Twin Flames and Kundalini Awakening

I repeatedly meet people who speak of having had Kundalini awakenings activated by some kind of interaction with a ‘twin flame’. Such activations are often volatile and intense. They can be incapacitating. They can throw a person’s life into chaos on many levels. They are generally unexpected.

Before I go deeper into this, I would like to say here from my personal belief that it can be very difficult to tell the difference between a powerful spiritual connection with someone and a Twin Flame. Please know as you read this article that you can substitute ‘powerful spiritual connection’ with a twin flame because they have similar impacts.

To me, ‘twin flame’ is a concept.

When I hear these impactful stories, I am aware of meeting them both with a space of love and acceptance but also caution based on what I have witnessed. 

This is because the concept of ‘twin flame’ can often entangle our unmet needs for love, especially as women who have been spoonfed by society a longing for romance. These entanglements can create intense attachments to twin flames which are actually the opposite of the direction that awakening intends to take us in. The purpose of awakening is to be spacious and more detached – ultimately to the place of being fully detached and fulfilled or free, while in or not in a relationship. 

The term twin flame  has been around for several decades in our Western culture. The concept has been around for centuries in many different cultures. It is the idea that a soul divides itself into two parts – something a soul can do – to have an experience of distinct incarnations. 

In reality, the soul can separate itself many times over and can have a multitude of experiences all at once. When this is overlooked, it places too much emphasis on the concept of the twin. 

The primary purpose of twin flame as a concept is to serve each other’s soul purpose and awakening and to act as living reminders to each other of who they are and what they came here to experience and accomplish. So it makes perfect sense in this scenario that a twin flame can serve as activators in Kundalini awakenings.

I tend to rest spaciously with the concept of a twin flame. I always hold space to acknowledge that just because a relational interaction is really intense, that there has been an amazing connection and energy exchange,  it does not necessarily mean it is a twin flame interaction. However, it is still an important interaction.

My main concern is the overemphasis on the concept of twin flame in our culture currently. It tends to make me cautious because, for some people, the hunger to be met, completed, or balanced out by the ‘other’ energy distorts what is, in essence, a profound and spiritual event. 

As a response to these events, I want to speak to what concerns me about what is happening in our culture, our zeitgeist at the moment.

Here are some of the confusions I see going on around the twin flame concept:

  • A tantric exchange of profound energy and spiritual and sexual power is a beautiful, powerful, and expansive experience of being human. This does not mean that the other person is your twin flame. What it means is that you have opened the doorway to the beautiful tantric experience of who we really are. It is wonderful, amazing, and often astonishing. Yay!
  • It is really important to question and examine your needs especially if you find yourself in a deep need of ‘the other’ as your twin flame. It is very important to name and own that need because, in an awakening process, you are asked to meet your own needs deeply and transform them. A twin flame experience is not a satiation of a need.It is important to question,  “Am I projecting my unmet needs for love onto the concept of TF and the other person?”
  • It is important to question,  “Is something codependent going on in my desires, connections, and relationship with what I am naming as my twin flame’?” Codependence can get very confused and cloudy around this concept.
  • The most important thing to know is that anyone who has beautiful spiritual energy, who holds “shakti” in their system, who has conscious or unconscious Kundalini active, or a powerful, strong loving nature, or has the ability to transmit consciousness may activate Kundalini. This is a natural and human part of the way we share a consciousness as energetic beings. This is the reason spiritual teachers, healers, practitioners, creatives, and artists can activate your Kundalini in both intended and unintended ways.  We are designed to transfer energy between each other through our Chakra systems and our hearts. We are designed to awaken each other. The ability to do this with another person does not make someone your twin flame

These are also some of the difficult things I see happen to people in ‘twin flame’ situations which is why I am giving you the warnings first. 

  1. I see people become obsessed about the twin flame whether they have met them in person or not.
  2. I see people staying in really unhealthy and destructive relationships — relationships that are sabotaging their lives because they are convinced the other is their twin flame and, thus, they prolong the relationship well past its completion date.
  3. I see people unable to move on after an interaction with the twin flame, genuine or not, and even more so if it is a genuine twin flame connection – which starts to cause an enormous amount of suffering in their ability to engage in and enjoy their lives.
  4. I see people struggling with all sorts of attachment, codependent, and sometimes traumatic relationships which are difficult to disengage from because there is a drive and ambition to stay in a relationship they consider their twin flame.
  5. People get into trouble when they try to concretize this moment of amazing, incredible spiritual activation through and with another person. It can become heartbreaking and painful, an agonizing loss, and can have an extended period of trying to let go of the other person – to the point of significant impact on the person’s ability to live their life.
  6. Understandably it can be difficult to let go of the twin flame relationship, especially when unaligned. It is important to find the detachment and inner freedom to let go.  Awakening is a detachment process. There is also nothing wrong with you or the other person if it does not become a relationship. Most do not.
  7. In these types of unions, the main reason these interactions do not become long-term successful relationships is because if one person is less spiritually evolved, and has done less work on themselves, there will be such a difference in frequency of consciousness between them that an equal relationship is impossible. The person less awake will not want to be in the relationship. They are genuinely unavailable and/or are not ready. And at the same time, the purpose of the union has been served at a soul level for both.

