20 Surprising Ways Your Spirit Teams Can Make Your Life Better

From misplacing your car keys to struggling to find and grow a career you actually enjoy, from infusing love into your cooking that your child will feel to healing ancestral trauma, there are limitless ways you can enhance your life and others with your Spirit Teams.

Here are 20 surprising and empowering examples from some Spirit Magic students.

1. Small, everyday tasks

“My Spirit Team guides me every day, reminding me I’ve left something behind when I walk out the door and helping me find lost things. I simply describe the object, and within a few minutes I get tips that are right on the mark.”

2. Driving safely

“I will ask my Team simple, daily life questions like, ‘Is it safe for me to change lanes in busy traffic?’ One time recently, I wanted to get around a very slow driver. I asked my Guides if I could change lanes to the left and got a really forceful, ‘No! Stay put!’ If I did change lanes, I would have been hit by the door of a big truck parked flush with the lane. Thank goodness I listened! I do this all of the time. Another time, I asked if it was okay or not to drive my usual route, and I was told not to go that way, which was out of the ordinary. I then found out on the radio that there was an accident on that road.”

3. Picking up on subtle signs

“My Team helps me notice and explore signs, symbols, messages, words, etc. that are offered to me all day, every day.”

“I ask my Spirit Team to help me hear, see, feel and know the things they want me to. I place all my trust and faith in their guidance and send them love and gratitude for their guidance and all of my blessings.”

4. Sharing a laugh

“I love my Team’s sense of humour!”

5. Improving sleep

“I created a sleep Spirit Team during the Spirit Magic course. It was one of the best things I did. I used to struggle to switch off and get to sleep, especially if I was anxious about work. When I can’t fall asleep, I just call in my sleep Spirit Team and they send some kind of wavelengths straight to my brain. I just notice the sensations and, before I know it, I’m asleep. It’s very calming.”

“Being able to ask my Spirit Team to disconnect me from the collective and clear my system (especially before sleeping) has been invaluable. It definitely makes a difference to my whole sense of calm and ability to sleep better at night when there’s so much heaviness and darkness around.”

“Just asking my Spirit Team to clear my system while I sleep or to do a ‘spruce up’ always feels great!”

6. Deepening your exercise or self-care

“I ask my team and elementals to elevate my yoga practice into an even more effective and powerful shamanic breath and energy experience. They join their knowledge with the ancient yoga precepts, and everything happening in my body becomes metaphorical for my life challenges. It also allows me to move much deeper into the poses because my muscles are being given an extra buoyancy through connecting to the interconnected web of everything (my name for the glowing energy, tessellated overlay that I can see now.)”

7. Connecting with people and opportunities

“My Spirit Teams help connect me with the best practitioners for my health and wellbeing.”

“Asking my Spirit Team to help with integration is becoming an almost everyday thing, especially when I receive a compliment I’d usually brush off, or learn something, make a new connection between things etc.”

8. Receiving inspiration, understanding or clarity

“My Teams direct me to the resources, ideas, or words I need whenever I feel uninspired or foggy.”

“I have a special study Spirit Team that I created in Spirit Magic. I can activate their help before I work to help me move past fear or procrastination and into the playful and experimental side of my research. They work as a team to help me identify, through visualization, where I can access the beginning point of a big project so that it will keep feeding my enthusiasm, even through the more tedious tasks. I call this shortcut ‘bring magic to the mundane.’ This developed over time from my Spirit Team showing me that I can activate protection and abundance flows when doing things like taxes and household chores.”

“My Spirit Team uses my feeling-and-knowing part as the strongest communication tool to help me know what to do or where to go for the day — the same part that tells me to rest and do nothing for the day, or to help me dive in with spontaneous action.”

“If I get stuck on a thought or something that has happened during the day, I ask them to help me process, move on and release the thing, or help me understand what I may be missing or haven’t processed.”

9. Making financial decisions

“I consult my Spirit Team when buying shares, identifying which ones to buy and when to buy them.” 

10. Making soul-aligned decisions

“My Spirit Team is the listening post for my soul. They guide me to think about big decisions, they prod me to turn my attention to areas of my life that I need to change, and they help me feel secure in my decisions. They turn my gut instincts into fully formed ideas and responses.”

