What is a Kundalini Blowout?

A Kundalini Blowout happens when a large amount of Kundalini energy, called Shakti, releases from the base of the pelvis. This is the location of the root chakra and the place where dormant Kundalini surges up from along the spine and/or through the chakras heading toward the crown of the head.

If it has enough force and momentum, it pushes through the crown and surges up above the head into the aura, depending on the velocity and pressure in the flow. 

A Kundalini blowout can be something that is minimal and self-correcting, or it can be something that is difficult, potentially damaging and if not attended to, and recorrected, may even leave long-term effects. 

Kundalini blowouts are very common and there are also people who never experience one in their awakening Kundalini journey. A Kundalini blowout does not happen to everybody. For more information about what triggers a Kundalini Awakening read here.

So let’s look at why a Kundalini Blowout happens.

Kundalini Blowouts may occur for a number of reasons. The most common time to experience a Kundalini blowout is at the beginning of a Kundalini awakening. It is something experienced as part of spontaneous awakening and for those people, it is the first evidence of the Kundalini activating.

Some reasons that the blowout can happen:

  • It is a natural part of the initial activation process or ignition of Kundalini, which may for the person experiencing it come as a surprise or a shock. Not all Kundalini awakenings are consciously sought out. 
  • It can happen amidst the awakening journey when blockages suddenly dissolve, especially those held in the Chakras, allowing the sudden upflow of repressed or frustrated Kundalini to move through the system and up out of the top of the head.
  • It can manifest as the result of intense spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and breathwork. 
  • Many of the activities that stimulate spontaneous awakening can activate a Kundalini Blowout as they can go hand in hand.
  • The use of psychedelics for both recreational and healing purposes can often cause the greatest and sometimes the most damaging Kundalini blowouts. 
  • The completion of the Kundalini journey can often happen through a blowout after significant progress has been made.

What can go wrong with a Kundalini Blowout?

I have written about what can go wrong in a Kundalini awakening in a number of places on this website here.

The main challenges in a Kundalini Blowout are:

  • The surge is so powerful that it disorganizes the system as it moves up and out and the system does not reset easily for some people. 
  • It can overwhelm the nervous system and activate a significant trauma response especially if the person carries an abuse history. Then sadly the psyche can perceive Kundalini as a threat, in the long term, rather than as a transformational consciousness.
  • If the surge is massive and ongoing it can cause significant depersonalization and dissociation. Some people will recover naturally, while some may need support with their recovery and correction. 
  • By far the most damaging Kundalini Blowouts are associated with psychedelic use and can push someone’s consciousness so far out of their body, overwhelm and traumatize a system extensively so that when I work with these people there is a literal reconstruction of who they are. It is deep and profound healing work.

You can read more about Kundalini and psychedelics here.

For the majority of people on the Kundalini journey, blowouts come and go, take us to beautiful states and fade, and are a natural and relatively effortless and even generous part of the awakening path. Enjoy the bounty that they bring as this is precious.

If your Kundalini blowout has been too intense for your system remember to bring in as much self-care as you can – grounding yourself with nourishing food, time in nature, rest and sleep, remembering and feeling into a sense of connection with your body, and allow Kundalini to drop back down in your body to reorganize itself. 

How do you know you have had a Kundalini Blowout?

The most common experience of a Kundalini Blowout is the upward surge of a large volume of energy moving through the body, upwards along the spine through the central chakras, or the entire nervous system creating an intense buzz. There can be a sense of light, luminosity, intensity, tingling, chaos, and the kind of movement of energy that can be anywhere between soothing and wild. It might also be accompanied by an array of physical symptoms which can include immense pressure in the body, headaches, head tension, dizziness, heart palpitations, irregularity of breath patterns, strong emotional release, feeling electrified, and experiences of heat and surges of heat. It can also leave you feeling temporary out-of-body sensations. 

Blowouts are also amazing and life-changing in a variety of great ways! They can often be followed by periods of a sense of expansion and bliss, oneness, love, healing, a sense of freedom, and a connection to all things. This is something we have often longed for. It is important, however, not to be attached to this state – remembering that it is a state rather than a stage of awakening. 

Depending on where you are in the Kundalini awakening process will impact how much this expanded state establishes and remains ongoing, and/or how much purification and healing you need to do to return to this state after it naturally fades away.

If you are in the early phases of Kundalini awakening, a blowout will give you an experience and a very important taste of what Kundalini experience is: pure consciousness, freedom, deep loving states, and much more. 

What I see happen a lot is people getting very attached to the blowout, the expanded and loving state. This state can last seconds, minutes, weeks, months, and rarely years. It is common at the start of an awakening journey for people to believe that they have made it after the initial blowout and have arrived at the awakened state permanently, that the freedom is here and will not leave. Of course, this is always present as it is our true nature, but what needs to be accomplished is our enduring awareness of this. People sometimes make radical decisions in their lives based on the feeling that this is permanent. It is important to remember that no matter how extraordinary and amazing your experience might be, a blowout is a state of consciousness, not a stage that has been achieved and established long-term.

I call this phase the “honeymoon phase” and it is important because it gives you an understanding of who you are as an awakened being, the ultimate purpose of Kundalini, and where you are going. It can be delicious and deeply nourishing.

It is important to have this imprint and knowledge because otherwise, it is very hard to stick out the Kundalini journey and the natural suffering that can come with purification and the letting go of things that you are attached to if you don’t know that there is a stunning outcome, one worth staying the course.

This taste is indelible and never forgotten. It keeps us on the path even when we want to leave, or give up, or throw down our tools in despair.

Over time as your awakening deepens, you will have in general more and more access to this state till it becomes a fundamental baseline in your life. 

Welcome home!

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