A true twin flame would have no requirement to stay in a relationship. At our deepest level, we are detached and twin flames are illuminating our deepest freedom.

Now we have covered some important cautions, let’s talk about twin flames and awakening because for sure it happens:

  • Yes, a very powerful spiritual connection with someone and/or a twin flame, can activate a Kundalini and spiritual awakening.  This is because it is the purpose of such a connection to do so.
  • One of the main ways that twin flames or strong spiritual connections activate Kundalini is through the powerful transmission of Consciousness of Shakti or soul energy from one to the other. It can happen over a period of time but typically takes just one transmission. It can take a second, an hour, or days, but it usually takes just one moment.
  • When this transmission travels from one partner to the other it enters into the person’s system as a very powerful map and the match-stick flame of consciousness that is purpose-driven to awaken you. One of the most powerful ways to awaken is through Kundalini. So this transmission can activate your Kundalini, either from dormancy if it was not awakened previously, or into further action and sometimes too much action if already ignited in you.
  • When this transmission of energy hits a system that is ripe and ready, your Kundalini will awaken, and the task of the twin flame in this respect is complete. The ripeness is important, not every interaction or transmission will activate your Kundalini (thank goodness!). Your twin flame has served the purpose and commitment they made to you as a soul, to remind you of who you are and to awaken you.

    This is why these moments are so powerful (and often very beautiful or amazing and heart-opening)  because they come from the commitment of two souls to be reminders to one another and to be catalysts for the awakening and for a deeper purpose.

Once the Kundalini awakening has been activated, it begins its own independent Kundalini process in the same way that others go through a Kundalini awakening. You are now on the Kundalini path, with its combination of joys, insights, clarity and the corresponding challenges of purification, often rapid inner transformation, and the processing of personal and multi-lifetimes histories. Kundalini is not always an easy journey, and yet it is a noble, meaningful and worthy one. 

The twin flame awakening is often volatile and intense because of the intensity and power of the catalytic transmission from one soul and system to another and because most often the transmission is unexpected and consciously unsought. It can pour into someone’s system and ignite not only Kundalini activation but sometimes cause a sense of the meltdown of “life as we know it” and call the individual to completely reorganize their life. It can even trigger a dark night of the soul.  If you had no intention to be catalyzed in this way, then it can take some time to come to terms with the reality that you suddenly find yourself on a new life path—that path to who you really are. 

Due to the intensity of the transmission and activation when I work with people, I find it is important to calm the transmission and activation down afterward and to reset and discharge that system because the Kundalini is now active. It no longer needs to be provoked or pushed forward. It needs to resettle. The twin flame is no longer necessary for further progression of Kundalini awakening.

So friends, when I hear from people that they have become attached to what they are calling their twin flame– my shiny red flags go up! I am reminded that this process is not about attachment or even necessarily an ongoing relationship. 

This is an activation process. 

(Caveat: For some people and processes a relationship aspect will be uniquely present, and can be central and wonderful, but it is not the same for everyone).

Ultimately from a twin flame encounter you have received the biggest and most important gift from another person.

How can these Twin Flame Kundalini activations happen?

Here are some of the ways that I genuinely know such activations have happened through the transmission of consciousness and shakti between two people in the moment of union: 

  • Meeting the person randomly in life, in any combination of roles, just once, and never seeing them again. This one meeting was all it took for the complete transmission and activation of Kundalini.
  • Intense moments of romantic connection when dating someone, very often in the early phases of a relationship.
  • Seeing them on television, social media, YouTube, even just once. It only requires one moment for that transmission to occur.
  • Inside long-term loving relationships.
  • Meeting on the etheric level or in multi-dimensional ways without ever meeting in person.

All of these circumstances are capable of being the conduit of the transmission of consciousness that activates your Kundalini and begins the ascending awakening in your system. And thus begins a whole new adventure.  

So dear readers, be open to encountering a twin flame or strong spiritual connection on the path of awakening, and keep your eyes on the bigger purpose which is the unfurling of your awakening which brings with it a deep interrogation of your needs, your personal history, and a call to stand in integrity with yourself at all times. 

Blessings to your awakening! 

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  • Thankyou so much for this article Myree! It’s the most truthful and aware understanding of the Twin Flame journey I have read amongst all the confusing and conflicting opinions on the inter webs. I too also think it’s concerning that many people are staying entangled in relationships of unhealthy attachment and codependency under the guise of ‘twin flames.’

