Being Sensitive: From Bad Haircuts To Big Medicine

Psychic, painful and extraordinary!

These are some of the words I would use to describe my adventure in life as a highly sensitive person. I have taken the powerful gift of sensitivity that was my birthright and transformed it into a personal work of art.

I’ve decorated it with the failures and flair that all led to big internal medicine.

Travel with me as I take you on my own adventure as a highly sensitive person.


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From a very early age, I was already psychic, sensitive, shy overall yet confident as well in the areas I felt drawn to. At that age, my empath abilities were already active and I was needing them to navigate and try to support the adults around me. 

As only a child, I was completely in dizzy love with the outdoors and with nature as my mother figure. I loved being sensitive, it connected me deeply to what I loved however it also amplified my pain.


A Young Child

Here I am, at seven years old, with my brother, the constant mischief. I am deeply poised and aware of the needs of those people around me. I am using my sensitivity to be a protector of others, including my younger, incorrigible brother who was always a dabbling rascal. After this photograph, he ate too much at the wedding, and cried! I alternate between being a very good, quiet, obedient child around others, and on my own or with scally-wag Adam being a wild child in nature when we were free from adults.

This was a time when I shamanically conversed with the energy and consciousness of everything – plants, trees, rocks, animals, sky. My psychic vision continued to unfold.

I was also deeply feeling, and I would cry a lot when I was either hurt or moved by others. As I got older this quality of deep feeling would cause me to be shamed. The world around me responded to it by reinforcing that it was unwelcome. It was considered unnecessary and became confusing for my caretakers.


The Teenage Self

As well as all the bad rural haircuts that were inexpert attempts to tame my unruly curls (perhaps a metaphor for my state), I began to truly suffer for being a sensitive person in ways that were profoundly confusing for me. I knew my sensitivity was beautiful but my quietness and shyness and my bright light made me a target in a society that gave esteem to a kind of knockabout carelessness. In a culture that diminished the sacred, the holy, the deep and sincere, being sensitive meant that I got in trouble all the time, and was disliked for everything I seemed to be. I had a small group of people who were an oasis for me – in art, theater, music, these were places where it was OK to be sensitive, and these places were full of others who took refuge from the relentlessness of the culture in the town where I grew up.

I had two personas– one, a confident girl who was a leader in her community, excelling at school, and two, someone who questioned her worth in private, retreating into sensitivity and a relationship with nature in order to survive.


The Twenties

In my 20s, I tried to leave all the pain behind and headed off to build a whole new life for myself in ways I had no option to do before. In the inner city of Melbourne, I thrived in the more open-minded community but was also energetically overwhelmed by the clash and clutter. I suffered deeply from my inability to access nature while living there. However, this was where I began to build a tribe with friends and other people who were like me, deep, sensitive and thoughtful. It grew into a kind of sanctuary where I could repair the wounds from earlier, without knowing I was also healing my sensitivity. I began yoga and meditation. While sensitizing me this was also big medicine that initiated a deep healing process.

I began failing at things I was good at because my repressed trauma was starting to seep through, like groundwater, overwhelming me at the most unexpected times and speaking through my sensitive knowing.



This was a time of big sensitive revolution, from the get-go. In my thirties, I focused on my own deep personal transformation while leading and supporting others through theirs. This was a time of clearly reclaiming and naming my sensitivity and beginning to really understand who I was, what I needed to stay healthy and whole, and what served me as a sensitive soul. I started to curate a lifestyle aligned with my empath and the sensitive within. It was all about flying my sensitive flag boldly in the world. This was where being extremely sensitive (and becoming increasingly so) seemed to align like pure gold and potent medicine with my purpose.

Seeing my sensitivity in deep service and as a gift to others was powerful healing for me. I began to reclaim my power. I was returning full circle to who I was. What a relief. What a homecoming.

I was also perplexed by picking up other people’s stuff, or energies from environments and receiving psychic attacks. Thus, I started finding tools or developing them in order to help myself. Energetic self-protection was a new experience and life-changing.



Here I am cycling in New York City, having fun on dangerous roads and using sensitivity to navigate it all. The forties were a time of beginning to really be radiant in my sensitivity. I was proud of being sensitive. It was my ally and I fully backed myself as a sensitive. I was unmoveable from its bounty. I used all the powers and medicine it bought in my work and in my own personal journey. I relied on it for inner guidance and wisdom and began to confidently navigate the world as a high-sensitive.

I even moved countries and studied abroad. Using my sensitive gifts to completely plan that move down to where I lived, always taking into account everything I needed as a sensitive and, thus, I thrived. This decade was about doing things in the world I would once have found impossible or overwhelming. My visibility and activity in the world increased while refined self-care evolved to make it possible.

Kundalini yoga reinforced my auric boundaries and made being in the world a dream. I felt strong and powerful as a sensitive– two words that once seemed unavailable when paired together with sensitivity.




What can I say, I, one hundred percent, love being sensitive!

I live a lifestyle that allows me to thrive, to endure the unpredictable such as being a Covid refugee and suddenly estranged in a country away from my temple of sensitivity in Portland, OR, USA.  Well, I haven’t only endured, I have flourished. I have built a body of sensitivity work that brings the deepest satisfaction to me and empowers others around the world. I am living the mission that the little girl at the start of this story dreamt on to this planet. This is who she came to be. She is happy and smiling at me. All my work is designed for highly sensitive people, to empower them to live as they are and share their incredible gifts in the world. To be visible, to thrive, to be happy and well. I am robust and unaffected by any negativity towards sensitivity, I have no inner critic remaining in regards to it and within I feel mostly & deeply congruent and an ally for all that I am as a sensitive.

The best thing is that my sensitivity will continue to thrive and expand and hopefully we have many years more before us to be creative and give birth to bounty for other beautiful sensitive beings like you. I would never change being sensitive, for me, it is the foundation of everything. It governs how I lead, relate, teach, and care for myself and others and is the foundational magic of all I share.

Please join me and hundreds of others as we usher in the raise of vibration on the planet by discovering more of the sensitive tribe than ever before.

If you would love to reclaim and understand your sensitivity, if you would like to gently surpass your limits like a winged seed let loose in the wind then come share in the wisdom I’ve gathered to create a fertile ground where you can safely land. I‘ve written a Sacred Sensitivity course, specifically for you and I have been teaching this for 13 years. It has nurtured and empowered so many unique stories to unfold and bloom.

What comes after trial, dedication and lessons, is always a celebration!

Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower

Myree is changing the narrative of what it means to be sensitive, an HSP or an empath — it is not a weakness or a thing to hide, but an essential superpower for humanity’s ecosystem!

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  • Myree, thank you for sharing your story! it is encouraging to all sensitive people and helps to finally understand that in vulnerability is our true strength and power.

    • Oh I am so glad! Thank you Casandra yes sensitivity is a journey and it can take us to beautiful and surprising places.

      Blessings to your own sensitive nature.
      Big love,
      Myree x

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