Kundalini and the Inner Critic

The inner critic can often be a noisy and sometimes challenging companion on the Kundalini awakening journey.

It can see itself as a protector of your wellbeing and so-called “normalness.” Thus it will comment, berate, besiege and distract you from staying aligned and attuned to the subtle internal processes and intuitive callings that are the core focus of waking up.

I know on my own path this critic could sew seeds of doubt about the purpose, value and reality of my spiritual path. It would try to pull me back onto a more conventional and safe trajectory. It was particularly good at this when I was exhausted, vulnerable or plagued by unusual Kundalini symptoms. And it was loudest when awakening was asking me to take deeper internal or external risks in order to stay aligned on the path. At these moments the inner critic confidently and blatantly called me crazy.

Thankfully my crazy inner wisdom was more powerful and so aligned with the awakening path that I was able to survive the worst fires and rages of my inner critic and its incessant attempts to save me from my kooky Kundalini journey. And thus I was able to come out the other side of my wild Kundalini ride.

I hope you enjoy this video.

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  • Hi, I awakened my kundalini 3 years back and I felt very positive and energetic for next 2 years. I was so creative and curious that I wrote few blogs about kundalini and chakras. As I moved forward I realised that I was moving towards a saturation point slowly, as I was not experiencing the same effect of kundalini that I use to experience after 2-3 months of kundalini awakening. From last 1 year, I am not practising kundalini yoga as much as I use to before. I think I am also getting stopped by my internal voices. Whats should I do to avoid it? Please suggest.

    • Hi Tarun, thank you for your reply. These are big questions and are really beyond the scope of a comment to support you. You can start by interviewing your critical voices and see what they have to say, this is a good starting point to see what is really going on and the kind of critics you have. Then you can sense if it is possible to reform then or talk through the situation with the critic(s). Some voices are not reasonable and then more direct action is needed. Sometimes over time the awakening experience gets more subtle and the positive effects more subtle too as your system becomes more adjusted to the kundalini process.Awakenign becomes more the normal state and does not stand out so much. I hope this is a little helpful. But wishes, Myree

  • I have struggled with Kundalini for 3 years now and the critical voice is getting louder and more abusive all the time. It literally screams at me to make it stop and the only way is to end my life. That is the only way to get out of this misery and suffering. I have had this voice since birth and have no idea how to quiet it down.

    • Hi! Thank you for your email and sharing. It is very hard and almost impossible to respond to such a big question in a comment but it sounds like you have a desperate and difficult critical voice. I would suggest finding some ally and support to help you with this voice, and some good therapeutic support. A voice like this is hard to work with on your own. The voice can be transformed and the kundalini can be calmed down. I am not sure where you are in the world, the Process Work Institute has low cost student counselling through the Rivers Way Clinic,sometimes available on Skype, perhaps someone there can help you with the voice. They will not be able to soothe the kundalini but perhaps the voice they can help you with and this will give you relief and make the kundalini easier. You can look them up on the internet. Or email me. And of course I can also support you.

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