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The Truth About Satisfaction

The experience of Satisfaction is incredibly nourishing. It is grounding. It stabilizes. Yet I find that few of us spend

The Blog That Won’t Arrive

Things are shifting fast on this planet. Whatever I anticipated for the direction of this year or planned to share

My Surprising Metamorphosis +11 Tips for Understanding Yours

Four weeks ago, serious inflammation filled my chest and mildly formed inside my heart. The intensity of the symptoms set off a chain reaction deep in the well of my spirit. A metamorphosis had begun. Here’s my story, and 11 self-awareness tips to help you through your own.

Psychic Attacks Part 2: 6 Steps to Heal Now & Protect Yourself in the Future

Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction we get when someone’s harmful energy overtakes our mind, body and soul, knocking us out cold… The key to avoiding or healing from psychic attacks is not pushing everyone away; it’s strong self-awareness. This is a six-step strategy you can walk through today to heal from psychic attacks and, through the repair, protect yourself from future attacks. Bonus: you will heal parts of yourself you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Feeling Lost? Don’t Fill the Void, Do This Instead

Feeling Lost? Don’t Fill the Void, Do This Instead

When you go through any kind of personal growth, a big or small life change or an awakening of any kind (especially a Kundalini awakening), it isn’t unusual for you to experience a sudden and intense identity shift, a sense of loss, overwhelming confusion or loss of direction. There’s a better way to get through this lost feeling instead of rushing to comprehend or remedy it. I have 5 steps for you to try (which I use myself).

A Look Inside Spirit Magic Live 2021 (Levels 2-3)

A Look Inside Spirit Magic Live 2021 (Levels 2-3)

After teaching soul work for 17 years, I never fail to be moved by the power, depth and beauty of connections made when we come together and rest in our deepest nature.⁠⁠ When we then bring the magic of our Spirit Teams into the equation, the energy becomes pure, uplifting joy!⁠⁠ Enjoy these photos below as a look inside the live workshops I held this year, Spirit Magic 2 and Spirit Magic 3.

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