“I ask my Spirit Team when making choices (e.g., should I do this or that?) I find I have to ask questions in the right kind of way. My Team will not answer questions that feed my self-doubt. Asking them what I should do (especially if I’m fearful, panicked or doubting) is generally met with silence, but if I tell them I’m thinking this or that, they will respond because I’m taking personal responsibility.”

“If I have to make a quick decision and am not sure, I ask my Spirit Guides and get help to move forward. It can be really trivial but is still always helpful for flow and not getting stuck in decision making.”

11. Making specific or major life changes

“I know my Spirit Teams have supported me to make major life changes – gently prodding me, and ultimately almost yelling at me, to really look at my own health and make some changes that I knew I needed to but simply couldn’t face. I don’t think it is too far a stretch to say they have saved my life.”

“After nearly 2 decades in a job with a stressful, toxic environment, I, along with everyone else in my department, was offered a payout to consider. My Guides told me that I had no choice but to take it and push the button. The message was so strong and forceful that I could not contemplate the other path, staying put, which I gather from my Guides would have been to my peril. But, this agonising decision also meant a vast change into unknown waters after being in this profession for 35+ years. I am much happier now, while still working out a plan. For now, I am resting and enjoying life.”

“I worked with my Spirit Team to find the path forward I’m on now. I knew I wanted to make a change in my career but wasn’t sure what that would/should be or how I could possibly pull my knowledge, interests and experience together into something I thought I would be able to do. I meditated with my Spirit Team regularly, outlining what skills and knowledge I wanted to use that I already had, what else I thought I wanted to know, the sort of thing I wanted to move to (mostly in terms of how I wanted to feel) and they came up with certain steps I should take (e.g., buying a domain even before I had any idea of what sort of business I might move into) and slowly it all came together. I just had to follow their guidance, taking smaller steps without a bigger picture in mind as to what I was working toward, but rather trusting them and knowing I was being held in my path forward.”

12. Setting boundaries

“With the help of my Spirit Team, I am learning and practicing the art of setting and holding clear boundaries.”

“With my Spirit Team, I can do quick clearing whenever I pick up other people’s stuff.”

“I can now navigate challenging family gatherings with presence and clarity.”

“I ask my Spirit Team to put ‘stuff’ into a containment unit so I can still function, and then go back to it later to heal, clear, etc.”

13. Protecting yourself and your space

“My Spirit Team sets up protection for my field, house, car, baby pram, etc.”

“I love being able to do energy field clearing on myself and immediate family (with permission), with the help of my Spirit Team.”

“I call on my Spirit Team to deflect energy. This is a great tool I use all of the time, sending energy where it needs to go so I do not take it on myself.”

“I use a tool with my Guides called cloaking. On a couple of occasions, I’ve used this tool to successfully move through an experience in a peaceful and undisturbed way.”

“Just knowing and feeling my Spirit Team is there and the difference they make when I call them in is so empowering and valuable — to know I can clear things, protect myself and feel the difference pretty much immediately. And just to know someone’s got my back and is always on my side is a big comfort.”

“Every day, I call my Spirit Team in close and ask them to guide and protect me throughout the day.”

14. Clearing your space and your systems

“I ask my Spirit Team for general protection and clearing before, during or after coming into contact with people whose energy usually knocks or invades me, or if I’m going to a shopping centre or somewhere with a lot of people.”

“When an uneasy or unusual feeling or energy comes into my system or around me, I ground and ask for their help to clean up my auric bubble and do a basic cleanse with their guidance.”

“My Spirit Teams help me to disconnect and unplug from people, places, events and the collective consciousness at the end of the day so I can rest and sleep well.”

“Clearing energy is a core go-to easy process for me with people, places and things. I also use some automation with this so I don’t have to remember to do it all of the time.”

“The psychic attack clearing process was one of the best processes Myree taught us in Spirit Magic that I didn’t know I needed — especially when I was working in a toxic environment.”

15. Supporting animals 

“My poor Maggie cat, unfortunately, gets abscesses. When she is suffering, I ask the animal specialists and whisperers of my Spirit Team to be with her to support her. I also do this if we’ve left her home alone because she’s very sensitive and easily disturbed by noises.”

