The Quietness of Awakening

There are often times in awakening when we are very Quiet. 

There is no movement into the exterior world. 

There is no pull to connect with other people. 

It is almost as if you are being reverse-engineered inward and away from the world.

The power of the awakening process to hold you in such deep silence and quietness will dominate and preside over any effort of the identity that pushes against it. Such periods of Quiet can be brief or can last many months, and sometimes might underpin life for several years. 

I have been in such a phase for some time.

At various levels of depth.

Over the last months, the quiet has been all-consuming. 

At the start of 2022, I was shown that the next two years would be very quiet and more inward personally and that during that time there would be significant renovation. This has proven to be very accurate.

I have not really bothered with much outward movement into the world in my personal life. I knew any such efforts would not bear fruit. I knew I would lack magnetism in my personal life. The energy behind that magnetism, the power that usually generates things on that level, was directed inward instead. 

I have spent a lot of time at home, creating a garden, cultivating a relationship with my pup, resting in and allowing the quietness and the emptiness to be the active force in my life.  

Amidst this process, there has been a very significant deepening of expansion and awakening based on dissolving into emptiness further.  

Most awakening processes use emptiness as a doorway into fullness, into oneness, into oneness with all things and this is very rich and sometimes vivid too. Awakening that asks you to stay in the emptiness simply keeps dissolving back and forth in time anything that remains. 

If you find yourself in one of these processes of emptiness, of quietness, know that a great opportunity has come for you to deepen.

Emptiness and quietness will hold a mirror to every sliver of need, drive, ambition, fear, and motivation that does not essentially come from stillness and awakening. It will reflect to you any movements that remain in your life that come from any level of drama of being human, trauma responses and conditioning. 

This time of being Quiet needs generosity and compassion with yourself. At first, everything will resist because this kind of process is completely counter to the very driven concept of life that we live with in the West.

The do-er in you will scream with frustration. 

The social one will keep reaching out even as the senses draw you in and fall flat.

The mind will make up stories about isolation, and not fitting in, and falling behind, and being different. 

See if you can rest in the silence and the Quiet, and simply watch the mind until it exhausts itself. Give the mind and its complaints to the quietness, to the force of the emptiness itself. 

The last couple of years have been the most inward of my life and one of the gifts of this has been to come to rest in the profound beauty of aloneness, not aloneness in relation to other human beings, but the aloneness that is at the core of self-realization: that there is only One. 

The realization of the beauty of Aloneness is a freedom and fulfillment for which there are no words. 

Will I emerge from this phase?


Will it matter if I don’t?


Has quietness wrapped its tendrils around you on your own journey?
Please share your comments in the comments section because I love to hear from you.

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  • Thank you for this post Myree. It has helped me realise that I have been drawn into, and also resisting, a quiet phase. For me, it’s been the monkey mind that has kept me trying to be in the the world rather than surrender to the quiet. Even as I sit here typing, I am enjoying a leisurely morning in bed, while in the back of my mind I’m hearing, but you need to get up and do things, stop being so lazy. Thank you for showing me what I need to be embracing, not resisting.

    • Dear Fiona,

      Thank you for sharing and I am so glad this is supportive for you. We need friendship and openness around the quietness, for we receive so little direction and encouragement to embrace it. And everything within us is usually tuned away from it. You will find such sweetness and surprising capacity within you both to be with and receive from it and allow it to have it’s mysterious way with you, once you turn towards and welcome the quietness.Quietness is full of rich and remarkable medicine and in the quietness sacred realignment happens. Enjoy!

      Wishing you well on your awakening path!

      Big love,
      Myree x

  • Great read and can relate. Thank you I have read this article and watched your YouTube interview – it’s helping me realise that maybe these experiences and want for silence is a real spiritual unfolding – not a mental illness as I have pondered it to be. Thanks, A

    • Dear Alex,

      I love what you have shared and you are correct, your deep calling to quietness and your inner landscape is not a mental health issue but a rewilding of your spiritual nature, a transformative space for your soul and the place where awakening uses silence to invite you into your deepest nature. We are building attunement to who we really are in quietness, and being absorbed into it. Good things are happening for you and your future inside the Quietness, that can only happen there. Building the bones of your future.