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for your loving comment. I am so glad this was helpful and appreciate your feedback too. Yes, there is a lot of entanglement at the moment. As I reflect I too am reminded also when we zoom out, also that we are all here to help each other and sometimes a such a heart challenging relationship is actually part of our path to becoming fully realised as a healer, to propel us further along our awakening path, as the mystery of why we meet unravels…..Ahhh, the mystery.

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Sending big love and blessings for your awakening!
      Myree x

  • I think I had a Twin Flame experience. It was several months after I already had my Kundalini Awakening.
    This girl who was fairly holistic walked towards me at my brothers house and as she reached around 10 feet away from me, the Shakti shot up my spine from my heart into my neck. The sensation only lasted a few moments. I never saw her again. I definitely had a reaction to her presence within my aura.
    My Shakti was already activated, but if I had this reaction to her energy, surely she must have had a reaction to mine. Maybe her Kundalini was activated somewhat, in a soft and gentle way I hope.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for sharing.

      I think it’s impossible to know what the other is feeling unless we ask (and amazingly sometimes people do not notice something so intense at times too, and she may have been aware). Some people are actually conduits to Shakti movement or even Kundalini awakening in others as their purpose. These people are affecting others all the time without being consciously aware of most of it, or know that it’s part of their life purpose and understand that it’s something they carry with them.
      It sounds like you value the soft and gentle approach but sometimes, Kundalini, in her divine wisdom, knows that she needs to rock and explode through someone’s body and life. It’s important to stay open to possibilities and not just preferences.

      Celebrate this encounter and all it makes you feel, go inward with in and see what treasures there are without needing to externalise the experience in any way. I am so glad this article helped you reflect on something meaningful as this.

      Sending big love,
      Myree x

  • Hi Myree, This is by far the best discourse on Twin Flame that I have seen, and I have done quite a lot of digging on this fascinating subject. THANK YOU. Question: What is the difference between a Twin Flame moment and Darshan? I experienced profound Darshan with Ram Dass in 1993, which changed my life. And with Krishna Das in 2015. Again, life changing. The powerful energy/connection/exchange/activation felt similar to Twin Flame experiences I’ve had with intimate relationships and that brief, one time deep TF connection with a stranger. THANK YOU for reminding the reader of your blog that awakening is a process of Detachment. The “New Age” teachers don’t really touch on that, which can be very misleading to those of us longing for connection (“attachment”). I’m in your Sacred Sensitivity class, which will focus on Empathy this week. A mention about our proclivity to be drawn to the “Twin Flame Trap” (smile) might be helpful.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and reflections.

      Well I think you have answered your own question! As you point out, the difference between them is a lack of dependency on another being (even if that being is a manifestation of self) and a concentration on the experience and energetic exchange leading your eternal soul to a stage of development that surpasses attachment. Ram Dass and Krishna Dass blessed you with their pure transmission of awakening attained through their decades of spiritual practice. A transmission of pure and sacred Grace. A Twin Flame can do this too in their own way, as a potent transmission from one soul element to another, often in relation to a pre-existing soul agreement. The Twin Flame is often a deeply personal transmission (of course, due to the shared soul element) where a spiritual teacher’s transmission is often less personal, often very impersonal, and more transcendent. Both can be bountiful.

      Blessings to your awakening!
      Myree x

  • Hi Myree, I’m a twin flame who has experienced all the phases of twin flames, aside from the twin flame harmonious union. Also, after studying, taking workshops, courses & receiving coaching, from my coaches, for over 2500 hrs., I have comments re: your article.

    There is a template for twin flames, so it goes way beyond being a concept. Twin flames are the same soul, in 2 difft bodies or incarnations. Twin flames go into separation, after the initial love bubble stage, which lasts approximately 2 – 8 wks, it’s law. It is the separation, triggered by the divine masculine running (avoidant attachment style) & the divine feminine chasing him (insecure attachment style) bcus she doesn’t realize that source has created the divine masculine, to bring use the divine masculine as a carrot on a string, to reflect back to the divine feminine where she isn’t aligned with self love.

    There are many aspects to the twin flame dynamic, but the twins also heal in tandem & it is the divine feminine who leads the healing, for both twins. Both twins also trigger each other, until the 3 core wounds are healed, abandonment, fear & lack. Once the divine feminine stops chasing the divine masculine, brings all that energy back to herself & begins to focus on herself, love herself & work in her purpose that magnetizes the divine masculine twin to the divine feminine twin. There are many nuances to the twin flame ascension journey, as everyone is unique, but the aspects that I mentioned are absolute, for the twin flame collective.

