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Psychedelics and Kundalini Awakening

Psychedelics and Kundalini Awakening

For the last decade, I have seen increasing numbers of people who have had very serious and sometimes devastating kundalini awakenings as a result of taking psychedelic medicines. I have seen their pain and distress, and have painstakingly helped them to reintegrate their systems and recover. This tender awakening work asks a lot of us. […]

Feeling Lost? Don’t Fill the Void, Do This Instead

Feeling Lost? Don’t Fill the Void, Do This Instead Myree Morsi blog feeling lost tips person holding map

When you go through any kind of personal growth, a big or small life change or an awakening of any kind (especially a Kundalini awakening), it isn’t unusual for you to experience a sudden and intense identity shift, a sense of loss, overwhelming confusion or loss of direction. There’s a better way to get through this lost feeling instead of rushing to comprehend or remedy it. I have 5 steps for you to try (which I use myself).

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