My Top (Easy) Tip for Sensitives: Create a Crystal Grid

One of the most empowering things that you can do for your life as a highly sensitive being is to crystal grid your home (or your bedroom, workspace or bed).

Do this when you want to create a powerful, protected, temple space for your sensitivity and your liminal nature. A place to bring in your soul energies and your higher consciousness. A place where you can rest and allow your aura and your energies to open up and expand more. A place where you feel safe. This will allow you to bring in the higher energies in order to nourish yourself as a sensitive, deeply soulful awakening being. These energies are essential to the success of our awakening.

I’ve been using crystal grids for many from for almost two decades. Use this very simple technique to create psychic protection for your home, your healing space, your hotel room, the classroom where you’re teaching, or your own office space. This will work even if you only have a desk in a corporate environment.

What you need:

  • a minimum of 4 small crystals (use more if you have a large or irregularly shaped space)

To set up a crystal grid, you need usually a minimum of four small crystals—these can be a polished gemstone from a local store. And if you don’t have access to those, go to a river or a beach and simply pick up four pebbles or stones.

I’ve experimented with different types of crystals, including smoky quartz, amethyst and black agate. But I believe the most powerful crystal for Crystal Gridding is black tourmaline. I like its biochemical makeup and energetic structure. This stone is powerful at holding strong boundaries and unyielding energetic lines, so it’s perfect for creating sacred space.

Here’s how to do it. In this example, I’m using a regular size rectangular room. Let’s say it’s a bedroom in a house you share with others and you want to create your own private temple.

  1. Once you’ve acquired your four stones or crystals, clean them. I usually soak mine in saltwater for a day or two, and then I rinse them out and I sit them on the grass or on the windowsill where they can be recharged by sunlight or moonlight.
  2. Once they’re energized, I hold them in my hand, say hello, and then tell them the task that they’re going to perform. As a shamanic being, I know these objects have consciousness and will respond to my attention. In general, I find crystals love to be of service, especially if they’re treated with love, kindness and respect. I tell the crystals, “Your role is to hold the boundaries of this room for me. Please hold my energies in and other people’s energies and the environmental energies out.” If I’m living with other people and crystal gridding the whole house, I might say “our energies,” meaning myself and my people who also share the space.
  3. Next, place a crystal or stone on the floor in each corner of the room. Once you have a crystal in each corner, imagine a light blue line of light running from one stone to the other, as if you’re putting in electricity or switching on an electric fence.
  4. When you can visualize, imagine or see that light running all the way around the room, stop. And then repeat your intention again: “Crystals, your role is to hold all other energies out.” Here you could name specific energies you want to keep out, such as the collective consciousness, people stressed about COVID19, your cranky housemates, the bossy neighbor next door, or your annoying little brother.
  5. Now, imagine all the walls covered in a beautiful, pale blue light and then the ceiling and the floor glowing with that color. Pale blue light is a really beautiful light for sacred space.
  6. So now you’ve created a container with your space. You can pull in healing light from the universe and fill it with beautiful golden light. You can add a beautiful rainbow. You can fill it with beautiful music, incense, to add more power to your container. Whatever it takes to keep nourishing the energy of your space.

I love this technique because it’s something you can do in any space at any time. Anytime I go into a new venue to teach, I set up a crystal grid in the room or around the entire property. I set crystal grids in healing spaces and hotel rooms when I’m travelling. If you’re a highly sensitive social being like me, moving through the universe, this is such a powerful thing to do.

A note to those with cats: Cats love playing soccer with crystals, so you might want to put the crystals on a windowsill or bookshelf. If you can’t get it in the corner because it needs to be up out of reach, just get it as close to the corner as possible.

Anytime you like, you can take them down or reinvigorate that force field by visualizing the line of blue light. If someone comes in to clean your room, ask them not to move them.

Enjoy having a crystal grid to help you open up and drink in even more of the yummy blessings of the universe.

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    • Great! Blessings Ronald!

  • This is wonderful! Thank you so much for teaching this. I’ve got lots of crystals but have never known how to actually make a crystal grid. I am so excited to put this up in my room! Sending you lots and lots of love. light and gratitude!

    • Oh, I look forward to discovering how this went for you and how it changed this up. Big love sister!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I am not sure my assessment is correct but I feel like bad energies try to scare me at night sometimes. Giving me sleep paralysis or strange nightmares while I am waking up. They ramp this up when my Kundalini is more active and I am tapping into my strength/gifts. The meditation to unplug from the collective fear saved me one night where I had massive panic suddenly. I will make a grid to protect myself!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your sharing and I am so touched and glad this is helpful. Yes, I never sleep anywhere without powerfully gridding my room with crystals and intention, even when I am travelling. I find it very protective.
      I am glad that meditation helped you, I love it too, and daily releasing of the collective pain bodies can be extra protection also.

      Sending you love and blessings,
      Myree x

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