5 Signs You’re Stuck On Your Path + A Way Out (Leaders & Healers, This is for You)

To all soulful leaders, healers and folks who feel called to make a difference in the world, I see you. And I don’t want you to remain disconnected from your gifts and unique ways of offering them any longer.

So I’ve listed 5 signs for you to recognise how and why you’re stuck, and I invite you to explore a way out: a compilation of my life’s work as a soul guide for people just like you.

“Stop wasting your gifts! Stop dilly-dallying. You are magnificent!”

Sometimes I want to shout this to the world 20 times a day.

It’s painful having this soul gift of literally feeling, knowing and clairvoyantly “seeing” other people’s soul gifts and beauty. And then witnessing these same folks fall at the critical hurdle of sharing them into the world.

I watch them shy away because they lack the confidence to stand in them.

I see them unable to value their gifts — or even see them as gifts!

Hear my heart aching here…. Cue tree-falling sound.

Even more painfully… I see people who obviously have a gift to lead, heal, serve, support the transformation of others in some way or make a huge difference. But they feel that their offerings are not valuable enough or desired… or they get stuck trying to conceptualise the right container for their gifts. Or they’re eaten away with doubt so they can’t take the next steps.

In my 20+ years of service, plus my half-century of life on this planet, I have seen this happen too many times.

Perhaps you have also seen this in others… Or in yourself?

In a way, I couldn’t help it. I had to step in and do something about this massive problem.

So, for decades as a coach, healer and therapist, I’ve provided critical support to other healers leaders, guides, wayfinders and all kinds of service-based entrepreneurs to go over those edges.

In my work, I have learnt what we need so we can stand in our sacred gifts and offer our soul arts to the world. I’ve also learnt, specifically, where we get snagged, lost or sunk.

These are some of the edges and missing pieces I see in stuck soulful leaders:

  1. You don’t recognise your gifts or what makes you unique in your particular calling. You cannot diagnose your own brand of sacred magic that makes you magnetic in what you offer. Or you cannot recognise this in others.
  2. You don’t have the solid confidence or deep enough self-permission to be this kind of gifted being, leader, teacher, practitioner, etc. in the world, so it feels too hard to step into this power — or impossible altogether.
  3. You cannot hold yourself on your growing leadership edges. Instead, you wander, run away or keep cycling. This is because the dream or vision NEVER lets us go or truly forget it.
  4. You don’t know how to hold sacred space in your work so you can amplify the power of the gifts you bring or the scale of their positive impact. Or so you can skillfully blend the different levels of awareness you want people to surf, access and enjoy.
  5. You are not trauma-informed, so you wobble on edges around other people’s trauma, understandably scared of how to fully and correctly support them. And without knowing how to not cause harm, you hold back on the power of your vision and offerings. Instead, you give a softer version — just in case. One that is just not magnetic or transformative enough to be fulfilling for you, for them or for your vision.

Bringing all of this personal power together is not easy. This is why we hit these edges listed above.

These edges are amplified if we are ahead of our time, stepping out of tight ancestral, familial or cultural containers of who we “should” be, but we have something new to offer the world. I personally know how hard it can be to glean this kind of sacred knowledge, to traverse the edges and harness our potential.

I have wandered in the bleak wilderness, confused, following fuzzy soul signals I did not know how to clarify, signals that persisted and dragged me further into the darkness to find them.

I hungered for the knowledge I could not find (or had not been created yet!), and I squandered opportunities I was not yet confident enough to accept.

I knew there were different ways of “healing” but could not find them anywhere.

I especially longed for a more empowered style of leadership that included the sacred feminine, the art of holding deep sacred space, of being expansively inclusive and someone who could help others be a “homemaker” for their own soul, visions and dreams.

After decades of exploring, witnessing and supporting myself and others through this process, I’ve taken my work a huge leap further and created what I see as the ultimate finishing school for soul-led leaders and healers:

Sacred & Safe Leadership – Trauma-Informed Mastermind™

Much of this wisdom, which I am going to share in this mastermind, comes hard-won, often expensively so, in one way or another. Thus, the wisdom is even more precious.

It’s offered to spare you from traipsing around the wilderness too long, so instead you can stand powerfully in your offerings and make your mark on the world.

I have curated all of the most essential tools, wisdom and direct experiences I wish someone had given me as I was stepping into my soul offerings and life works. And offering them to you….

It’s time we really get it, own it and stand in all of this…all of our abilities and power and also get very clear about what is holding us back!

To you, dear leader, this is my big wish: stop wasting your potential. You have this “one wild and precious life” and this incredible blessing to be borne in such privilege on this planet.

In the Sacred & Safe Mastermind™, I’m going to bring you all of the resources, wisdom, tools and training you need to stand fully in your potential. I’m going to teach you how to own it and shine it with your unique flavour.

I will give you deep, personalised support in group coaching throughout the entire 6-month program. You are going to be spoilt by me!

I invite you to fully recognise, embrace, know and embody your gifts.

At the end of this training, you’re not only going to have these capacities to vision-hold for yourself, you’re going to be able to do all of this space-holding, vision-nurturing and gift-seeing for other people, too. You will be capable of giving and sharing to others powerfully, magnetically and transformatively all you have learnt.

So, this mastermind is not only going to be about you; it’s also going to be about your work in your community and your work in the world.

Because I believe that if you’re called to step up in incredible ways, it means you have exactly what it takes to see it through. Because much is asked of those who have much to give.

Join me and other soulful leaders, healers, teachers, changemakers and depth seekers in the Sacred & Safe Leadership Mastermind™.

To learn more about it and ask all of your questions… What do you want to know about the Sacred & Safe Leadership Mastermind™? Drop a question below and I’ll make sure to note it for our upcoming live Q&A!

With passion for your ownership of your profound gifts,

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

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