You Can and Should DIY Your Own Healing

When you need to heal something, is the first thing you do open Dr. Google or find the nearest practitioner on Yelp? What if you could turn inward for the cause and the solution? And in the process, you save money and become more whole in your self-identity and empowerment? You can and should DIY your own healing. Here is why and how.


First, I want to preface my intention with this article. I’m not at all saying practitioners are unnecessary. That would be calling myself and my 20+ years in private practice as unnecessary. It’s important to address that I do believe practitioners are helpful (often amazing!), and it’s still good to go see them when their specialised tools, gifts, abilities and training can help you.

This article is my suggestion that there are many forms of healing you can DIY — healing we often don’t realise we have the power to give ourselves and thus either leave unhealed due to inability to hire healers, or we always seek outsourced help and thus never realise the potentiality of our own power and abilities.

Why I know people can (and should) DIY their own healing:

We all have an inner healer.

You might have received the healer stamp at the moment of your soul’s creation, or you might have been given the gift in this lifetime. Either way, you have been fed the story that you don’t have what it takes to self-heal; you have to only hire someone else to figure out the problem and “fix” you.
This story is so rampant because it’s working hard to hide you from the truth: you are your own healer.

This story has succeeded. We have become so accustomed to seeking advice from every expert or mock-expert any time something within us feels off — physically, mentally, energetically, spiritually… We’ve been convinced that the solutions to our pains are only found in others. People not living our own lives, in our own bodies and minds. People who might have studied a niche extensively and could fill books with their hard-earned knowledge, but nevertheless living in their own subjective realities within their own journeys.

We haven’t been allowed to seek the solutions within and trust what we find.

Benefits of learning how to DIY your own healing:

There are times when outside help is necessary and the right call (like medical emergencies). But there’s this cultural custom to seek out practitioners for every single thing that arises in our lives.

The truth is, in many ways, we can regulate ourselves. If we catch a cold or get rocked by a breakup, there are ways to work with the struggles that generate effective, personalised solutions — and badass empowerment.

Through learning how to heal ourselves, we become reacquainted with parts of ourselves long buried and forgotten. We return to wholeness, activate our gifts and stand in our power.

When I first realised I could DIY my own healing:

In 1997, I was in my late twenties, and my psychic gifts really started opening up. As they came online, I also became an energy sponge. I hadn’t done any training or know what to make of what was happening. I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t have the luxury of the Internet back then, in rural Australia. But that major roadblock became a blessing. The only answer, offered by a friend, was to turn to Spirit.

This friend suggested that I call on Archangel Michael. I took his advice, put out the “bat signal,” and Archangel Michael became my ally. Whenever I was vulnerable around energy or started sponging up someone’s pain, I could turn to him and work with him to help clear it. Then, with his presence, I would meditate on why I let that energy in.

That last part was key. Because I turned inward (with help to develop the sense of safety to do so), I was able to learn from my experiences so I could better equip myself for the future and know myself better.

I’ve always had clairaudient abilities, but I wasn’t very strong back then at receiving clairaudient messages. Still, I could always ask for a tip or a little phrase; something small would give me the doorway into unwinding the issue, the struggle, the belief, the behaviour that I needed to address in myself in order to create the change that I was looking for. Sometimes the doorway would lead to an insight or answer as to how and why something was happening to me.

These doorways carried deep meaning because otherwise, things just felt random. Out of my control. I didn’t know I had any power or agency. I didn’t know how to take responsibility and develop the muscles needed to impact and change my own life.

Today, I continue to DIY my own healing by working daily with my Spirit Teams. It’s a daily practice, not just something I recruit whenever strife strikes, because I want to make my life easier, my burdens lighter and my pains softer so I can live with as much peace and freedom as possible. So, I find ways to DIY my healing every single day.

This doesn’t mean I’m now immune to the challenges of life. It means that when those challenges come up or things arise from my past, I have the tools to get curious and reach illuminating understanding of the why’s and how’s, to curate personalised solutions and healing balms, and to feel held throughout the process by my Spirit Teams.

Why I’ve never doubted my ability to DIY my own healing:

Doubting our abilities to DIY our own healing is understandable, and overcome-able. Throughout my traumatising childhood, I doubted it. When my Kundalini awakening began, I doubted it. Even when what were clearly healing gifts came online, I still doubted it.

I don’t doubt my abilities to heal myself anymore because, well, I’ve been successfully doing it for over 20 years now. That’s quite the pile of evidence against the doubt and inner critic! For over 20 years, I’ve cultivated an intimate relationship with my Spirit Teams, who I consult, seek refuge in and laugh with daily. They’re giving me advice on different situations with my work, clients, students or any scenario that I’d like to understand deeper and infuse with true healing.

I’m always finding ways to co-create Spirit Magic with them.

Even when I had heaps of doubt, back when I was first getting to know my Spirit Teams and the magic we could manifest together, I still sensed myself growing in empowerment because there was this presence of love in my life that I had never experienced. I could feel it even when I was besieged by doubt, fears, PTSD, anxiety and worthlessness; whenever those waves came, that love was always there.

The self-love my Spirit Teams unlocked within me was the most fertile ground upon which I am still growing as a healer — for myself, my clients, all beings on Earth and the planet herself.

How to develop your abilities to DIY your own healing:

I’m not an anomaly. In fact, my favourite part of my job is helping others realise they can be just as powerful a healer as I am!

Here are 4 steps to begin finding and opening those doorways:

Step 1

Just allow yourself to be held by a supportive Spirit, however you feel that sensation, to receive Spirit’s love and healing energy. This restful, passive allowance is what attunes you to receiving. And the number one thing you’re doing with your Spirit Teams is receiving.

Even if no other gifts come online for you, everyone can just rest and receive.

And even if you feel a sense that nothing is happening, remind yourself that something IS happening. It’s just happening outside of your current awareness, your ability at that point in your evolution to experience it. This is where you practice trust.

Step 2

Clear out your ears. Your energetic ears. And polish your energetic eyes. Attune your energetic feeling nature so you can start to activate your gifts and connect your subtle channels and ways of receiving your Spirit Teams.

You can do this by becoming more aware, more curious. Little pieces of information shared in a conversation, in a book, in a look from your dog or cat, these can all be doorways for you. Each time you approach a doorway, you can step through to bigger and bigger vistas of possibilities and knowings. To help discern these doorways, you can meditate and ask for angel support, just like I did with Archangel Michael. These angels are always ready and joyous to hold you and attune you to insights and information — they can show you the doorways.

Step 3

Naturally, your knowing of yourself and reclamation of your inner diversity will begin revealing tools to heal yourself. To heal your relationships, to clear and release beliefs, to unfetter yourself from things that are holding you back. Each time we walk through another self-awareness doorway, we find another gift or tool.

Step 4

As you begin to heal yourself, you discover how you can help others to DIY their own lives. And so, one by one, we rewrite the story of The Healer in our culture. We replace the archetype with its original description: one who can embody the infinite and make life easier, more joyful and more peaceful.

Curious what I mean when I talk about my “Spirit Teams”? I teach you how to connect with your own, and build highly specialised versions for your own goals and path, in Spirit Magic. Tap here to read all about it.

With passion for your empowered inner healer,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert


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