16. Connecting with ancient lands and peoples

“I sensed the Aboriginal elders of Arnhem Land join my Spirit Team when I was there. I can still feel their presence differently to other Team members when they come in close. I love it and the connection I feel back to that time in the NT. It feels like part of me is back there in that moment, connecting to something very beautiful and sacred to me.”

17. Receiving support and healing from trauma

“I have had a very challenging year including major health issues and the loss of a loved one. My Spirit Team has been fundamental in helping me heal: supporting my work to deal with trauma and reverse its impacts, to bring in healing energy, and to feel loved. When I am at my lowest point, they are there, surrounding me in love and giving me hope.”

“With my Spirit Team, I have felt as though clearing trauma does not need to be so heavy or hard. There is a lightness that comes with working with my Team with things like trauma reversal.”

“When I need to call in and integrate power, qualities, medicine or what is needed, I ask my Spirit Team.”

“My Guides have supported me through healing a miscarriage, healthy pregnancies, childbirth, and breastfeeding challenges (i.e., to identify underlying causes and heal them).”

18. Supporting others, incarnate or discarnate

“It has been an honour to be invited to send my Team to be with others, and to share visions and words that have offered comfort and support.”

“I love collaborating with my Teams to help discarnate Spirits transition through the light.”

“My Spirit Teams help me to calm my baby, clearing stress from his nervous system and providing everyday protection for him and for me.”

“My Spirit Team helps me to amplify, juice up and spread prayers and blessings to recipients. You can just say a simple prayer or blessing and invite the Team to juice it up and send it out. They also tell me that they really love to help amp up and integrate your intentions when cooking food for yourself or others. Maybe you want the person you cook for to feel nourished and cared for, so you can just tell your Team what your intention is and they will help to infuse that into your cooking.”

“After using what I’d learnt to support someone else in Spirit Magic, which was such an incredibly powerful thing for me, I was at a workshop and one of our participants was saying she was finding it difficult to be in that space because the experience of many girls there when the convent (workshop location) started mirroring her own. I knew I couldn’t take that on or change that for her, but I was sitting behind her in the room and asked my Spirit Team to offer her support, just to help hold her through her experience over the days we were there. I saw them holding out their arms and wings a little wider around her to support her. Later, she said she didn’t know what I was doing but she felt it and so appreciated the support and was so pleased I was sitting behind her. It was such validation for me early on that this was ‘real’ and I could do it, and that what I was learning could support others without trying to ‘fix’ anything for them, interfere or overstep, but to offer them an extra level of support and protection — to help hold a safe container for their experience. I found it such a gift to be able to offer that to someone.”

19. Expanding your explorations of your life and this world

“My Spirit Teams are helping me develop my understanding of spiritual, universal and energetic concepts.”

“Pushed in a gentle way, I also have been told by my Guides that I need to further explore some ‘intergalactic’ mysteries (at least to me). This is both scary and yet exciting. I have done a bit, but when I am ready, I will venture more deeply into universal ‘life’ despite already (thanks to my Guides) learning and meeting some extraordinary beings in the last decade. Much more to explore on Earth and beyond!”

“My Spirit Guides being ever so present in my life helps me feel the love and support that is always available. I never feel lonely and know they are always there supporting and loving me.”

There are countless other examples of how our Spirit Teams love to guide and support us. And the best part is how easy and fun it can be to uplevel and expand your life and the lives of others with them.

Now, I invite you to dream into this question: If you could connect with your own Spirit Teams whenever you wanted, what would you ask them? How would your life change? 

Join me to playfully explore, curiously deepen or gently witness this mind-blowing connection in a free masterclass on September 18 (September 17 US/EU)

It is my big wish that you will soak in the self-empowerment and realisation that you can heal yourself and live your most amazing life, with a whole team always behind you.

I’ll see you on September 18.

Big love from me and my Spirit Teams to you and yours,

Myree Morsi handwritten signature, soul guide, transformational therapist, Kundalini awakening expert


You know the feeling that an unseen, loving presence is supporting you?​

It’s more real than you imagined! ​​

Being able to tune in to the healing powers, protection and wisdom of your spirit guides and angels whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

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