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You’re probably very used to paying attention to your heart chakra in the middle of your chest as you awaken. But have you been noticing anything happening at the back of your heart center?

You’re probably very used to paying attention to your heart chakra in the middle of your chest as you awaken. But have you been noticing anything happening at the back of your heart center?

It is such an important centre in awakening, ascension, Kundalini and general healing these days. It is something I bring support to with almost all of my clients.

To locate it, bring your attention to the middle of your upper back, right at the spine where the heart chakra exits from the body out into the aura. Breathe and rest here.

Those who are in the midst of a spiritual awakening often experience a variety of symptoms here, such as an actual stabbing pain or energetic stabbing feeling, almost like something is trying to eek its way out of that part of your body. Or it might feel like heaviness, stress or tension around this area or something is jammed there. It can radiate or appear anywhere in the mid-upper back right across the shoulder blades to the sides of the shoulders and armpits. For some, it seems as if there’s a big hole in their back, almost like a crater.

What’s going on here? Why are you experiencing these symptoms in this very important part of your body?

It’s because you are waking up and healing one of the most important parts of your energetic system in your awakening and kundalini process. This is the back part of the heart chakra, and your kundalini will spend a lot of time in this area of your body.

Think of the heart chakra as having two cones, one extending out in front and one out from the back. The one that extends forward from the center of heart receives love and calls in your future and what you want to manifest. The one that extends out from the center of the chest backwards contains all of our personal relational history from this lifetime, our past lifetimes and our ancestors.

So, you can imagine this chakra is carrying a lot of content. It also contains records of our karmic relational history—those people we fought with and loved, and also with people with whom we’ve cycled for many lifetimes who might be holding onto some pretty challenging thoughts about relationships that ended badly even thousands of years ago.

When Kundalini awakening starts to hit the heart center, at some point it will begin to work through the back of the heart chakra, starting to heal, reorganize and liberate you from all this personal relationship history. And as it does that, it’s purifying all that content that it holds and also in the surrounding area of your body. It is also purifying the content that’s held in the energetic layers of the aura.

Kundalini is working very hard in that part of your system to liberate you. One of the most important purposes and tasks is to awaken your heart center, to free you up from defenses, armoring, and all the ways you shut down your heart. When this happens, your heart can be a place of love, compassion, curiosity, openness and patience with others and yourself.

The heart is also a very powerful center of spiritual wisdom. As the embodied seat of the soul it’s a place where you receive a lot of information as you navigate spiritually and soulfully through your life. It is such a critical area of healing and excavation.

You’re probably much more familiar and comfortable with processing and healing the front of the heart chakra. You might experience liberating the front of the heart as intense, the feeling of energy moving, burning, discomfort or tightness. Culturally, these sensations are more widely known.

This business that goes on in the back of the heart is less familiar and can be surprising. I see very few people who’ve progressed through their spiritual awakening without spending at least a small amount of time healing the back of the heart chakra and all of the personal history associated with this area.

If this is happening to you… really embrace it.

Bring some breath and meditative awareness to the process that’s going on there and see what arises or what you notice. Bringing breath and awareness and love to this part of your body will support and nourish the healing process that’s happening there. And assist it to be more effective for you.

The benefit to this is freedom. Freedom to have love. Freedom to be compassionate. Freedom to have clear access to spiritual wisdom through the clarity of your heart.

When I’m supporting people through the healing crisis associated with the back of the heart, often I receive very clear visions of past life experiences linked with the pain and discomfort that is unfolding there. For example, I’ve seen people with past life war injuries closely connected to the back of the heart. Or people who’ve suffered the loss of a child in a previous incarnation and that profound grief has created a deep sense of emptiness, like a hole at the back of their hearts. This can also show up for those who’ve witnessed great collective tragedies such as the French Revolution and the Holocaust.

Know that this is a big process and can be physically quite uncomfortable. If you’re having symptoms, breathe, meditate and get the help you need. Having some physical touch can assist by creating more space for the old content to be able to leave. It’s hard for it to leave when there’s contraction and tension in the body.

Have you experienced symptoms at the back of your heart as you awaken? Please share your thoughts and experiences below. I would love to hear from you.


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  • Frank says:

    during particularly strong uprisings of energy it’s felt at the back of the heart – and it’s as if a river of energy is trying to be forced through eye of a needle. Single tiny point of pain felt in the back. Thanks for sharing Myree

  • Margi Chappell says:

    Myree, I have been experiencing a burning sensation in my spine back of the heart centre for about 15 years. I’m grateful to read your explanation and yet this seems a long time for the energy to be stuck there doesn’t it? Blessings, Margi. ☮,.

    • Myree says:

      Hi Margi, thank you for sharing, yes, it does sound like a long time it is working there. Sometimes this can also be because something physical is going on there also, that the energy is interacting with or unable to fully penetrate. Your front of heart feels very open and beautiful. It can be karmic too. Sending you big love dearest one!

  • Sean Jago says:

    Thanks Myree, for your precision of language and guidance. I have also found that history translate our presence and ongoing future. To co-create with my body gives me a deep appreciation of universal timing, giving me insight for a brighter future.

    • Myree says:

      Dearest Sean, I love this sharing and your tender, exquisite connection and knowing of the wisdom of the body. Big love!

  • Josh says:

    Thank you for this post. I have had activity and resistance at the back of the heart for years now and it seems I do tend to hold my body tightly. This post also reminds me of a book that is dear to me, which I hope is okay to share- “The Great Heart” by John Prendergast.

    • Myree says:

      Hi Josh, I am so glad this was helpful. And thank you for this beautiful book recommendation, I am sure others will enjoy it too. With love and blessings for your awakening and the unfurling of the back of your heart.

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