Have you been a healer in a past lifetime?

I have met many people that know or suspect that they have been a healer in a past lifetime.

They carry healer energy within them or they know and sense that the healer archetype is a path that they have walked and have perhaps, deeply loved. I often find with these people that there is an active or repressed longing to actuate that healer energy again, to allow the beauty of being in service to life and others through deeper gifts. Gifts that often connect you to the divine, the universe and the earth; allow you to be a conduit of healing and love and so much more.

It’s not uncommon for me to sit with someone and for them to openly weep with the deep longing to reclaim this part of themselves. It can ache inside them. I have seen it even in people on an allied health path, doing healing work in a medical profession, but still, it has not provided enough of a forum for the healer energy and the healer within to express itself. One of the most painful, ongoing aches we can have is to not walk the paths we have come here to walk, especially if you have a soul contract made with dedication and that is why you are here.

So why do people who have been healers feel obstructed in this way?

First of all, it is because, for millennia, in many cultures being a healer was a very welcome role and held in high esteem. There is deep satisfaction, joy and meaningfulness that comes from supporting people to heal their lives, their broken hearts, their injured bodies, their self-sabotage, the mysterious things that hold them back or the ancestors that won’t let them move forward. 

There is a polarization between the beautiful experiences of being a healer and the oppressive, tragic and often horrific experiences that healers have had, particularly in western and colonial cultures in the last millennium. 

We all know history very well. The persecution, imprisonment, ostracization, torture, shaming, guilting and murdering of the highly sensitive, the fey, the plant medicine makers, the midwives, the healing storytellers, the wise folk, the shamans, those who communicate with other realms – generation after generation these people suffered deeply after many thousands of years in which they were adored, and experienced depths of community gratitude. This is a very confusing polarity to hold within yourself.  The challenge is that life will never stop trying to live through you and bring forth these healer gifts, so there can be this intense pressure between who you are and what cultures through time and your multi-lifetime history have denied. 

So, we can end up very tangled, blocked, sabotaged, grief-stricken and sometimes in agony.

One of the most difficult past life experiences to resolve is a horrific death, being shamed or ostracized, these are big markers on the journey and can lead someone to avoid who they are for good reason. You may remember delivering babies, and the beatific delight on a mother’s face and at the same time the horror of being publicly humiliated and to subsequently die – this is a lot to reconcile. 

The echoes of these traumatic lifetimes and events, the judgements and projections, are carried in our subtle body. They vibrate as we start to move toward our healer nature.  There, I imagine, millions of healers stop moving forwards in a time on this planet when we are desperate to heal. Where the earth itself is desperate to heal.

Many healers carry such deep and profound gifts that we are hungry for, but that remain frozen, and this is a serious challenge for our communities, our systems and ultimately our planet. 

Signals of being a healer in a past life.

  • Feelings, memories, dreams, knowing or images of being a healer – these people have very open and present memories. 
  • The most predominant signal is a deep, internal sense of knowing. People just *know* that they have been a healer and nothing and nobody can change their mind about that. It whispers to them, it sings to them in quiet moments.
  • You sense your own healer nature rising through you as you care for your garden, your children, and those in your life. 
  • People tell you that your presence is healing, that your hands are healing, or they surprise you with the shifts that take place when you support them. 
  • A deep, inexplicable longing to be a healer again – even if you don’t remember being a healer before. 
  • Wisdom and knowledge about plants, the earth, the body, energy, spirit, etc, things you just know but cannot explain. 
  • An identified healer recognizes you, tells you that you are called to this role. 
  • You go through an awakening and it starts to liberate healing gifts that have been dormant for centuries. 
  • You find yourself endlessly reading books about healing to feed some deep longing inside yourself that you cannot explain. 

Myree’s work: When I meet a healer

For two decades, part of my work has been liberating frozen or terrified healers from the pain that has submerged them into hiding. I have helped them to remember the gifts that are so obvious to me when I look at them – healing gifts of energy, light, medicine, plants, song, touch or art and much more. 

When I meet a healer from a past lifetime it is usually pretty obvious to me unless it has been incredibly buried. Because to be a healer your aura has been refined to be a conduit – of knowledge, a tradition, of other realms, of energies. Your aura gets cultivated and often has advanced healing technologies in it which, as a clairvoyant, I can see. It is one of the most beautiful things to see as a clairvoyant.

It is so obvious to me that someone is a healer yet the person themselves may be filled with doubt. They may even be living a very ‘normal’, perhaps suburban life fulfilling a very mainstream role yet, can feel beneath that someone who has spent lifetimes refining their system to function in a very healing way. 

When we die our healer gifts don’t disappear, they don’t vanish, they travel with us. And at some point in time those gifts awaken, come back online whether or not you are ready for it.

The stress comes when the unfurling of these gifts hits the trauma that you also carry, the terrifying things that may have happened to you, people you loved or your community in other times. 

So, here I use Spirit Magic tools, such as Past Life Healing and Trauma Reversal, to clear the pain and terror, to resolve and process the past life experiences so that they can feel safe to reclaim who they are. 

Everybody is unique but what I have seen repeatedly is the enormous relief and falling away of constriction, unbidden waves of terror, and an unmitigated joy at being able to return to who you really are. Returning to incredibly valuable and precious gifts that you have the joy to play with and discover and allow to lead you forward into life. You fully come back into the relationship with who you are as a healer and who you are as a soul. A soul that has been a healer, has chosen to come to this planet and be a healer through many lifetimes, is of a high frequency; an exquisitely designed, intangible conduit of things greater than themselves. 

To see someone come back into their healer nature is to see someone truly come home. 

If the healer within you longs to unfurl if you want to learn tools and have opportunities to liberate the healer in you, join me in the Healer Challenge and my upcoming Spirit Magic program where you get to play with the healing power of Spirit and energies that transform yours and others’ lives. 

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  • Hi myree, I have been told many times I have been a healer & absolutely agree.. I currently do healing work with horses mostly & dogs.. love it & it feels so right. It’s always been there I just needed to learn /understand more, how to.. I’m not concerned about the past , curious but don’t feel it’s holding me back , just need more confidence in my ability, or that could be the general publics education ? Particularly in the animal/equine world. Thank you Myree, cheers Anni

    • Hi Anni, I love that you are so at ease with being a healer, and your healer nature, a power, a blessing and I send joyous congratulations! I am glad you are in loving service to our beloved companions, animals, horses, dogs and nature. They are such a joy to support and receive so deeply.

      Sending big love to you!And also blessings as your healer path unfolds!
      Myree x

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