous spirit,


You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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