    • Hi Trudi,
      Thank you for your input, there is a lot of interest around this topic!
      As you say, it can be overwhelming and consuming in some stages of the union for what you are describing as the ‘feminine’ participant so it’s no wonder it strikes such a cord.
      We are all here in community to share our collective knowledge and experiences, all our journeys are unique. Spiritual learning is a thousand doors, always opening, new information comes from new energy being manifested on the planet and blending with traditional tropes. It is truly wonderful that you have been given such a clear blueprint within which to experience your journey and perhaps this path will resonate with others as they read it.

      Blessings to your sacred awakening!
      Big love!

  • Thank you for this! this has been so insightful for me on my journey. I knew that what I was reading about Twin-Flames was not completely right. This article has been so enlightening that I am now looking at twin flame energy again but in a new light

    • Dear Angela,

      I am so glad this article was supportive and inspiring for you and it makes me smile. Yay!

      I wish you the very best in coming deeper into your centre and your journey both through sacred awakening and on the path as a Twin Flame!

      Big love

  • Hi Myree, interesting read about Twin Flames.
    I am looking for information about Kundalini and insecure attachment. As I am experiencing both and it feels tough to not be understood in my very different needs and life rhytm than my partner. I really love him and want to be with him. I also believe he is in a dark night of the soul and his Kundalini got activated by me. He is really struggling with this. And I feel a lot is projected on me, the falling apart of his life etc. Which feels excruciating to me. I do have my wounds, I try to take care of them and try to take my responsibility for them and heal them. Do you know about navigating insecure attachment (disorganized) and Kundalini awakening in an intimate relationship? Warm wishes, Marieke

    • Dear Marieke,

      The thing that stands out to me from your query is how self aware you are. That is not inherently something that an insecure person would do. I see this as your first step. What you are talking about are meaty issues, possibly spanning lifetimes, that are being bought up for you to explore and heal. In a way, all this turbulence is a gift. I would suggest a deeper exploration of the issues. Remember that when we are in the middle or at the beginning of a process we can tend to hold on to what we perceive as steady or secure in the now. Sometimes we are forced to let go so things can return to us transformed. Kundalini often amplifies our fears as they are cleared, so any good, reputable knowledge on insecure attachment will help you see and examine your fears and often terror beneath this relationship style that is being highlighted by awakening. You are courageous, keep it up.

      Big love, Myree

  • Thank you for your article! After a traumatic separation from my husband, I found myself in the middle of a kundalini awakening in May 2023. One month later, I met my TF. It was 3 months of total bliss. Now we are in separation and I have reached to an amazing place of self-realization. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, surpassing losing my 3 year old daughter to drowning, surpassing emotional abuse experience, and even worse than becoming legally blind. I’m able to let go and surrender. I still honor my emotions but let them go as I continue to heal. I’m grateful for my TF and his activation. I have no clue if we will ever see each other again but I am at peace. I only hope he is able to find the same peace as well. Take care!

    • Dearest Alisha,
      Your words are heart warming! I hope others can benefit from your example of how sensibly you dealt with your perception of a twin flame situation. What a wonderful way to make the absolute best of your meeting in this lifetime. Your story and the way you speak about it is inspirational so I hope you are sharing your earnt wisdom with others, big hugs from Team Myree!

  • Hi, please help me, I never experienced any of these things nor did I ever believe in this stuff, I was traveling on a bus and experienced a kundalini awakening, but there were these visions of a girl during my 3 day episode. IS she my twin or I’m I going crazy. I never met her but I’ve seen many futures, and experienced her showing me her soul. Was it just a unconscious crush that was amped up by my awakening or did she awakening me.

    • Dear Andrew,

      This is an interesting question for you to explore.
      There are a few possible answers but you are the only one that has all the keys to unlock what it may be. Many people have a disorienting experience like this to begin a spiritual journey and you could look at it as a very powerful gift, a communication that, no matter what it turns out to be, opened your consciousness to a much wider realm of possibilities. It is very common for a person or their presence to activate someone’s kundalini. This may or may not mean they are your twin Flame, some people just have beautiful energy transmission or their own activated Kundalini.

      And my heart is with you, having Kundalini activate when you have no awareness of what it is can be a very confusing experience that truly shakes us up.
      The most positive way to start is to be excited by this new adventure and follow your intuition and inner knowing.

      Big love,
      Myree x

  • What a wonderful article. I recall the saying ‘when the disciple is ready the Master appears’.
    Having just had (and still yet having) a Kundalini experience, not for the first time in this life, this current event triggered by another person whom I could choose to call a twin flame, very unaligned. I have searched my soul to understand the importance of this experience for me. I am left with deep love, I call it Divine love for this person and for myself. I am so very grateful for this opportunity. I am fulfilled within myself.

    • Your words filled me with a deep, calm sense of gravitas and I can feel the strength in which you’ve integrated the lesson and examined the experience. I’m very grateful for this response and hope that others who are struggling will find its well spring of energy too.

      Big love,
      Myree x

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