Why Human Design Generators Have to Do Business Differently

It turns out…Human Design Generators have to do business very differently from the norm!

In my first Human Design article series, I highlight what it means in the business world (or any kind of decision-making world) to be a 4/6 Generator with Emotional Authority and a Vessel of Love incarnation cross.

Read on to understand what on earth that all means, and for inspiration to investigate and align your own business!


(Background: Human Design is a system that spells out how to be most aligned and in flow based on your type, authority, ratio and incarnation cross – all determined from your birth chart.)


I’m conducting a big experiment this year. The question: what would happen in my life, and in my business, if my decisions and strategies were centred on my human design?

So you can take the Mustang sports car ride with me this year in my Human Design Generator Business Experiment, here are some fundamentals to know about Generators, 4/6 folk and the love incarnation cross —  and some of the unique business challenges these types face.

First, I am a Human Design Generator. In one sentence, this means I am here to respond to things rather than initiate them.

This means Generators must “wait” for signals from other humans about needs, desires or requests before taking action and initiating something.  

It means I cannot hope for wild success by crafting my own business ideas solely because I am inspired. My creations will achieve that wild success only if they stem from responding to the needs, invitations, offers, requests and opportunities around me. 

I’m also an Aries, and Aries people tend to not like waiting! 

But to experience the success that flows, Human Design tells me that I have to be patient, slow the hell down and observe what is happening around me. 

Importantly, business ideas that I generate from my own inspiration, without checking in and making sure I am in “response” to other humans, are set to fail, be difficult to foster or struggle to find an audience. I have been here more than once, each time totally flummoxed, unaware that my big idea was failing simply because it wasn’t created as a clear response.

In contrast, if I respond to requests from others for a creation, course, class or new way of doing business, those initiatives are much more likely to succeed. I’ve experienced this, too. My Spirit Magic course sparked from student requests, and now it is growing like wildfire!

(Stay tuned for my article loaded with evidence of this responding instead of initiating Generator method! Sign up here to get emailed the link.)

Human Design also details our authority type. For Generators, it’s either emotional or sacral. Mine is emotional.

This means Emotional Authority Generators should not be spontaneous when making decisions, but instead check in with their emotions and the broader perspective that emotions can highlight. 

Thank goodness I had at least worked this out some time ago! Still, I had not developed the ritual of checking in with my gut’s (or solar plexus) “yes” or “no” before giving my answer — a core practice for Generators. Now, I always take this pause. And it is amazing how assured I feel in a decision after doing so!

When you generate your Human Design profile, you will also see a ratio number. 

These numbers relate to the I’Ching lines and numbers, and there are ten different profile types. You can discover your own Human Design profile here.

I am a 4/6, AKA the Role Model and Opportunist.

This 4/6 ratio outlines the challenges of my business life: while we 4/6 folks are friendly and gracious, loving lots of people, we cannot sell to strangers. 

Yep, you read that right. I cannot sell to strangers. 

In fact, people who don’t already know me well do not even notice me, let alone find me interesting or important enough to be worth paying attention to! They don’t even sense my aura or vibe; they just keep on rolling by.

As a 4/6, how on earth are we to be successful in our businesses if we cannot sell to strangers? We can’t just keep selling to our moms and aunties!

When I discovered this Catch-22 in my learning deep-dive on Generators, I could not stop laughing!

I had unknowingly worked this out years ago. Then last year in particular, I spent so much time contemplating why my offerings were not selling like they were “supposed” to when I was following all of the expert marketing rules. 

Then Human Design confirmed my understanding of what I had already come to realise: people need to get to know me first. They simply won’t commit until they do.

What a relief! I was NOT doing anything wrong; I simply am not designed to go out wildly marketing myself in the world and blowing my trumpet as we are taught in modern business circles. Not that any of that ever felt good anyway (in hindsight, that was clue #1!).

So, as a 4/6 Generator, I’m left with a big question and challenge:

How do I expand and bring more people into the circle of my work when I cannot “sell to strangers?”

Finally, the third piece of this Human Design business puzzle: the incarnation cross.

My Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle of the Vessel of Love. Sounds beautiful, right? And it is.

Your Incarnation Cross refers to about 70% of your life purpose. Yes, 70%!

Mine is love, love, love and more love! Unlike the other aspects of my Human Design profile, I feel like my life and business are already very aligned with my cross. I have been living this way for decades, with increasing strength. If you jump around my site, you will see why: I am loving you at so many different angles on here. And I keep on doing it. I cannot help it. 

(My incarnation cross is the heart of my upcoming social media experiment… Stay tuned! Or sign up to get it emailed to you when it’s published). 

Many of us yearn for a guidepost, a lighthouse, something clear and steady to tell us where to go, what to do, who to be. I see the incarnation cross as a powerful guide. 

So, incarnation cross in mind, my intention in 2022 is to amplify and be even more attuned to being in service to love, and to support others to come into even more alignment and flow with the love that they are. Then, see what magic arises and what opportunities flow from juicing up my incarnational cross emanation.

I will go in depth about incarnation crosses in an upcoming article soon.

To summarise, Human Design 4/6 Generators with Emotional Authority can transform their business if they keep in mind:

  1. Their motivations, ideas, inventions and creations must be in response to what they pick up from those around them.
  2. They cannot sell to strangers, so they need to create ways for people to get to know them first.
  3. They cannot make decisions spontaneously, but must check in with their solar plexus/gut for a broader lens of evaluation.

If you’re a Human Design Generator or Projector (they have many similarities when it comes to business), you may be curious about the summation of my business challenges I am gearing up to overcome in 2022. For a more in-depth look at my Human Design Generator Business Experiment, tap here.

What do you think? Upon reflection, did any “Aha!” light bulbs turn on for you? What else are you curious about when it comes to business from a Human Design perspective. You are invited to share with me in the comments below.  

More soon,

Myree Morsi real signature kundalini awakening expert, trauma therapist, soul guide, leadership coach

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  • Hi! 4/6 here. Thank you for this 🙂 interest groups kind of work great as well :p

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Ivo,

      Oh yes, interest groups are fabulous. Thank you for your suggestion and posting here to support other folks as well. Gratitude!

      Wishing you well on your 4/6 journey!

      Big love,

  • I’m a 4/6 sacral generator with the right angle vessel of love too!! I’m SO glad I found your article!! I’ve been noticing a need to do business differently and whenever I listen to my HD I’m never led astray. You’re the only one I found who I resonated with, thank you so much for creating this!!

    • Hi Aseel,

      Thank you so much for posting this, I can feel your delight and enthusiasm. I hope it reaches others who read your comment as well. When we begin to uncover these levels of understanding in our lives then the moments of synchronicity can be joyous! Finding your tribe, your people and the language to use in order so that you can be seen is a precious and wonderful gift from this kind of self examination.

  • LOVE this article-thank you❣️
    Do you /can you have further resources fir generators who are starting a soul guided business? Especially with limited funds/ no friends/family and am unknown/no list.

    • Hi Victoria,

      That’s a lovely idea, however it’s not my specific realm of expertise. There are people out there who specialize in this and I would suggest taking this as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your own intuition by looking for them. And listening to your generator gut instinct to determine if they are aligned for you. This is your first step, keep going! Burrow down the rabbit hole of intuitive research. Look at being at the very beginning as a gift to start from an authentic base, slow down and feel into your own intentions and passions. Take the time to value your own unique offerings, for many generators, there is no worn path. You may have to be a trailblazer to your own cause. Sending you big love on your adventure! Myree

  • You and I have the exact same human design profile 4/6 emotional sacral/ vessel of love people.

    This makes perfect sense for me as a mental health counselor who exudes a loving/ wise advisor to my clients over the years. I’m directive, accepting, loving, warm and inspiring according to feedback from others.

    I really appreciate hearing what you’ve said about yourself in business and will take that to heart!

    • Dearest Melissa,

      Amazing! Pleased to meet you soul sister. May you have ongoing success from anything I was able to share.

      Big love,
      Myree x

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