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How to Cosmic Download

As a highly sensitive person, you easily feel the energies around you. I often get asked how I receive the energies that want to come into my system, so I made you this short video. Watch to learn the fundamental question we must always ask ourselves before receiving energies…

Awakening the Back of the Heart

You’re probably very used to paying attention to your heart chakra in the middle of your chest as you awaken.

Kundalini, Awakening and Exhaustion

One of the biggest struggles we face when amidst the awakening process is fatigue and exhaustion. In worst-case scenarios, this

My Sensitivity Self-Care Kit

Do you long for some resources to support you when your sensitivity is most heightened? Something that could soothe the

My True Awakening Ghost Story

My True Awakening Ghost Story

A lot of spiritual practice unknowingly began to feed one’s Kundalini awakening and Myree Morsi experienced her first ghost awakening.

Kundalini and The Inner Critic

Kundalini and the Inner Critic

The inner critic can often be a noisy and sometimes challenging companion on the Kundalini awakening journey. It can see

A Sweet, Everyday Functional Awakening

A Sweet, Everyday Functional Awakening

In Kundalini awakening, we appreciate altered states of bliss, deep peace, spontaneous flowing wisdom and other special gifts of the awakening process. All of these are beautiful. Yet to me, one of the most important qualities of awakening is that the process itself is functional.

Awakening Ate My Social Life!

Have you struggled with maintaining a social life through your awakening process? Myree Morsi talks about relationships needs of those you love.

Confused About Your Sensitivity

Confused About Your Sensitivity?

One of the most common experiences for highly sensitive people is to be confused about the nature of their intense

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