A Set of Kundalini Questions: Part 4 of the Community Blog Series

All of our experiences with Kundalini, surrender, roles of service and awakening are unique. Ultimately, we all walk our paths alone but one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher is connecting all my students together and seeing the common threads and strong connections that develop in groups and between individuals.

This inspired me to start encouraging people to reach out to me with questions they were willing to have answered in an open forum. We can all share in whatever light I can shine on the topic and create another nexus of safety where you might find the answer you were looking for without having to ask, and get that comfort of knowing other people are having experiences like yours.

Question #1

My Kundalini seems to be fairly calm and nonintrusive day-to-day. Could it be causing effects below my level of normal awareness which might affect me, such as releasing trauma, encouraging detoxification, increasing sensitivity (eg to cosmic events), affecting circadian rhythms, sleep patterns etc?


Myree Answers:

Hi Peter!

Yes, your Kundalini, even though it is calm, gentle and non-intrusive, and quite progressed, is still steadily and easefully progressing in your system. Know that as it does so there is still some level of purification even if you are very advanced in the process. Purification can cause all of the experiences and symptoms you have described. Trauma release, Detox and extended sensitivity. You can be very advanced in your Kundalini journey and still have these kinds of releases happening. Usually the more your progress, the more capacity you have to manage the detox process, and that said it can still hit some very big content in your system. 

Sometimes we complete processing most of the personal history in our body from this lifetime, then our awakening process shifts to focus on freeing us from the multi-dimensional pressures of the soul, past life and ancestral residue and trauma. It is important to remember that sometimes it is the soul itself that is seeking freedom, the soul itself that can be activating the purification, especially at an advanced level in the Kundalini process.  If the detox is unmanageable I always encourage trying to explore what is pushing the purification process – whether it is kundalini, soul, or processes from other lifetimes. It can also be pushed by astrological events, Mantras, supplements, rituals, shakti from a teacher,  and substances that you ingest that support purification.

Wishing you well with your beautiful awakening. Well done for your advancement in your journey and the wisdom you bring to it. 

Big love,


Question #2

My question to you is, do you know what the difference is, between the kundalini awakening you speak of & the twin flame ascension journey I’ve been on, that triggered my awakening?



Myree Answers:

Hi Trudi,

The difference between a Kundalini process and an ascension journey is simply whether or not the Kundalini energy is involved or not. You can go through a psychological and spiritual awakening, an ascension journey of any kind – a process where you gradually and profoundly elevate your consciousness and purify without it being driven by the Kundalini energy itself in terms of a fully activated Kundalini energy. That said, many teachers would say that even if the Kundalini energy is not activated, Kundalini generates our psychic energy and is to some extent involved in an ascension process regardless. My sense of a Kundalini process is the activation out of dormancy of the Kundalini energy and then the awakening process itself is primarily driven and orchestrated by the Kundalini consciousness itself

Thus yes, you can have an ascension process without the Kundalini as a core driver. 

Thanks for your question.

Big love,


Question #3

How is Shakti and Kundalini similar or different? I had a huge awakening a few years ago. I thought it was kundalini. I am told it is Shakti. I often experience what looks like convulsions, jerking, neck twitching which is energy clearing or moving through my body. I’d really like to better understand the similarities and differences. Thank you so much.


Myree Answers:

Hi Renee,

Thanks for your question.

Shakti is divine consciousness, usually a composite of consciousness, love and energy that is alive and intelligent. Shakti can be transmitted from one awakened person to another, from a spiritual teacher to a student. It can be transmitted from the divine or even from nature to an individual.

Such transmissions can trigger and drive all kinds of awakening journeys. 

Kundalini Shakti is the divine energy of the Kundalini process – so it is Shakti, divine power energy, consciousness, and love, associated with the Kundalini journey itself. 

Someone can transmit Shakti to you but it is not necessarily Kundalini Shakti,

Based on what you describe it does sound to me like you are experiencing Kundalini Shakti and Kundalini awakening – these are all the kinds of experiences I often see in people going through a classic Kundalini awakening process. So it sounds like it is both for you – Kundalini and K Shakti – which at the end of the day are the same thing.

What you describe happening to your body in the movement are called Kriyas, these occur when the Kundalini Shakti energy is moving through the body and her movement can inspire the body to arch and jerk into different shapes. It can also be caused when Kundalini hits blockages and residues in your system and is unable to progress. Vibration can build up in your body causing shaking and movement, it is a natural part of the process and a way that Kundalini frees up your movements and obstructions in your body. 

This is entirely normal and not something to be frightened of, or to judge. You may experience other body symptoms alongside the ones that you describe. If you are on a Kundalini journey I welcome you to the sacred path and send you many blessings and love for your journey. 

Big love,


Question #4

As you know I’m an experienced horse rider, passionate about bringing riding into the Light. This can be my experience, not all of the time but often enough to recognise something interesting is going on…..after a riding session on either one of my two horses I can end up weeping. I’m full & overflowing with an inner experience, a body activation, which can last up to a day or two. What is happening here? 

Biggest hugs and much love,

Myree answers:

Hi Jane,

Congratulations! Wow, this sounds amazing… How lucky to connect your deep love of, and relationship with horses and their sentient natures, with your own awakening processes, physical, spiritual, and relational. 

I would start with a deep appreciation of the connection you have with our equine four-legged brothers and sisters. It is a powerful fate to have those connections.

Are they part of your Kundalini awakening? Are they an aspect of your tantric journey? 

It is very possible to have deep tantric experiences with nature, to experience full-bodied ecstasy in deep union with nature. With forest, with the earth itself, with ocean, river, rock formations, and sacred animals. Such deep experiences of openness and surrender can allow either tantric or Kundalini energy to flow through the body and create deep experiences of wholeness, oneness, union, and ecstasy. Such experiences can be transfiguring, healing, transformative and of course deeply joyous. What a blessing, enjoy the deep union of such moments that are pointing to the true nature of who you are, oneness with all.


Big love,


I hope all of you that read and participated in this gain some insight and feel the power of being in a shared community, with common ground on these sensitive topics, that we often have no outlet to speak about in our day-to-day lives. Your own wonderful, precious individual experiences of awakening are so important. Every time we join together and share in this way, we increase the feeling of fellowship and perhaps your story will touch another and bring them peace on this often challenging journey of spiritual growth.

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