Kundalini and Medications – There’s No One Size Fits All

A common question I am asked frequently is “Can I take psychologically supportive medication/s when I am going through Kundalini?”. 

This refers to medications such as SSR’s, antianxiety and antidepressants and sometimes medications that support healthy sleep.

These questions are asked commonly in the earliest phases of Kundalini when the symptoms are often at their most extreme. Purification at this stage is at its most intense and can be causing a lot of side effects and body symptoms. 

It is important to speak openly on this topic because I know many thousands of people will find themselves at this juncture point at the start of a Kundalini awakening, who are not sure what they can bear or survive, and this affects their own personal decision about whether they should try one of these medications.

It is essential to explore this and create some clarity because there’s a lot of misinformation out there, misguidance and risk-taking behavior due to this people may be shamed, criticized, or put off of taking medication when they really need it.

I’m neither pro-medication nor against medication. I’m simply a practical person who can see that medication is important at times for certain people in their awakening journey.  I have also worked with people who tried the combination of medication and Kundalini Awakening and they did not sit well together with certain experiences becoming exacerbated. Those people chose to drop the medication option as it was clearly not serving their process. I also know people who did not take medication, psychological or any other any other sort, during their personal journey. This was an important and intimate personal distinction for them.

I heard of one extreme case about a spiritual teacher who told his student not to take medication that she needed for her underlying health condition and the student died. She was told to trust her spiritual awakening rather than utilize the resources of modern medical science. 

This is risky, ignorant, and unacceptable behavior that must be called out. 

I also see people who are too ashamed or too frightened to take antidepressant medication during Kundalini Awakening experiences when they actually need it, and when it could seriously help them stabilize their psychological symptoms.

There’s a lot of misinformation and intense opinions out there about medication damaging Kundalini, or frustrating Kundalini, or disturbing her passage forever. And this is simply incorrect. Medication can annoy her, for sure, because at times she likes to be the only one in charge of influencing your system during the awakening process. 

So there is a diversity of experience – it is important to know, that like everything with Kundalini, we will have to test out our own unique experiences with everything we ingest, try or use to support our Kundalini journey – everything from meditation and yoga, to food/s and lifestyle to psychological medications. How this interacts with Kundalini is going to be unique to you. There is no one size fits all. 

Medications such as antidepressants and antianxiety medications can be really important in the awakening journey because they can keep us functioning in our daily lives.

If you are struggling, or feeling like you do not want to be here, as a result of the challenges of Kundalini, medications are helpful to consider because your life is precious and you being on the planet is important. (If you seriously don’t want to be here anymore, then please talk to your doctor.) 

Sometimes people hit very dark places in their Kundalini journey, especially if a lot of trauma is coming up or their anxiety becomes overwhelming and they don’t have strategies to manage it.  In these cases medication is useful.

One of the things I have noticed with medications such as anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication is that what they can do is give you a break. It can calm things down for a little while and can create stability, suppress difficult symptoms and ease anxiety or depression symptoms that may be coming up in certain phases. This option will make you able to find your centre, ground, deal with and successfully process the experiences you are having.

I want to stress that not everyone needs medication but I’ve seen the effects to be important assets in more extreme moments. Sometimes providing the exact assistance, in certain people’s Kundalini awakening, to make it a  successful process. So if you are on them and they’re helping you, great!

Keep in mind that it’s not a race and sometimes you need extra help. 

Sometimes medication will temporarily suppress Kundalini, and that’s okay. Or it may even numb her out. And that’s okay too because you might need that to get on top of what’s happening, to be able to contain your life, to be able to stabilize and perhaps process unimaginable suffering, and then you can wean off them again. 

To add a personal touch, I’ve used some real-life examples, (with all identifying material about clients changed to protect their privacy), on the way they worked with medication that was successful for their process:

Deanna (name changed) arrived in my practice already recently on antidepressants because of her life circumstances and challenges. She had had her Kundalini woken up by a Shakti flame-throwing spiritual teacher of great power, and it was roaring through her. She was totally burnt out, exhausted, and was suffering from extreme insomnia. She had been given leave from work and didn’t want to be here anymore. She was actively suicidal. 

