The Urgency of Power

When Spirit comes to guide me toward my next offerings it either; might ask me to wrestle a little with what guidance they are giving me, or they come to my consciousness loud and clear.

With the next classes I am offering, Spirit landed loud and clear!

They asked me to teach about power, not only about empowering people but about gaining an understanding of the essence and nature of power, our own and others. It is time, they told me not only to bring a new kind of power onto this planet but to create a deeper understanding towards our relationship with it.

At times, as I was putting this program together, I paused and asked Spirit, 

“Are you sure that I need to teach this now?” They were adamant with their “Yes! Now!” 

I asked for wiggle room. I tried to postpone it for later in the year but the message remained unchanged.

“It is time,” they urged me, “to go forward and begin a class now.”

Their encouragement reminded me that there is this same urgency for us to change our relationship to power. There is an even greater necessity for those who are awakening, for those with gifts, for those who are bringing light onto this planet, to truly own the power and the grace that flows through that power and let it really light up the world!

My understanding is that when people stand in their awakening and power and use it well, a kind of expansive grace, a healing energy, a spiritual frequency, and much greater love flows onto this planet through them. Their love is a vehicle and a channel for more consciousness to come to Earth.

I have witnessed over and over again that when people come online and harness power – the actual, embodied, resilient power that they have –  they experience an exponential expansion in what they can accomplish. People laugh more, they enjoy who they are, and they experience an abiding satisfaction because, when our powers align with our path, we all feel true purpose – whether the journey has just begun or is leagues along its path.

The world is hungry for this. Spirit is hungry for this and we awakening folks are the ones who can make a difference in this way. It is up to us. If we keep blocking ourselves, closing our eyes, hoping we are not powerful in case we misuse that power, or if we run from our power as it emerges because we are scared of our capacities, we don’t just fail ourselves, we are also failing our deepest tasks in this life. 

All of these things I see on a daily basis.

To be honest, I can become frustrated because I know that it is not that hard for us to own our power. It is just that we have never been taught how. We don’t learn it as kids or as young adults. We are not taught how to claim our powers or how close we are to them. We live in a society that benefits from us not being powerful. 

I have spent decades cultivating my awakening, but only in the last 10 years have I learned what it means to recognize and use my powers because I had been unaware of the extent in which they existed. I had no idea how or what made me powerful. I stumbled at times in the dark. Looking back, if someone had taught me what power was, if someone had helped me identify the areas of power that I had and revealed to me the ones that were hidden and were afraid of, I could have made swifter progress in bringing my work into the world. I could have changed more lives much sooner and more broadly.

Instead, I spent too much time, and too many resources, feeling and worrying that somehow my power was not part of my light work.

I want this same freedom for you!

I now live with power embodied and grounded in me, it gives me leverage, capacity and resilience to live my purpose. I have studied it professionally and I have studied it personally. I now seek to turn that gaze on you, to bring my eyes and my heart that can see your own powers. I seek to bring all of this learned experience and wisdom in service of your evolution.

So, Spirit will not let me wiggle or delay teaching this program. It tells me, “You have already been waiting too long, and the time is now!”

If you are curious, long for or hunger to uncover and meet your own powers, if something within is whispering and urging you to remember that you are powerful, please join me in the Power School.

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The place where brave, awakening souls go to wake up, step up and OWN their place in the world.

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