What Triggered Your Kundalini Awakening?

“For when she wakes, she will shake the world!” – Napoleon


I did an interview this year where the host and I joked about Awakening as an epidemic and he posed the phrase, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’, and asked me if I thought that some people were so moored that they’d drown? My answer is an optimistic, no! But to ensure that we all bob to the surface there needs to be education; shining a light on things that were once rare but are now becoming more commonplace. I hope for the day when your GP, your parents, your friends will all be accepting of the basic challenges of Kundalini and Awakening.

Kundalini Awakening is erupting, bubbling, and being triggered in a multitude of ways these days. My mind is blown by the diversity of triggers that pop the Kundalini cork and send initiates on a new, sometimes initially wild, Awakening journey.

Over my two decades of supporting people with Kundalini Awakening, I have heard the most incredible stories and vast diversity of trigger events and experiences that activated someone’s Kundalini from a dormant state within, or a slow burn in the background of their pelvis, to a roaring storm that rips structures apart because it wants to rebuild something irrepressible and fantastical. I wish I wrote them all down!

Spontaneous Kundalini Awakenings are common these days due to the elevation of consciousness on this planet. Moving forward, the vibration is going to get higher and more intense, and we will awaken even faster and with less effort. Humanity, despite everything we see going on out there, is spiritually emerging and evolving quickly, even if it’s not as many folks or was widely as we desire.

Here below is a non-exhaustive list of triggers that contribute to awakening the Kundalini from her slumber. I wish I had kept a list in my career, but this article is me simply remembering some of the things that have been told over the years.

Please note that many different elements can contribute to a Kundalini awakening long before the final trigger does it’s work. They may have been softening and opening the energetic and nervous system, dissolving internal and auric blockages and preparing someone for years before the actions of a final catalyst moment. The preparatory phase of awakening often goes unnoticed or barely seen.

I am also curious as to what activated your Kundalini awakening, please feel free to post below in the comments and we will periodically expand this list and add your story to it.

People love reading comments and stories so feel free to contribute to the conversation, you are part of this global awakening and all input is important.

Here’s the list, in no particular order, of things that were the kundalini activators or simply what was happening when it triggered:

• Yoga, meditation practice, of course.
• Marital arts practice
Reading a book and having a powerful insight
• A traumatic event and or shock
• A near-death experience
Peak states, especially from sports and winning
• Peak states from being a soldier
A medical procedure or surgery
• A period of deep introspection and contemplation
Painting an artwork
• One dear man simply did one meditation having never meditated before, from a Gabby Bernstein book (I love Gabby) and boom, his life had an unexpected hot Kundalini opening
Sexual encounters
• Recreational drugs
• A serious psychic attack where Kundalini activated to be a protector
• Dating someone for one evening (often someone with a strong soul connection, even if you never see them again)
Transmission from a teacher or master
• From watching Youtube videos
Seeing a twin flame, meeting a twin flame, anything “twin flame” like can be a potent trigger and then the twin flame often, but not always, moves on at some point after the activation is done, mission accomplished
• Psychedelics
Music experiences, festivals and concerts
• Being on retreat
• Going to sacred places like a monastery in Nepal or the pyramids of Giza
Studying psychology
• Hanging out with folks who have active Kundalini
• Reiki, reiki is a very big activator of Kundalini and I have many folks I have met where this was the ignition source
Long-distance sex
• Spending time with people with awakened Kundalini or dating someone with it or having sex with someone with awakened Kundalini because Kundalini is transmitted energetically.
• Past life events, experiences that activate past lives and arriving in this life with Kundalini already subtly activated
Psychic experiences
• Visitations by spiritual beings, teachers or star beings from other dimensions (yes, it does happen)
• Intense supplement and dietary regimes and purification physically
• Intense times of psychological stress
During a dark night of the soul
• Responding to the soul’s calling or longing or purpose.
Praying to God (whatever that is to you) for anything potent
• Feeling close to God, letting it in or answering a ‘call’ to serve, or asking to be shown the way.

Kundalini will in turn serve you to assist in your unification with the universe, she will be acutely tuned to core longing to home to God, Spirit and self. She will relentlessly pursue your yearning for unity, for oneness, she becomes your fractal of the infinite.

What do you resonate with?

How did your Kundalini awaken?

Let’s build a community library and conversation together here.

With blessings and eternal curiosity for your awakening and all that you are,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert

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  • I was undergoing something like soul of dark night phase where nothing seemed to be fulfilling like everything was falling apart. After listening to a podcast about ego I just surrendered and sat for my meditation practice.
    That’s it! It was like a shift suddenly some clouds vanished and there was bright light right there. I cannot explain in words but it was like joy and peace oozing out. I was in awe!

    • Dear Deepa,

      Thank you for adding this positive comment! I’m very happy to hear that you could support yourself through this stage with your own wisdom and practice! Amazingly well done you powerhouse.

      Big love,
      Myree x

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