How to Cosmic Download

As a highly sensitive person, you easily feel the energies around you. I often get asked how I receive the energies that want to come into my system, so I made you this short video.
Watch to learn the fundamental question we must always ask ourselves before receiving energies…


Hi friends. It’s Myree here, doing an Ask Myree about cosmic downloading. And how do I, how do I receive it? All of this beautiful new energy coming into the system of the planet and into my own physical system.

I’m out here on Jack’s Trek in the Barossa Valley, surrounded by vineyards and the sun’s going down. And I thought, What better time to answer this question?

So, I’m going to share a few tips about how I land these really big energies.

Number one is I always check, is this download this cosmic expansion, this upgrade right for me? Because these days I don’t need many of them. And maybe you don’t either.

There’s so much energy and shift coming onto this planet that you only need to pick and choose intuitively what’s right for you. You don’t have to take them all in.

I know there’s a lot of people out there saying, “Take this one. Absorb that.” There’s no need to.

You’re probably, if you’re listening to this message pretty awake, right? And really on your path. So pick and choose.

So I always take a moment and meditate and ask, “Do I need it? Is this, is this shift, this download right for me?” And if I get a “No,” I ask my Spirit Team to just help it to bypass my system. And I just go on with my life. Like nothing else. Nothing else happened.

And if I get a, “Yes, Myree, you need this download.” Then I shift modes and my focus becomes: how do I receive this energy? Because that’s my task. My task as the human. And the rapidly evolving human or star-being in a physical body is to be a rose that opens and receives the light.

And sometimes that’s very easy, and other times that’s tricky or intense.

So the next step I do is I ask my system to receive from the universe any maps, patterns and resources that can help my system to recognize the energy and work out how to digest it. Because they’re not always that digestible, right? They might be intense love or intense peace. And then your human system goes, “Well, okay, that’s high. How do I, how do I bring that into my physical form?” So those, those divine maps can be very helpful.

The other thing that I do is I ask my Team to help me with something really important. Because sometimes what happens is my body resists the energy big time, because it thinks that there’s something unsafe with the energy that’s coming in.

And that’s really important. It’s important that your body can recognize what’s safe and unsafe and what’s right and what’s wrong.

And so there’s nothing wrong with having that reaction. But if I genuinely know that this is, this is a positive, loving abundance of higher consciousness that’s coming to me, then what I might do is help my body, my psyche, my unconscious, my nervous system to recognize it’s a good thing as well.

And one of the things that I do in those moments, is I ask my Spirit Team to simply help the parts of me that are afraid of the energy that’s coming in, that feel unsafe, to help those parts of me feel safe with what I’m receiving.

And that usually does the trick. I find within a very short amount of time that my body has softened and relaxed.

And then the energy starts flowing through really easily and beautifully. I, my system feels safe and I get to jive in the luscious, expensive upgrade, awakened consciousness of being alive on the planet at this time.

So there’s three things you can do: asking if you need it.

Two: ask for divine maps, divine blueprints of what of what’s coming in so your system can recognize it.

And three: ask for support for your, for the unconscious parts of you to feel safe and to recognize and be soothed so that you can relax and open and receive the bounty.

Right now, I feel the most extraordinary peace and stillness, joy, and a sense of no limitation that came from the ones that came in this week.

I hope this helps you, my friends. *Muah!* Big love, blessings to your awakening. You deserve all the goodness. And if you like this video, leave a comment, like or share it, share it with your friends. You’re loved.

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Big love,

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  • Absolutely divine energy and information. Love love it and will download it now. And, open to what’s new that wants to enter my field. XX- Joanne

    • So happy to hear this lovely, sending you much love. Enjoy soaking in the cosmic expansion.

    • Oh, I am so glad it resonated and was helpful! Big love Rachel! xx

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