Your Anxiety, Ancestors and Awakening

Have you been perturbed by levels of intense anxiety that do not make sense to you as you progress through your awakening?

Or have levels of fear, panic or terror erupted for you that seem out of alignment with what you have experienced in your personal history? Does it seem unlikely that this level of panic is really only about your own suffering or trauma?  It’s very possible it is more than just your own personal fear.

And if so, you may need to engage some ancestral healing to set both yourself and your ancestors free.

Ancestral healing is essential for most people going through an awakening, and sometimes this can be anything from relieving or soothing to straight-up miraculous. Our family field and our DNA can transmit to us the pain, trauma, losses, impacts, beliefs, PTSD and struggles of our ancestors. Kundalini consciousness can then start entering the places in our system where we have stored these ancient stories and then bring them up for resolution. It can be a challenging experience and also an immensely loving and meaningful task to fulfill.

Take the case of my USA client Rachel (name changed) who had a great upbringing and was, in general, a relaxed and easy-going person. She was blessed with not having much anxiety in her life, ever.

After the eruption of Kundalini that completely changed and rapidly she was overcome by increasing levels of anxiety, terror and an unrelenting fear of dying that did not make sense.

It is not uncommon for Kundalini to release huge troves of stored trauma out of our body and psyche, especially at the start of the awakening journey. But the escalating level of Rachel’s terror did not make sense relative to her life story. So I invited her to a session so we could explore exactly what was going on.

After getting a sense of her journey I asked her to share about her ancestors.

What tumbled out was this profound, powerful and incredible survival story of her ancestors. On one side, both grandparents separately and miraculously survived the holocaust and the most abominable horrors imaginable, as young children. They survived Nazi death camps, being hidden, hiding in plain sight, genocide, displacement, immense loss and much more.  They immigrated, found each other and then thrived in their new country. Their stories are so moving.

At the same time, behind this story are immense, personal and collective traumas that flow through generations and include death, horror, terror for survival and immense loss of family, loved ones, community and culture. And genocide. The anxiety the ancestors and their loved ones must have felt for their survival, and their fear of death was likely to have been acute.

And this fear was being shaken up as Kundalini moved through Rachel. She was feeling and shaking with their terror for survival and their understandable fear of dying.

To heal herself and awaken, Rachel was being called to heal the collective ancestral, multigenerational experience of genocide.

So we called in the enormous support of spirit.  We called on the ancient ancestors and we called on her religious Jewish elders beyond the veil to support us, pray with us and sing with us. And initiated a deep and sacred healing journey for her ancestors.

The deeper and further we sent this healing, the more insight and awareness Rachel received information about her ancestors and their traumas and survival. We honoured their stories and their lives. She was able to create a really clear picture of what she was carrying in her system as part of her familial and genetic inheritance. And have insight into what she was experiencing.

By the end of the healing deep peace had settled in the lineage, back many, many generations, and spread wide across the family tree.

And most importantly, the anxiety completely resolved for Rachel. At the end of the session, she was terror- and panic-free and this debilitating fear of dying has never returned.

This liberated her to continue to unfold her Kundalini and awakening in a space of ease, power, clarity and importantly, with safety.

Sometimes we may be “the one” that was called to heal both our ancestors and ourselves. I know I certainly was also. And awakening can often bring us to this task as we transform ourselves into expansive, sovereign beings.

It can be helpful to check in with your intuition when you are experiencing strange, overwhelming or disconcerting symptoms of any kind during your awakening and ask, “Is this all mine?”

Does creating my own freedom mean liberating my lineage also?

Have you found ancestral healing to be essential in your own awakening path? Has it been powerful or insightful?

Please let me know below.

(Please note: Name and some details changed to protect privacy).

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