How to Pivot Into the Unknown With Trust and Grace

It can be really hard to abide the nudges from life to make a change in your plans, especially when the pivot you’re being guided to do shakes up big dreams — or closes the door on them altogether.

In this video, I walk you through how I met my big pivot on my life’s work with trust, grace and speed. You’ll find an invitation to explore your own pivoting process at the end.


Hi, friends. It’s Myree here.

I thought I’d share with you some tips about how I pivot in case that can support you with something that you’re curious about or desire to pivot on in your life or in the future. Because life has taught me through all of the challenges, obstacles, and things that I’ve been through in my life how to pivot with grace.

And I think it’s a great capacity to have. As you know, I’m pivoting on the start date for my mastermind to accommodate a deeper healing process that’s going on with one of the organs in my body, tenderly, lovingly, and somewhat slower than was expected. So how do I do these big pivots? Because I’ve seriously invested a lot of my heart, my dreams, my resources, my creativity into this mastermind.

And it is my big project. It’s my dream offering into the world where I’m bringing everything I’ve ever learnt that I think is relevant to supporting people to serve and be themselves in the world. And I’ve popped it all in that program. So when I realized I needed to pivot, when I was sitting with a slightly longer healing process that my body is taking, I really took some time to just accept.

Okay. Change is here. There’s a need for a pivot. And I didn’t know how I was going to pivot or what it would look like, but I allowed myself to accept. And really that didn’t take long. It took like around 10, 15 minutes of musing on it and like, “Okay, we’re going to pivot”. And the moment you choose to pivot, you’re stepping into the unknown, and you have to let go of the things that you’ve grasped on and held onto.

And I would have to say that part of the reason I’ve learnt to pivot is because of Kundalini. That’s always changing and making life never as you think it’s going to be, or, or how you expect it’s going to be. She teaches you to surrender to what is. And then also, I would say having a long-term kind of genetic condition also has taught me to surrender, and let go, and open to a bit deeper possibility.

So I’ve had a lot of teachers. In shamanism, it would be called allies, the challenges become friends and teach you really important lessons. And you may have some of those kinds of allies in your life as well. So once I’ve decided to pivot, and made that choice to go forward and pivot and change on anything in my life,

I know I’m stepping into the unknown. And so the opportunity there is simply to open and surrender, and allow. And then I sit with the pivot that I need to make, and I ask myself quiet questions inside because I’m feeling into and trying to track the direction that the pivot needs to take, really from a place of openness and innocence, and being willing to assume I don’t know what’s best in that moment.

In this particular case, I also always think about what I trust more in the moment. And that’s really important. As you know, trust is my word of the year. And so I always invite you to think of what do I trust in this moment as I’m pivoting? For me, I trust life. I trust love. I trust my soul. I trust this deeper energy in life.

That’s really got me in is carrying me and that this is the right decision. And if I’m willing to step into the unknown and trust those things that are bigger than myself, it will somehow get underneath and lift the vision and make it into something more aligned, beautiful, spacious, or creative. Or simply simpler for me.

And remember, sometimes a pivot is a no, right? Sometimes the pivot is no, actually this isn’t going to be birthed. Or something else completely different needs to be birthed. So I’ve decided, accepted the pivot. I’ve connected to something that I trust that’s greater than myself. And one of those things I trust is the process. That there is a deep, meaningful process behind anything that’s moving through my life.

And then I did something fun. I actually tuned in and connected to the spirit of the program of the mastermind. And I connected to that spirit and I asked it what it wanted to be birthed, what it was desiring to happen. And its message for me was, “I’d just like to happen within a year.” And that was really nice.

I felt that the program’s spirit still deeply wanted to be birthed, I wanted to birth it, and it gave me a timeframe. And then I went inside and felt through all of the options. And I wasn’t so much being called in that connecting and in tuning process by my mind. My mind was kind of the follower. The part of me that was tracking where I was going was my intuition and my knowing.

We all have this deep knowing in us that can connect into what is aligned. And through that process, I came to the new date, which was August 26. I didn’t know exactly what that would entail and what I would discover in enacting that date, but I could feel the rightness and the truth of it.

And at that point in time, once I’ve got my sense of rightness, there’s usually a deep sense of relief because I’m either moving into something more aligned, a bigger, better, or more beautiful vision, or a completely different or new or elevated possibility. So I simply made that choice. And then I executed pretty fast.

And that, for me, once you decide to do a pivot and you have your clarity, executing that pivot is such a relief because you’re letting go of the old energy. You’re letting go of where you’ve been, and all the ideas and expectations, and opening up to the new. So being able to execute on the pivot, to make choices, to get my team on board, and sharing the deeper why and the how of this pivot helped me shift into the new and higher vision.

And immediately that felt amazing because I had made this choice to support my health. But what happened was that I could see that all of these new possibilities, these new opportunities for magic and collaboration immediately came forward into the void and the emptiness. The other thing that I definitely learned from my allies, Kundalini, awakening, and illness is that I don’t necessarily always know what is the highest and most important outcome of what I’m creating. I simply have learnt to trust the creative process. And I have learnt to have a soft hold on things so that I can flow with the changes that life demands me to make at times and find peace and space within that change. So that’s some of my tips on how I pivot.

I accept the pivot, even if I don’t know what the next outcome is going to be, I dream and connect into something deeper. I trust to hold the process. That is really important in terms of knocking back that critic if it tries to knock you out. I use my knowing and intuition to track and hunt what is the right option, choice or direction?

And then I feel into and own that maybe I do some research with my mind to follow through, and then I execute from a place of spaciousness. So I want to finish this sort of sharing by asking you to contemplate. Is there somewhere in your life that you would like to execute a small pivot or maybe a big one?

And is there something in your life calendar, way of doing things that has been niggling at you that has been chipping away at you or doesn’t feel as good anymore? And it feels tired or you just don’t want to do it anymore. You want to do something else. We often ignore these signals, right? And we keep going with these signals way longer than is actually helpful or good for us.

So I just invite you to think of a little place you might have something out of alignment or wants to change. And then I want to invite you maybe over the next week to see if there’s some kind of pivot that you would like to execute. If you’d like to contemplate leaping or stepping while standing on the edge of the unknown, dreaming into a greater sense of trust and meaning that might be underneath this circumstance, or what it is you’re executing the pivot on.

And then to feel into the rightness of what might like to happen instead. Dream, connect, feel, know, look for signals and signs. And once you get a sense of rightness, play with executing. One of my most favourite things in my work with individuals is helping them to pivot because time and time again, I see that what they pivot to and what they leave behind creates a much more beautiful and exquisite expression of who they are and how they’re serving in this world than was possible before the pivot. It truly opens many doorways. So I hope you enjoyed this little sharing of how I pivot. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Please feel free to share or like this video.

And if you do a pivot, share in the comments! I want to hear, I want to hear what you discovered, how you pivoted, what changed for you? Did you discover something new or more expansive? I think it’s time for all of us to learn to pivot and move, and we’re in these very changeable times where pivoting is powerful. Blessings to you, friends.

See you next time.

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

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