The Truth About Satisfaction

The experience of Satisfaction is incredibly nourishing. It is grounding. It stabilizes. Yet I find that few of us spend very much time in the state that is Satisfaction

Remember, life does not need to be perfect. We don’t have to have everything completely fulfilled, we do not need to be living our “best lives” in order to be satisfied.

We can experience Satisfaction simply by receiving what life is offering us in the moment. We can experience Satisfaction through the art of receiving something deeply.

When I reflect on witnessing the absence of Satisfaction, I recognize that most of us have never been taught to be satisfied. We have not been taught to know what satisfaction is. We don’t know it as a physiological sensation in our bodies. We don’t know it as a feeling in our being.

It is always possible that satisfaction is there, but we don’t recognise it or lean into it, and so don’t get the full benefit of it.

In an embodied way, Satisfaction is something that endures.

Mental satisfaction is valuable, though often fleeting. While a deeply embodied experience of satisfaction endures and anchors us and in many ways makes us even more magnetic and available to experiencing more of it. 

The act of experiencing in-bodied satisfaction is the act of saying a deep Yes to receiving, and it is when we deeply receive that the universe loves to give us more. 

The Truth About Satisfaction Blog by Kundalini Expert, Spirit Magic Founder Myree Morsi-2

There can be many reasons why we have not developed the Satisfaction muscle.

Our childhood stories are filled with absences, and scarcities, unfulfilled longings and agitated attachments. We are raised by parents and grandparents that often carry their own long lineages of narrow escapes, hardships, immigration, struggle, loss and pain. Satisfaction for many earlier generations comes low on the list of possible life outcomes.

In addition, we have grown used to a consumer-oriented society since the 1950s that depends on us to not be satisfied. It is a structure that teaches us to want and to need more. It conditions us to imagine in every moment that we don’t have enough, that if things are not materially perfect we are not ok.  As we now so clearly know, these social and economic structures are destroying our planet. 

It is, however, possible for us to experience deep satisfaction in a way that disrupts this consumeristic, “more”-oriented, paradigm, and at the same time allows us to need less, and ultimately to rest in an embodied and satisfied fulfillment. 

This year, I have found myself deeply practicing the Art of Embodied Satisfaction.

I have found in the process that my needs for external things have become fewer and fewer and I find myself resting in a deep state of fulfillment even when I have to meet the complicated challenges of everyday life. Satisfaction surprises me with a feeling of safety because in that state it becomes very clear to me that I am not dependent on other things to feel complete.

When I write this, I am not talking about awakening, I am talking about the reality of a human living a life. 

I would love to share a little taste of this deeply embodied satisfaction in my upcoming, free masterclass.

In this masterclass, we will explore the art of receiving, and where, once you are in that experience of receiving deeply, you can rest in the simple truth of Satisfaction.

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