Guided Meditation: Start Your Day With Spirit Team Magic

How we begin our day is more powerful than you may realise. Those first liminal moments when we transition from dreaming to waking set the tone for the energy, emotions, perceptions and actions that we choose the rest of the day.

Whether you already start your day with a mindfulness activity or your mornings resemble a tornado, this 20-minute guided meditation will help you begin your day with clearer intentions, more self-love and the magical support of your very own Spirit Team.

The first clip introduces what this meditation is amazing for and how to reap the most benefits from it.

The second clip is the full-length, yet short-and-sweet journey where you will weave the support of your Spirit Teams into whatever you wish to accomplish and experience in the day ahead.

Before you continue on with your day, I encourage you to gift yourself 20 minutes of connecting inward, calling in your Spirit Team to support you and then rest for a few minutes in their love and guidance.

Find a comfortable place to close your eyes, laying down if you can, and let’s weave your day with Spirit Magic.

(Transcriptions are below for folks who prefer to read along instead of listening.)

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Meditation Transcriptions


Welcome to this beautiful healing meditation that will allow you to set your day up in a way that you can weave and deeply invite the magic and support of your own, personal Spirit Team into your day. That you can walk hand in hand with the magical and infinite, loving support of your own Spirit Team. As they go ahead of you, they travel with you and they stand behind and beside you in every moment.

I encourage you to use this meditation when you first wake up in the morning, or when you have a moment to prepare for the day ahead of you. That you can ground into this support, this love and this healing, and send it ahead of you so that it can encourage, uplift, protect and support you for the entire day.

Have fun playing with this meditation and feel free to reach out and let me know what you discover and how your Spirit Teams support you, and love you, and encourage you and uplift you as you use this meditation to weave Spirit Magic into your everyday life. Blessings for your awakening.


Welcome to Setting Up Your Day and Weaving It With Spirit Magic.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to gently drop inward. And maybe let your awareness begin to rest down in your heart, in the center of your chest. Just kind of allow yourself to centre there, in your heart.

Breathing, resting and relaxing there.

Knowing that you are surrounded by your own Spirit Team: guides, angels, perhaps as starry beings, perhaps as specialist healing beings. Perhaps there are guides that have been traveling with you for lifetimes. Maybe there are animal guides or nature guides.

They’re holding, loving, guiding and there for you.

Allow your awareness to begin to expand out towards the support that surrounds you. It’s there for you in this moment, both the known support and the unknown support.

Allow yourself to feel, sense, dream, imagine into this sacred presence and support that is around you.

Just letting your awareness expand out, connecting, dreaming and feeling into this sacred support.

In this moment, can you allow yourself to receive that support of your Spirit Team?

How much can you allow yourself to sink into it and to let it flow to you?

Allow yourself to receive, to drink, to sup, to absorb, to feel with that support.

And if you have hesitations anywhere around receiving that support, that’s okay. Just simply notice those hesitations.

And allow yourself in this moment to imagine how you could allow yourself to be a little bit more available. How could you make yourself a little bit more available in the moment to that Spirit Team support? It might be that you adjust your breath… You breathe a little deeper… Maybe you move and make some adjustments to your posture… Perhaps something softens. Simply notice how you might allow yourself to be a little bit more available to their support.

And then in this moment, simply rest and allow yourself to be in the knowing that you are supported. Rest here, allowing the knowledge that you are deeply held that you are profoundly loved. And that you are cared about and cared for.

Simply breathing in and allowing yourself to receive that love simply with your breath.

Breathing in and receiving.

Breathing out and making space for more.

So that you can gently receive that care, receive that support.

And now you can gently invite it into your aura. That’s right. Invite it to wrap around you.

And as it does so, to hold you, allow yourself to receive this support and this love until you no longer feel that any effort is required. Until you begin to feel filled up and surrounded by it.

Perhaps there’s a sense of healing that’s happening. Something is healing. Something’s being nourished. Something is being loved.

Perhaps there’s even a sense of connection with your Spirit Team in this moment. Or union or communion. If so, simply enjoy that.

At this point, if it feels right, you can ask them to intensify their presence. To amplify their presence and love so that you can rest even more deeply into their presence.

And then here, begin to allow yourself, as you’re deeply held in their presence, to contemplate the day ahead, this day that you are about to begin.

And what might you need on this day?

What might you face or have to do?

And what kind of person might you need to be or extend yourself into for this day to go well for you? What qualities or ways of being do you need to bring to your day?

What challenges may face?

What roles are you filling?

What intentions, projects or ideas do you seek to make real?

As you contemplate an imagined feeling into your day, begin to call to your Spirit Team to be beside you in this day, to hold this day for you. Sending out this call and request. That’s right.

And as you begin to contemplate and dream into this day, begin to send your Spirit Team out ahead of you into this day now.

You’re sending them out like a scouting party, like a Spirit Team scouting party.

Take a breath and trust. Simply trust. Trust them and their exquisite tracking nature as they scout out ahead of you supporting the day that you have instructed them to look after.

Allow them to anticipate things for you and to find remedies if needed. Invite them to create synchronicities and connections that would be helpful for you.

And ask them to bring to you, from this moment forward in this day, the protection that you need at any level so that you can do well, go well and flourish in your day. In this moment, you can allow them to amplify that protection even more if that feels aligned.

In this moment, you can make any special requests that you have of them, anything that you might need, now in this moment, or for this day.

And then, finally, taking a moment just to rest with them, your beloved Spirit Team. Feeling them absorbing and receiving these instructions. And some of them are already traveling out ahead of you into your day.

Know that they all both travel ahead of you, and be there beside you, and walk in front of you and behind you. That they will be in service to your highest well-being today. And especially in service to the deeper dreaming, the mythic path that you walk in this life.

Take a moment to give them any last requests or direction.

And if it feels appropriate, you can ask them if they have a little something for you. It might be a little dash of love or energy, or a word, or phrase, or an image or perhaps a little energy cuddle. Allow yourself to simply receive whatever it is. Whether you notice something or you don’t notice something, it’s still there for you. And they’re there for you.

Take this thing, this gift, whether you notice it or you don’t notice it, and imagine taking it into your heart so that you are comforted, held and confident in this support.

Take a few breaths of feeling held in their presence, and a few moments to appreciate the precious gift of this support, the powerful gift of this support, the infinite nature of this support. Appreciate what you have now and what will come for you as your day unfolds. Share that appreciation with them.

Take a moment to thank them in advance, and allow this meditation journey to set up your day, to be a prayer for you that this is like your prayer for your day.

Begin to allow yourself to slowly return back into the present moment to begin your day now.

And as you slowly return, you return available and open to receiving from them all levels of love and support, words, images, synchronicities, connections, protection and gifts. As you return to this day, you return available and receptive to your Spirit Team’s precious magic in your own life.

Have a beautiful Spirit Magic day.

Blessings to your awakening.

Tell me in the comments below: how did your Spirit Team support you after experiencing this meditation?

With passion for your gorgeous spirit,




You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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