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One of the biggest struggles we face when amidst the awakening process is fatigue and exhaustion. In worst case scenarios this can become burn out.

Many people write to me in different kinds of distress, fear, and agony about this ongoing depletion that can sometimes arise in awakening.

I remember well, I was living in my mountain hermitage when my Kundalini process was in it’s most intense phase and interacting with what then was acute PTSD (yep, a pretty hardcore combination and not uncommon). The pressure my precious body, nervous system, and psyche were under was enough to keep me on the couch and at many times bring me to tears. Yet still I needed to work to survive. I had no choice. As a high achiever and someone who loved being amongst it in life, this was tough and sometimes heart breaking until my perspective of the situation adapted. It required developing a new mindset that balanced my everyday life with awakening, taking supportive supplements, reducing demands on my system during this phase, finding solutions, and new skills to ease the fatigue. And surrendering often to greater forces while always keeping the goal of inner peace in focus, and keeping up best I could. And being gentle with myself no matter what – well as much as possible!

So why do we get so immensely fatigued in awakening? What is going on?
To be honest, the change is profound, intricate, and at many levels all at once.

Here are just a few suggestions for you to contemplate that may be contributing to exhaustion. This is not a complete list, instead it’s a starter menu. By identifying what may be contributing to fatigue we can then begin to find solutions and antidotes and call on our intuition, Kundalini, and our supporters for the next steps to take. We can also appreciate the enormity of what we are accomplishing on many levels.

Here we go:

• Quite simply, even in a well-balanced Kundalini process so much powerful, exquisite transformation is happening at every level –energetic to cellular as well as multi-dimensionally -that it requires adjustment and balance in your everyday life.
• You are processing and transforming all your history and it’s residues– personal, ancestral, past life, cultural, and collective – that you carry in your body and energy bodies. This takes fuel to accomplish. You are in a profound and ongoing, though modulating, release process.
• In the early phases your body and psyche are learning to adjust to the awakening process and to refine their abilities to accomplish the tasks at hand with more ease. This adjustment can continue as the awakening tasks continue to evolve and change.
• You are rapidly learning, deepening awareness, and receiving new information, high level energies, and insights constantly. And then you are required to integrate this in your mind and body.
• You are radically evolving – your brain is changing, your glandular system is upgrading and learning to secret subtle spiritual fluids to nurture and facilitate awakening, new channels are opening in your subtle energy system, chakras are speeding up and opening, and so much more….
• Often awakening requires us to process trauma from our personal history and past lives. As a trauma therapist, I know well even if you are not in a Kundalini process, that releasing, digesting, and processing trauma is a fatiguing business. That is why we seek to titrate the release of trauma. It is important that the awakening process does not go too fast so you have time to keep up with the trauma content being relieved from your body.
• Sometimes the Kundalini energy can trigger the sympathetic nervous system to become over-active – stuck in threat mode and constantly filling us with anxiety, states of hyper vigilance, constant stress, and stimulation. This can happen also if you have a lot of trauma in your body when it activates, if Kundalini frightens you, or if your system feels very unprepared for the awakening process. Certain obstructions in the system can also trigger this. Over the long term this hyper-activated state fatigues our body, brain, immune system, nervous system, and if unmitigated can lead to burn out. It is also tough on the kidneys and adrenals in particular. There is so much published scientific research about long-term stress and the complex impacts on the body. When working with clients I always explore a range of options and tactics to bring the body out of threat mode as soon as possible to reduce the impact, allow recovery, protect the system, and support the return of energy. I see this as paramount.
• Sometimes your original ignition of Kundalini can stay in a surge mode after initiation, rather than naturally slowing down, self regulating, and soothing to a more stable, gentle flow. Being stuck in the intensity of the initial phase can be exhausting.
• Your body may have already been stressed, unwell, or unhealthy prior to awakening. You may have had existing health challenges or old symptoms return during awakeing as the body cleanses. Kundalini can then place more stress on an already depleted system. This was part of my experience.
• Sometimes people can be overwhelmed and frightened by the awakening process especially if it is unsought, unwelcome, and spontaneous. This can lead to be in a constant struggle and fight with Kundalini and quite frankly, long term fighting of anything is depleting.
• And honestly, my dear fellow awakener, you now have two precious tasks you are fulfilling in your life – your ordinary, everyday life and its demands, and your sacred awakening journey.

There are so many nuances to awakening and exhaustion; this little list is just an opening, to offer some insights and possibilities to contemplate as you find your way through the Kundalini journey.

There is a lot of hope and means of soothing these processes. I struggled with many of these and emerged on the other side resilient. I have seen many people go through the initial difficulties of adjusting or tinkering with the roots of the fatigue and finding long-term relief. Sometimes that recovery can be up and down as it progresses. Any progress is welcome.

Please trust and know there are solutions to all of these challenges and ways to ease and relief the circumstances that contribute to fatigue and to relieve the fatigue itself.

And in those moments you are lead by intense fatigue to the sofa to heal, release and recover – please take a moment to contemplate the profundity and miracle your body and systems are seeking to accomplish. To them I bow.

If you would like to learn more, stay tuned for my Kick-Ass Kundalini Video on Demand program coming soon.

Please share your thoughts and any tips you have for navigating awakening and fatigue below! Let’s continue to learn and grow together!

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  • Krystal Fish says:

    Thanks so much for that article Myree, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I have certainly been feeling very run down and depleted lately by the whole process and it helps to know that it is common and that there are others experiencing the same things as me. Xxxxxx

    • Myree says:

      Oh I am so glad it was supportive timing, be gentle and give your self soooo much nurturing and nourishment. The awakening process can be very greedy of resources. Big love to you Krystal!

  • Graham Trembath says:

    Thanks Myree. Always love your help and support and this is very timely.
    Peace and love,

  • Kimberly says:

    I have experienced fatigue for many years now but most recently I experienced a very high energy state! It was wonderful! I could exercise, hike, and felt so happy! I thought I was finally through the exhaustion phase. Life was wonderful! This lasted about 3 months and now I am exhausted again! Maybe I am doing something wrong here? Should I feel exhausted for this long – nearly 6 years! It feels like I have no control over it at all. I take supplements, rest, and spend a lot of time by myself. I am tired of this lifestyle and the past 3 months were like a taste of my old life and I just want energy to live a full life.

    • Myree says:

      Hi! Thank for sharing your experience. I understand how frustrating, stressful and debilitating long term fatigue can be. Without knowing you and having a sense of some of the more complex factors that may be affecting you it is not possible for me to say. 6 years is a longer amount of time which makes me wonder if other elements are going on, how is the kundalini flow and does your body carry significant trauma, are there environmental factors, toxins, or other health issues also going on as part of this. Modern fatigue in our polluted environment can be a puzzle. Also, if your breakthrough for those three months was primarily energetic then there are some good places to explore – what happened, did it hit another blockage, is something deeper coming up and processing that takes so much energy. Did I hit a personal growth edge, did I expand to fast…Just some thoughts. Without knowing you I cannot add more but there are lots of doorways to map and explore. I wish you well with your awakening. Blessings.

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