      Follow your tender call inwards.

      Sending big love and so joyous to connect here,
      Myree x

  • This article unexpectedly landed very deeply in me. It remapped me to the emptiness and quiet within and it’s okayness in a very outward busy driven culture. I could instantly see how my fears have been driving me and resisting. Just from reading your words I could rest in the quiet and my solar plexus opened and started to release fears and conditioning.

    Thank you dear Myree to you and your awakening.

    • Dearest Kym,

      I went “ohhhhhh” so softly when I read this, so touching. Quietness in some ways is the greatest and most overlooked power on this planet. It needs nothing from the world or the mainstream, only our attention, wisdom and surrender. And then Her generosity is extensive.

      May she continue to Grace you.
      And welcome your solar plexus into Herself.

      Big, tender love,
      Myree x

  • Thank you for sharing this, I am resonating with the call to be at peace, slow down, and surrender to what comes next. I appreciate that I am not alone and this may be my calling as well. To lean in and embrace it instead of questioning the process…

    • Dear Keri,

      Ohh yes, I sense you have named it aptly and the finger tendrils of quietness are reaching out to you, from her mystery. Lean in, keep leaning in, lean in gently even further, be even if briefly, submerged in Quietness. It is so healing. It resets everything.

      Big love,
      Myree x

  • I loved reading this. November has pulled me inward, in a way that feels different to previous years. This time it feels like I’m needing to focus inward so I can start building new things for my future. My need for socialising has lessened this month, and I have felt resistance to that out of fear of how others might view me.

    Thanks for showing and reminding me that this is all part of the process. There is safety in the quiet times

    • Dear Erin,

      This is such a beautiful sharing and expression of the Quietness and the movement inwards. I especially love this awareness: “There is safety in the quietness” .
      This is so deeply true, it is where in this moment in your process you are meant to be and thus inherently the safest place to be.

      Blessings to the unfurling and ground laying occurring within your quiet, awakening, womb of quietness.

      Big love,
      Myree x

    • I can so feel that dearest Terri, Quietness is a doorway to our next expression of who we are, our next iteration. Enjoy resting in the Quietness and let it do as much of the work for you as possible.

      Sending big love!

      Myree x

  • I recently ad a month holiday in Greece – I traveled alone and it was totally beautiful to have that quite time – in fact I don’t feel much need to change it now I am back in life. The connection to the inner stillness is very beautiful and satisfying and a lot of the more worldly interactions do not satisfy. I do feel the doer impulses nagging at me but deep inside it feels right to be more still.

    • This is so beautiful, tender and astute dearest Doug, and I agree with your sensitive noticing, the quietness is SO deeply, quietly and surprisingly satisfying in ways worldly life cannot be. Keep drinking deeply! May your Greek quietness keep resonating and feeding you forward.

      Big love,
      Mryee x

  • I resonated with this article. I am going through a similar experience now. I am in a phase of rest and recuperation, isolated from my former way of life and I constantly battle with being in this phase of quiet because I am not used to it. I feel a sense of laziness, reprimanding myself for not Doing as I am accustomed. But I am meant to heal instead and it’s hard to accept.

    • Dear Tracy,

      It is wonderful that you can recognise yourself here in this phase of deep and transformative Quietness – this is in some ways the most important step as part of your recovery and healing. To arrive here. I have been here through illness myself in the past. That voice can get noisy, critical and loud. Quietness is its enemy. It will a take a while to appreciate and allow deep rest. And disconnect from it, you are winning in the noticing, keep going! The book “Writing As A Way Of Healing” can be very helpful in starting to transform that voice and have even more compassion for yourself. It is by Louise De Salvo and is wonderful. Many of these voices are conditioned and cultural or familial.

      Sending you big love,

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