When Awakening Feels “too much”

Remembering our amazing nature in the midst of the mundane…and awakening.

There are days when the activities of daily living amidst awakening, the mundane, the quotidian, are all that you can manage to participate in and perform.  Then the magpies start to sing their elaborate and magical songs and you start to remember your own. 

There are days when it is all you can do to get through the requirements and consensual demands of identity and task. Then your little dog looks at you with his big brown eyes and your heart opens and you melt away and all that is left is love.

brown furry dog lonely

There are days when the body reminds you of its sensitivities, disturbances and disruptions, and you begin to believe that that is all you are, and all you ever will be. Then a poem or a song comes to mind, a piece of art, a story told, and you leave your body behind for even a brief moment, and all there is is creation and its wonder and possibility.

There are days when the voices of those inner angels, teams, and spirits are so quiet as to be almost imperceptible.

Were they ever as noisy as you remember them?

Were they ever as present as you once felt?

Then you hear of and respond to a piece of news, the death of a beloved friend, a sudden shock, and you feel the warmth of those angelic teams wrapping their arms around your softest inner places, holding you tight, soothing your heart’s bruises and reminding you of the absolute wonder of a too-short life that was lived fiercely and without doubt.

It is enough, they tell you, it is enough. Celebrate that. Yes! Yes, we will.

woman with birds

There is a poem by the American Author Mary Oliver called “Sometimes”. Four oft-quoted and famous lines in the poem are these:

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

In the midst of the mundane, remembering our amazed and amazing natures can be a challenge. In the midst of what seems unexciting or uninspired, Oliver reminds us that paying attention brings astonishment. 

It just does. 

I know it. 

You know it. 

Dedicating to that. 

Leaning into that.

The magpies, the brown eyes, a favorite song, the warmth of inner love for a beloved friend, paying attention, being astonished, the instructions for living a lifehere and now telling about it. 

Forest sunset field of flowers

Share with me a moment of astonishment in your day today in the comments below.  It will remind us all— we are wonders, on earth, at this time, together.

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  • Thank you for this post Myree. I feel that often my awakening while brings many challenges, also brings a much deeper sense of gratitude and reminder to take note of the beauty that this planet holds for us.

    Currently on holidays, I desperately wanted to watch the sunrise at the beach by myself yesterday while meditating. Unfortunately the kids woke very early and decided to join me, which meant my plans were dashed. While we combed the beach for washed up ‘Pirate Treasure’, I was consumed by frustration. My guides reminded me to soak in the beauty of this planet and receive the spectacular dawning of the day in all of her breath-taking splendor. Once I stopped and allowed for my soul to soak in the stunning beauty everything changed within. A beautiful reminder to step beyond the mundane and allow deep gratitude to flow.

    • ohhh dearest Joelene, this is so beautiful. That amidst the disruptions , demands and challenges you could find a tiny, precious moment to take in the glory and beauty of simply being here. Such moments are potent medicine and soul food for the times when awakening cooks us further. Thank you for sharing!

      Sending you so much love and sweet sunrises!

      Myree x

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