The Blog That Won’t Arrive

Things are shifting fast on this planet. Whatever I anticipated for the direction of this year or planned to share on this blog post is not what I want to share with you now. Blogs on kundalini, articles about business, soul alignment, and pivoting as an entrepreneur all sit in my files. 

None are relevant. Not in this moment. 


I sit in awe at the rapid changes on this planet on every level.

I sit, deeply disturbed and consciously engaging with the process that ‘it’ asks me to grapple with, and the big questions I am asked to contemplate because I have no other choice.

Questions like-

What does it mean to be human at a time when half the population of Afghanistan are close to starving to death, when the city of Kyiv is surrounded by guns and weapons, perhaps soon to be reduced to rubble?
What does it mean to be human in a time of pressure?
What does this time ask of me, Myree, as a soul and an individual?
How do I want to stand at this time? Be known for showing up at this time?
How do I meet and choose to meet what has been asked of me?

These questions keep me up at night. They are with me in the garden with the flowers, when I pause, take a breath, and when I’m sitting at my work computer.

What does it mean for us to serve in these times? I find I cannot ignore anything!

I feel strong, ready, present for it, up for the task, willing to meet the pressure with my own sensitive body. 

I find myself willing to be with your pain around what is happening on earth, it does not scare me, it makes me feel more vital, alive, more real. I would rather that, than be numb.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is, when I meet big pain, whether mine or others, or a collective experience, I do not die, I grow.

I find I am more resilient than I realized, and if my heart aches I know it is making me more alive. 

I do all these things consciously and know how to take care of myself as a sensitive, psychic being, and I have learned to stand in my power, not be crushed by the weight of horror even when it reaches out to me.

At the same time, I am only mortal.

I feel fatigue. I feel heartbreak. I feel helplessness.

I wonder about these questions.

How can this time be the making of me as a human being, because I feel it is meant to be that, for this life, for me?

I find myself standing deep in my values, anchored in my ethics, holding them down because I feel we are all being asked to hold them down.

What do we stand for?

How do we stand up for it?

I don’t have all the answers, I don’t know if any of this answers anything for you, but I do find myself being formed in the power of this time and of these questions while they are tunneling deeper into me and planting seeds of growth for tomorrow and the future.

Being here I feel tremendous love coming through me, for you, for us, for the planet, for our conflicts, for love beyond ourselves, and for all sides, even if it is hard to find love sometimes. 

I trust you will find your own way in these times, and if your heart breaks open in the moment, this is right, and seeds of a bigger love and courage will burst in the softness of that place.

I cannot  be controlling, and these events show me so deeply how much I cannot control anything – one of the best and clearest of life’s lessons.

But I can choose how I show up.

I can choose to write this now and give it to you. 

And you can choose to follow the truest movement inside you.

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