She asked me whether I thought she should stop taking her antidepressants. From my perspective, those medications were very important at this stage, to help her deal with the extreme depression and her suicidal thoughts. I knew we would be able to do the Kundalini transformation that she needed while she was on her medications, and the medications would continue to be supportive for her for as long as possible. 

She had all kinds of psychological pain coursing through her system because she did not know what was going on. Her Kundalini was overstimulated, chaotic, and out of control. We worked together to stabilize her Kundalini and regulate it to reduce the extreme symptoms. We initiated important lifestyle and dietary changes to reduce overstimulation and to calm the whole process down.

Then we began the painstaking process of identifying and working through the traumas and suppressed suffering that had been brought up by such an intense activation of Kundalini. A lot of this was relationship pain from the end of a marriage and from being betrayed, all of which had been stored in her body silently for years.

We worked frequently using her dreams and her unconscious mind as very strong guides for her process. Eventually, she was able to wean off her medication and has never returned to it. 

She now sleeps peacefully and is at ease with herself. Her Kundalini is completely calm and has been so for many years.

She’s happy, she’s content in her work and successful in her career, including being promoted many times.

Her Kundalini is very advanced and progressed. Calm. And she lives in the glory and benefits of an advanced Kundalini Awakening.

Another client of mine, George,  excitedly went on a self-guided retreat in rural Australia. Up until this point in time, his Kundalini had been very calm, ideal in fact. It existed in the background, definitely generating awakening, but not very eventful. The kind of Kundalini most people would love. During this retreat, he did a lot of yoga, extensive martial arts, deep meditation and even had deep tissue bodywork on a physical blockage.

This combination unexpectedly unlocked something unknown that had been held in his body, and it set in motion a cascade of wild Kundalini events that left his Kundalini roaring, fiery, and him in an intense state of anxiety that he had never experienced before. His Kundalini blew out. There was an enormous discharge process of the most incredible level of anxiety out of his body that left him shaking. 

It was literally unbearable.

He went on an anti-anxiety medication which took about six weeks to take effect. During this time, he literally had to endure a firestorm of anxiety. 

We were able to calm down the Kundalini in the period before the medication hit, but the anxiety process was intense and the anxiety itself was unbearable in a way I’ve never seen before. Once the medication started to take effect it took the edge off and calmed down the impacts of the anxiety and started to give him control over himself and his well-being again. 

The medication was so important because it helped George to get back in charge of his life, to stabilize and to cope, and also to deal with the difficult circumstances where he was caring for people in his family system. He was able to recover, and return to his very complex, stressful and meaningful work life and his awakening process stabilized again. He is now able to titrate down the use of the medication and eventually cease it with his doctor’s support.

This is where I have seen how important the short-term use of medication can be. 

I have another client, Jane, who has been in a long-term awakening process and whose Kundalini Awakening had been stable, in general, for a long period of time. But depression – a long-term depression – and also ADHD appeared in the background.

She ended up finding aligned medication, first of all for the depression, which was miraculous for her, and life-changing.

And she also correctly medicated for adult ADHD. This also was incredibly transformative. Both of these experiences did not affect her Kundalini. 

Her Kundalini was calm, peaceful, happy, and content, and continued to be so. The medication has been very beneficial in all areas of her life.

She may remain on these medications for the rest of her life, as needed. 

These are three very different stories of how clients used medication to support their awakening journey. If you don’t need medication, please don’t take it. Be with the natural unfolding of your awakening journey and trust your inner strength and capacity to be with and bear the purification processes of the awakening journey. 

If you do need medication for a period of time– it is okay. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not going to break or damage Kundalini. She will unfurl and rebalance and come back into alignment as you stabilize.

We need more diverse awareness about the awakening journey and amongst people who support awakening. I’m tired of people being given inappropriate, disrespectful and risky guidance that can negatively affect their lives

If you are suicidal —if you are genuinely suicidal and medication can help you stay on this planet, please go and see your doctor and get the help you need. And if you no longer need medication, please also work with your doctor to safely titrate yourself off it.

Kundalini Awakening is one of the most important and life-changing processes available to humanity at this stage on the planet. I admire her and I love her. Your life is precious. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re reading this article. Stay safe. Look after yourself. It’s okay.

