2 Steps to Activate Your Greater Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is the energy that shines through you and into the world. It touches everyone you meet or pass.

It’s in the emails you send.

It’s in the way you read a story to your child.

It’s in the way you hug your cat or dog.

It’s in the way you make love.

It’s infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite knowing, and it is the deepest truth. I don’t mean truth like your political beliefs. I mean the deepest truth that’s beyond intellectual knowing.

Spiritual power is constantly flowing into your body and into your system — from beyond you.

And there is a lot of new spiritual power arriving and available on the planet at the moment.


You may have noticed that sometimes you’re fatigued or tired for no reason. It may be due to these BIG downloads of spiritual power that are coming in.

In that case, I invite you to take a moment to just rest. Rest in that spiritual power. Lovingly feel it. Allow it to anchor. Give it space.

When your body can identify the new frequencies as they come in, it will have less resistance. You’ll be less exhausted. Just resting and feeling into these energies gently helps your body to track the new spiritual powers and to stop blocking or fighting with them.


If you’re feeling fatigued by the new energies that are coming onto the planet, one way you can help yourself to use it effortlessly is to give the spiritual power direction — to activate it with clear direction.


How to direct energies to flow into your life:

1. Think of areas and places in your life where you want the spiritual power to show up. They can be any area of your life.

2. Make a list in your heart of these areas and places. Write down a quick little list of where you would like to direct the spiritual power in your life.

That’s it!

Believe me, this spiritual power will get very excited by this. Spiritual power loves direction.

I’ve asked spiritual powers to help me show up better on social media and when I serve my clients, to be present as I teach my classes and with my growing edges. I have asked it to support areas I seek to have more success and new creative ventures I am birthing.

Every time, my own powers gorgeously expand.

Think about where you want spiritual power in your life to assist you.

Maybe it’s around your rough edges or physical symptoms you’re experiencing. Or places where you feel shaky, shy or have difficulties. Or places you would like to grow, expand or have more reach.


As you write this list in your heart, and also on paper, the power engages more directly.

What it looks like for me is different strings of power, like little power cords coming down and plugging in (more on this in my post about halos here).

By making the list, you increase the voltage on each of those strings of power.

I keep this list beside my bed and mentally affirm it before going to sleep.

Scribing in your heart and with your hand is a beautiful way to invite the new spiritual power to support the areas in your life where you need it most.

Let me know what you discover, and what lights up as you give your own spiritual power more direction. What do you experience? Share your thoughts below.

Big love and passion for your empowered awakening,

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

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