Solidarity with Social Justice: A Personal Note

(This is a message originally shared with my community after the death of George Floyd, in support of Black Lives Matter and racial justice.)

This post was originally planned to continue my support for you in these intense times by sharing with a guidebook. And I will. That can wait a while. Instead, I took a stand to be there with you through this upheaval.

We are in critical times. It calls me, calls us all to bring our hearts and attention to the horrific racial injustice and social revolution unfolding in the USA. This revolution longs for us to participate. Such participation is both deep inner work and showing up in ways aligned for us in the outer world. And that looks different for everyone.

For those of us with white privilege, we are called to bring the full range of our power to carry the burden of changing the unjust social structures we benefit from. And to relieve this from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

So, I am going to share just where you can find me on the unfolding edges of this movement to end racial injustice and ensure social transformation and equity for all.

(And if this is the first time we have meet, I meet you in the intensity of this time and send you my love).

It important to preface as I share, I am writing as a middle-eastern Australian woman who has also lived and worked in the USA, yet still live the experiences of an outsider. Simultaneously I also feel the intense pressure to get it right, and I know that this pressure is also part of the value systems of white supremacy. My own adolescent and adult experiences of racism are also up for contemplation at the moment.

It is essential for me to stand with the tragedy that continues to unfold in the USA with the horror of racial injustice and systemic racism. My heart breaks and I wish to quietly express my grief and anguish at the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and the ongoing death of black people in custody. It is appalling that it needs to come to this to wake us up.

My heart and mind are deeply with the struggles for revolution on social justice and #blacklivesmatters. As a mixed-race woman I declare for you, my community, that I am unmoving in my stand against racism, for racial equality and social justice, and a long-term solution for all Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the USA.

My deepest wish is for this movement to ignite powerful change in Australia where we desperately need it. Our incarceration rate of aboriginal people is a point of great shame. As is our offshore processing and detention of refugees.

To the Black, Indigenous and People of Color, beloved ones, in my community, I love you, I have no words for the depth of your pain, and the silencing of your voices and I am here to listen. I am committed to take action and be beside you until my last breath. My words here are immeasurably inadequate and merely the new beginning of a lifelong conversation. To thee I bow. My heart is beside you.

I will continue to do my inner work, my essential unlearning, to grow, listen, be actively uncomfortable and be a part of the solution. I know beyond the shores of white fragility is immense power and strength to be the change asked of us. I may sometimes stride and sometimes stumble and be uncertain at times in my steps forward as an ally to this change. This is better for me than not moving at all.

I also bow my head and acknowledge the white privilege I was born into in Australia, which assisted me in my time in the USA. I commit to dismantling this within myself, within our culture and within the spiritual paradigm I make offerings from as well. It is time our spiritual power was brought deeply to this struggle.

My masters’ degree in the USA was in conflict facilitation. I focused on racism in all of my extracurricular conflict work. I actively worked with community and facilitated diverse racial group process conversations on systemic racism including deaths in custody. It has long been a deep commitment of mine. In light of this I am dreaming into many ways to lovingly support you, starting with healing. More on that as the vision unfolds.

It is important for you to know I am not afraid to have difficult conversations or travel with you, my entire community, in this pain and growth and transformation. To meet you where you are scared, frozen, confused, hurting, traumatized, confused, angry or seeking to take action. I am here for you. This is an enduring conversation.

If you are wanting to take action, here are places you can start donating to Black-led organisations. I support The National Bailout. To begin your inner work and personal exploration Layla Saad’s powerful book Me and White Supremacy (a workbook too) is a great place to engage yourself, lovingly.

This conversation will continue.

With love, in solidarity with racial justice, and honouring awakening for all.

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