Please note all blogs are original content, written from the heart and lived experience by Myree Morsi without the assistance of AI. 

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  • Dear Myree,
    It’s so wonderful that you can write about this aspect of awakening with an acceptance of all. Too often in spiritual communities medication (specifically medication for mental health) is shunned and those who take it feel ashamed, like they have failed. I remember a friend once telling men she was desperately depressed yet didn’t want to go on antidepressants because she thought it would interfere with her relationship with God. She did go on them eventually and realised that was not the case, and they were life saving… and she didn’t need them forever, just the interim.
    Thank you for shining a light on this important topic and for being prepared to call out the ignorant misuse of power of those in a position of spiritual leadership who advise people not to take medication. It is true, there is no one size fits all, and there is so much we do not know or understand about our inner workings, physically, physiologically, psychologically and spiritually.
    Blessings to you and all on this journey of life.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful response dearest Heather, and I agree too often mental health is shunned, shamed and ignored or strategically bypassed. Thank you for your deeply compassionate words, heart and love here. It is very touching!

      Sending big love dear one,
      Myree x

  • Myree, My personal Spirit Guide of many years, always present, verbally as well, knows everything to know about me from child to my elderly years, and taking me through a very difficult symptomatic Kundalini.
    I have always been discouraged from meds, which I tend to be mostly allergic
    I need antibiotic for ongoing UTI, and they are not thrilled about that either, leaves
    me questioning, and uneasy?
    Would love a reply! to?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Betty,

      There are always levels to physical symptoms and your guides probably wouldn’t be projecting any negativity towards the meds themselves but the fact that you have perhaps not addressed the underlying spiritual/emotional/psychological/somatic issue with a recurrent symptom.

      Sometimes we have just been buried under too much trauma and stress that the only option for a physical message, when it surfaces, is surgery or medication. I suggest you go deep and research the holistic connectivity of this issue, also, talk to your guides, and ask them what more you can do as preventive or curative methods. Also perhaps you need to soothe some part of yourself, or assure a guide that you are aware of the downfalls and only using the medication as necessary.

      Questioning and uneasy is good! It means that if you dig into that discomfort, you will find answers.

  • Hi Myree…
    This is Diyahere from India.
    I think I am going through an awakening process…maybe kundalini.as I got to know somebody who has been through it and she told me.one fine day I Strtd crying a lot and Strtd speaking out some truths hidden inside me since years ,that were hurting me and I needed to share them with my husband.
    I am on anti anxiety pills since two years.
    Been experiencing awakening kind symptoms since 2018.
    As I was told this is kundalini awakening,n anxiety is normal so I abruptly stopped my medication.
    And after tht I meditated a lot but day by day my anxiety got worse n I didn’t wana live anymore.i got jittery n my hands n legs got stiff.
    Immediately my husband took me to my psychiatrist n he Strtd with medication
    It’s been a week now n m getting better because of the medicines.
    Though m worried will I ever get back to my previous normal life and feel happy ever.
    Could u suggest something?
    Thank you for hearing me out.

    • Dear Diya,

      Firstly thank you for acknowledging that this situation is complex and your own journey, I appreciate you asking just for a suggestion and not a solution.

      There are many blog articles on Kundalini that you will find helpful on my website, as a first step. Kundalini expresses itself with a wondrous variety, adapting to each person and circumstance in unique ways. However, one option that is alway available to everyone is communication. Kundalini asks us to talk to her, to develop a relationship so she can answer our questions. And if we don’t seem to be answering the call she begs and demands through physical/mental/emotional symptoms. Start by saying hello. Let her in because she is here to heal you and you are ready. You may find that by beginning a conversation with K, with your body and energy systems that you also open a line to your spirit guides. This may be the start of an involved healing process where you are called to represent for your ancestors and past lives as well as this one so bear in mind that it is always best to be kind, gentle and patient with yourself and what comes up.
      Finally you may want to think about professional sessions, a course, finding a teacher because when we are in the thick of it, help is precious and valuable.

      Also, sometimes meditation can make Kundalini worse in the early phases, as it adds more energy to the process, so you may find good support in my Kundalini Self Care guide you can find on my website too which explains this more for you.

      I hope this is a little helpful.

      Sending you big love,
      Myree x

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