The Stages of Sensitivity during Kundalini Awakening

More often than not, Kundalini is a wild ride.

It is full of challenges and trials. Sure— the benefits are worth it but the process can be hard. One of the things that frustrates us and causes suffering during the Kundalini awakening process is an increasingly intense sensitivity. We become sensitive to the process inside ourselves, to our sensations and feelings, and to the energy of our systems. We become sensitive to other people, their processes and energy, and their unconscious behavior. We become very, very sensitive to our environments. We are literally being given new senses. Imagine how it would feel to gain sight after being blind—it could be totally overwhelming at times but it’s not a negative development

I have written previously about some of the reasons that we become sensitive as we go through awakening – you can read more about that experience here.

Today I want to speak about some of the important and subtle processes that are going on inside this powerful sensitization. 

Increased awareness is one of the most important experiences that we go through as we become more sensitive in an awakening process. Our sensitivity is an awareness tool. It is an awareness doorway into more and more subtle levels of life, of consciousness, of ourselves and the energetic nature of the universe. It is a doorway into wisdom and intelligence, and healing that dwells at much more subtle levels of consciousness. The only way we are going to access these senses and use them for our transformation and healing is through our sensitivity. 

Your sensitivity is a part of your wisdom system that comes online in awakening. It might be problematic because it makes you painfully sensitive to people and environments and yet at the same time it is evolving you to help you access new understandings of reality and who you really are and what is the next most important step for you. None of this would be possible without your sensitivity. 

Your sensitivity, as it awakens and refines, helps you to begin to perceive different levels of information that were previously unavailable to you, and were outside your everyday consensus reality awareness. Before awakening, your perception could not pick up this data, you were unconscious of it even though it was always there.

Your sensitivity helps you perceive more refined levels of insight and personal direction. It is also helping you to notice and access very subtle levels of intelligence, wisdom, direction and insight that are inherently within the realms of perception that you are perceiving and attached to it but undetectable before this time.  

If you take a moment and reflect on how you view reality before and after awakening, you would notice a profound difference between the two. For most of us, during awakening, our consciousness is rapidly evolving and our sensitivity allows us to perceive both the existence of new consciousness, and then develops to allow us to see through the eyes of that new and emergent consciousness. We become more attuned to the deepest processes of life and how we are a part of them. Sensitivity attunes us to the oneness of all life and this can sometimes be disorienting at first. 

Most importantly this sensitivity is essential to your own personal healing which is the main fundamental task of awakening.  Your sensitivity helps you understand the feelings, emotions, personal history and trauma held in your body, allowing them to unravel and release. Your ever-evolving sensitivity allows you to more subtly understand how awakening is asking you to grow, and to grow with it in a way that has least possible suffering and greatest potential expansion. 

Your sensitivity also allows you to contemplate in very subtle and yet powerful ways, what is the most aligned next step for you, as an evolving being. 

I use my sensitivity in this way, all day, everyday. I use it to interpret complex information in my own system and work out what needs to be noticed and cared for and what can be discarded. My sensitivity allows me to do this assessment very quickly because it makes me very fluid and turns my self-care into something as easy and fun as any favorite childhood game or activity. I use this sensitivity every day when I work with my clients, sorting the signals I am catching and then being sensitive within my intuitive process and my training, deciding which signals to follow and how to assist their process.

My sensitivity keeps getting more and more glorious, supportive and useful and purely joyful. My sensitivity allows me to experience the oneness with plants in my garden, to commune with my puppy and be at one with life and spirit. My sensitivity is importantly my primary doorway to the joy of being alive, the portal through which I receive, digest and expand into the beauty of life itself, on all levels. 

This is not unique to me.

Your sensitivity will continue to flourish, to become more sophisticated. You will develop continuously, becoming more able to access greater levels of consciousness, joy, beauty and the wisdom that you need to nourish yourself as part of your awakening journey.  Your sensitivity will allow you to rest and dissolve into the infinite oneness, the Grace and love of who you are. Your sensitivity will allow you to live in aligned union within everyday life. This is the path and your sensitivity serves it deeply. 

This is a brief overview of the bounty that sensitivity gives us as we grow through awakening. So while you may feel bereft and overwhelmed at times (I remember this, too), I encourage you to take a moment and actively contemplate what your sensitivity is also allowing you to access in your life right now. How it is leading you home to healing and your own true nature. How you can welcome it in, relax, trust and surrender in the process because, as the poet Rumi says, ‘it may be sweeping you clean to make room for some new delight.’  

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